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Flirting with Hot Girls on the Go You got on and the mall you’re headed to? Where could these hot girls be going, and what are they doing in your side of town anyway? The awful truth is, when you have one of these encounters, you just generally stare blankly into space with your iPod earphones in because you think it makes you look kind of a mysterious and sexy man who got his shit together. But actually, you just look like a miserable lonely bastard. To gently steer you in the right direction in charming those hot girls you encounter on the bus without looking like a doofus, read on.

Eye contact

If you can’t bring yourself to face the probably dangers of starting a conversation that may be ignored, then the best alternative is to eye fuck the shit out of each other. Check out the goods; just be sure to blink and act normal, so you don’t look like a creeper. Make eye contact for a couple of seconds to make your interest known to her. If she reciprocates, look away for a stop or so. A clever way to know if someone is checking you out is by doing a big yawn. If she yawns too, this means she’s been looking at you when you’re looking away.

Write a note

This is the ballsiest approach by far. If you fancy the pants off her, then write her a note. This certainly beats racing down the street to go after her or trapping her in her seat like frightened prey, plus she can show it to her friends who would then persuade her to call you.

Keep it simple pencil down that she’s gorgeous, that it would be great to see her again, and be sure to write your name and number. Try to make it charming and witty, without being sounding like a stalker. It’s spontaneous and it shows you’ve got cojones. Large ones.


Fact: 99 percent of people that get on public transportation who are not you can be annoying. You will not be able to do anything about this, but ally yourself with fellow passengers over disagreeable drivers, horrendously loud conversations or the delight in the happenstance of people getting trapped in doors. Under these conditions, you can make this fellow passenger the girl of your dreams easily. It’s a great way to get a conversation rolling, and entertain her with your commentary. Roll your eyes, let out a breath of disappointment, flash a charming smile and speak your mind. There is nothing quite like having a mutual hatred on a fellow human being to create a spark of love.

Flirting with Hot Girls on the Go