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How Guys Get Over a Split from a Woman They’re Adult Dating The reason why we think guys are immune to a post-relationship slump? They are really, really good at hiding it. When Seal started to make the rounds in talk shows, almost everyone seemed to be surprised at how calm and collected he looked after his split from Heidi Klum. He even told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that he’s keeping his wedding ring on because he likes to feel “connected” with his ex. But surely, what he says in public is entirely different from how he feels in private. Even if guys play it cool after a break up, that happens to them after the split depends on who broke up with whom. If he was the one who did, he was probably sad for a split second before he started daydreaming about the new girls he’s to go adult dating with. However, if he was the one run over by the dump truck, his post-split behavior would be far different. Yes, psycho dudes do psychotic things, but normal dudes like Seal, who are saddened by the end of a beautiful adult dating relationship, throw their attention to fighting that depressing feeling. Read on for a guy’s take on what Seal is probably going through. Holding Back Tears Some guys claim they never cry. But the truth is we never let anyone see us crying. I was madly in love with Janice then. Our song was “Crazy in Love” because that was how we were back when we were adult dating. And after she broke up with me, I was telling our story to a friend at a bar when I had to grit my teeth and excuse myself. When I got home, I pulled the curtains shut and blasted heavy metal songs. And then I cried. It felt good, only because I knew that no one saw me. Fighting Inanimate Objects Guys usually work through the pain of a broken heart by substituting it with a much bearable pain of bloody knuckles. I once had a roommate who, after being dumped by his Leighton Meester look-alike girlfriend, constantly wailed on a punching bag installed in our apartment. I have the soft hands of a writer, so I spent the greater part of my recovery from one nasty breakup by living inside the game “Grand Theft Auto IV” for a couple of weeks. I crashed cars and shot anyone who looked at me funny. It may be odd, but it helped me vent out chaotic emotions that I had no idea how to process any other way.

How Guys Get Over a Split from a Woman They’re Adult Dating