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What You Need to Know About the Chicago Adult Dating Scene Currently, the city of Chicago is ranked 11th in the country for places to meet and go out dating that may lead to a long-term relationship. Read on for a quick rundown of the Chicago adult dating scene. One way to describe the Chicago adult dating scene is it’s a little unusual. A lot of people are actually hiring the services of a dating coach in the hopes of making them more desirable to people of the opposite sex. Although, this kind of approach to dating has worked for some, while others think they can do better on their own and immerse themselves in social events in the efforts to find true love. Here are a few other places to find love in the Chicago adult dating scene: ● Speed Dating This activity involves paying a small cover charge of around $15 to $20, then you sit down and talk to people for about three to five minutes until the buzzer goes off, at which point you have to move on to the next one in line. As you go through each potential match, you write down the name of the people you feel you connected with. If the other person feels the same about you, then the event organizers give you both contact information, and it’s up to both of you to decide whether you continue communicating or set a real date. Check out HurryDate; it is one of the better know speed dating events in the Windy City. ● Go to a Singles Event This activity may seem discouraging when done alone, so plan to go with a group of your girl or guy buddies. One advantage you have here is you know everybody is single AND looking. You won’t have to worry if you are into someone only to find out they are already taken. ● It’s Just Lunch It’s Just Lunch is quite a favorite among the young professionals, although it can be a bit expensive. It can go for as much as a thousand dollars, but you are guaranteed lunch dates with a certain number of potential partners that match the profile you are trying to look for. This is ideal for those who are tired of looking in bars or places with a club atmosphere. The Chicago adult dating scene is just similar to other big cities in the country. You can find many options to look for potential partners if you only know where to look.

What You Need to Know About the Chicago Adult Dating Scene