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Booty Call – How to Have or Avoid Them Booty Call. Describes in the urban dictionary as A call to a person asking for sex. He/she comes over and u fuck. That’s it. A call for Sex. Some people loves having or being a booty call. Who would not want to? Its sex without any commitment and just plain sex. But well, some people doesnt want it too. Those are the people who strongly believe that you should only have sex with the one you love. So whether you want to have or avoid booty calls, here is an article for you. Enjoy reading. How to have a Booty Call 1. Don’t meet earlier than 10pm. Point being, don’t spend too much time together other than the “booty call“. This makes the situation fairly clear. And beyond 10pm is a definite time for saying that you are not dating and instead just having fun, wherever you are. 2. Keep your conversations light-hearted and fun. Not in detail. You can start with something as simple as texting “How are you?” The time you do this is KEY. After dinner, after events, after 10pm. Even better is 11pm. Less talking and more doing. 3. Then, ask if the other would like to meet tonight. It could be for a drink or it as direct as going to your residency. 4. At this point, the prospective booty call will either accept or reject your intentions. Brace yourself for rejection or brace yourself for the booty call. It’s a chance you’ll have to take. 5. Be honest about the situation and make sure that both people are looking for the same thing- something non-committal.

6. ALWAYS use protection. How not to be a Booty Call 1. When you first meet a guy, stay in public or around others. 2. Try to always go on group dates with him or have friends along–sometimes including his friends. 3. Do not answer his phone call late at night. Your excuse is you were sleep and you were or should be because a decent girl sleeps early. 4. If you can tell that he is only going to hang with you for a brief moment, don’t try to get him to stay by giving him some sex. If he really loves to be with you, then hell stay no matter what. 5. Get to know him and let him get to really know you. Getting to know each other is the best attachment and assurance youll get that you will not be a booty call. 6. Try to find some things to do in common with him, like going to a ball game or a dance, activities where you are not alone. 7. After a date, don’t invite him in; just let him go home. 8. Don’t feel guilty when he whines that you aren’t giving him any. If he insist and dont want to see you again because you didnt give him sex, then evidently he doesn’t care about your decision and feelings and just want your body! 9. Break if off with him or take a break, if he refuses to see you again except for times late at night or brief moments. Give yourself and him a break from seeing each other or move on. Say: NEXT! Because not all will think of you as just a booty call. It’s up to you to behave up to your standards.

Booty Call – How to Have or Avoid Them