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A Guideline to Having Morning Adult Sex You most likely know by now that most men are primed to go as soon as they wake up. What may not be quite obvious to you is that your body is most likely also ready for adult sex during those hours too. A recent study from Harvard University revealed that a female’s circadian rhythm is slightly different from a male’s: It is biologically designed to be energized in the morning, but totally beat upon going to bed at night. And by usually making adult sex a pre-sleep activity, you’re forced to go against your natural urge to relax at night. So if what our body wants after our alarm clocks sound is adult sex, why isn’t everybody doing it? According to experts, women fight the desire to get into it because they don’t feel good about how they look or how their breath smells, they check their phones right away so they could respond to work-related emails, or they are most likely in a rush that they know there’s not enough time to enjoy a nice round of booty. Fortunately, we’ve gathered a few tricks that will surely make your sunrise adult sex session more appealing and totally enjoyable. • Ditch the PJs Get to bed in your birthday suit and then strip him naked too. Feel free to fool around but keep it PG-13. Yes, you may give each other a case of blue balls, but think of it as a form of anticipation-building exercise. So when you both wake up the next morning with nothing between your skins and the last waking memory you have was of making out, the first thing you’ll think about is sex. • Curtains Down, Lights Low If it’s dark in your bedroom, you won’t have to worry if your eyed makeup is ruined or that pimple on your chin is noticeable. • Focus on Each Other’s Erogenous Zones To be honest, kissing sans brushing of teeth can be a mood-killer. But it’s totally fine to have sex without kissing, right? So instead of having mouth-to-mouth action, you can focus your lips on the rest of his body to get things started. • Do It Doggy, Starfish, or Reverse Cowgirl To keep bad breath from ruining the mood, do it doggy style, the starfish position or reverse cowgirl. • Or Skip Penetration Entirely

Oral sex can be a great option if you’re in a rush since you can skip foreplay. Wake him up and straddle his chest he’ll get the idea. Then, you can reciprocate and blow his, uh, mind

A Guideline to Having Morning Adult Sex