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Whether your objective with the opposite sex is to score or just to have a good time, you need creativity to plan some cool dates that will get you both in the mood for more. Asking around among single ladies, they gave us some ideas worth looking into. Get a pen guys because these are some precious dating tips online. 1. Starry night. First stop here is to surprisingly rent a limo. Just riding a limo makes a girl feel very special as if she is a celebrity star. Have dinner inside the limo. And then spill the punch line “You are my star” before you go stargazing. Choose a secluded spot, at high altitude and hopefully on a clear night. Bring a bottle of wine (or other drink of your choice) and a blanket to keep you both warm. Don’t make it a very big blanket so you have to sit really close to each other! If you are planning to watch the guys though until the dawn or until morning. Then you should bring an extra blanket in case it gets too cold. Make sure to pack an incredible set of snacks too. 2. Picnics. You don’t have to be a chef to whip up a great picnic basket. A bottle of wine, cold cuts and cheeses…fruits. You can feed each other like strawberries and grapes, it is enough. The thought that you actually prepare snacks for picnic (which guys really hate) makes it very cool for girls. Location is crucial… think green, secluded and warm. 3. Feeding the ducks (or animals). It surprised me as much as it probably just surprised you, but yes, feeding animals was brought up as a possibility more than once. Visiting a lake for instance, where you can feed ducks or going to a park where you can feed pigeons. Or how about a petting zoo where you can come in contact with the animals in more than one way? It’s an activity that will let her see you in a softer light (girls believe that guys that love animals has softer hearts), and that can benefit you in the long run. These are a few ideas that could translate into good sex for you…so go ahead, move out of your comfort zone and give one of these dates a try. I’m sure if you really put your mind to it, and listen to your female friends, you’ll be able to come up with a lot more ideas than the ones we’ve provided for you. I hope you enjoyed our article today. For more dating tips online go to Citysex blogs offers quite a great batch of articles that will help you in your love and sex life. If you are also single and is looking for your perfect match or just someone to have fun with, then it is also the place for you. Check it out today.

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