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Partners in Sex Tiny Issue Dear Doctor: I met this guy in an online dating web site a couple of months ago. We spoke almost on a daily basis until he proposed that we meet in person. I was hesitant but I agreed to do so. We met at my place, dropped off my car (since I was just getting there from work) and we left together, in his car, to his place…. yes, yes, pretty retarded of me I know. Anyways, once there, the attraction was evident and we started making out…one thing led to another and we ended up in bed…. I was ready and willing and all of a sudden he whips out the smallest dick I’ve seen in my life! It seriously wasn’t worth pulling my panties down and so I panicked because I was already in a very compromising position. Did I mention he was a virgin for religious reasons? So I kind of took advantage of that and stopped him dead in his tracks, going on about how if he had waited this long, I really didn’t think this is how he should loose his virginity… that he should wait and think about it a bit more, etc. I then proceeded to help him whack off, to prevent blue balls and came out of the situation like a princess for putting him first! ha Thing is apparently he’s thought about it some more and wants to go ahead with the deed…. I of course, wouldn’t be caught dead with that dick! So how do I go about this without hurting his feelings? It’s a shame too, ’cause he’s really hot!

Dear Reader: Let’s start out by agreeing with you on the statement you made about your stupidity…not only did you show an absolute stranger where you live and what time you usually get home from work…but you got in his car, to go to his house, totally putting yourself at risk for very unpleasant situations. Pardon me but since you brought it up…I just had to run with it, because part of having fun is being safe, otherwise you can’t let go you know?!

Anyways, with that out of the way, let us begin by saying that if there is hardcore attraction between the both of you, there is hope. There are so many sexual practices you guys could engage in without you having to be taunted with that tiny weaner: oral sex, making out, masturbation… hey, maybe even anal sex could be a good idea taking advantage of the fact that he’s so small…it could be a good thing! It’s all a matter of whether you are willing to give up vaginal penetration with this guy and quite frankly, I don’t really think that’s necessary. Even the smallest dick can give you an orgasm since your clitoris is positioned outside your vagina precisely for that purpose. So don’t underestimate what he can do with his little sword of love.

Partners in sex should not think of the size but rather the performance. What I would say poses the biggest challenge here, is not his size but rather his inexperience, since you mention that he is a virgin. He probably doesn’t know much about the mechanics of sexual pleasuring so you might want to hint or just come out and suggest certain sources where he can educate himself. Have you ever discussed how much of a virgin he is? I’ve heard of people who call themselves virgins because they haven’t engaged in genital penetration but have mastered many other sexual techniques. Maybe he’ll flat out surprise you… some people have natural rhythm you know?! In my opinion, you can’t really knock it, ’til you’ve tried it. What do you have to lose other than a couple of hours?!

If you give it a shot and you’re still not convinced … or if just looking at his tiny schlong is too much of a turnoff, then I suggest you let him down gently. I wouldn’t mention sexual incompatibility ’cause why beat a dead horse huh? He must know how tiny and inexperienced he is…why would you rub it in his face? Mention something like you not feeling comfortable to be the one to “deflower” him and that you’re not ready for a relationship, which is the only situation in which you personally would feel comfortable going ahead and doing the deed with him. My point is, if his size is something you just can’t get past, then don’t even try going the first route I suggested, ’cause chaces are, you’ll frequently end up with his dick in your hand and him wanting to poke you with it. And then excuses are just going to get really old, really fast!

I personally think strong attraction is rare and it’s always a shame to squander it. Give the poor bastard a shot and if after that you still feel like it’s not worth your time, then you can give him the boot! You can always “refer” him to one of your petite friends…what seems tiny for you might be exactly right for somebody else and it won’t make him feel so undesirable since you still think he’s a good enough catch to send one of your friends his way! Again, you’ll be the princess of the story for putting him first and it seems you get off on that…. so it’s a winning suggestion.

Partners in Sex Tiny Issue