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Dating Tips Online on Being the Perfect Date A new study suggests that men will spend up to $300 on a first date. To make sure it’s money well spent, here are a few dating tips online to make you be the perfect date.

Never talk about sex

If she’s still drinking and laughing with you at the bar you took her to after dinner, then sex is likely the table. However, mentioning sex will make her feel under pressure. Our dating tips online have you say, “I don’t want this night to be over.” It’s romantic, hints on wanting to have sex, but puts the ball in her court.

Taxi to her place

Nothing is more of a mood killer than public transport, so get a cab and make it to her place. She’ll feel more comfortable there.

Never assume

Don’t ever assume sex is going to happen the moment you walk through her door. Skilled strategists take one step at a time, so dine with her, drink, talk and then kiss. Kissing is a huge turn on for women.

To the bedroom

Lock those lips for a good 10 to 15 minutes, and then tell her how wonderful she is. Next, take her hand and lead her towards the door and stop. Look into her eyes and tell her it’s alright for you to wait. Nothing is sexier and more guaranteed to get into a girl’s pants than a guy saying, “I am horny, but since you’re special, I’m not in it for a quick fling.”


Now that you have her pants down, keep your up. Wait, WHAT?! I know, I know, but hear me out first. Regardless of how liberated she is, if you’ve banged her, she will wake up the next day thinking, “Oh my god!” She’ll have thoughts that will make her feel bad about herself, which will inherently make her see you in a bad light. So instead of getting it on with her…

Work that tongue

Give her wonderful, orgasmic oral sex and say, “C’mon, we don’t have to rush things.” These words may be ridiculously hard to say, but it will be worth it. Why? It’s pretty simple. When you have sex sooner rather than later, it will most likely be just one time. Do this and you are guaranteed a lot of times for mind-blowing sex.

Dating Tips Online on Being the Perfect Date