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Wise Choices for You & Your Family


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FREE Zax Kidz Meal between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. with the purchase of an adult meal.

(Limit one Zax Kidz Mealsper adult meal purchase. Dine-In only) VALID AT THESE LOCATIONS ONLY: 7626 Schomburg Rd. • Columbus • 706.507.3235 1915 Auburn Ave. • Columbus •706.507.9297 6190 Bradley Park Dr. • Columbus • 706.320.0046 7033 Ruffie Way • Midland • 706.289.1258

Limited-time offer. Offer valid at this location only, on Mondays, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Adult meals include any Most Popular Menu Item, Meal Deal, Zalad or Sandwich Basket. Kids must be present when ordering. Each restaurant independently owned and operated. © 2014 Zaxby’s Franchising, Inc. “Zaxby’s” and “Zax Kidz” are registered trademarks of Zaxby’s Franchising, Inc.

Hoo’s Tips

Kid-trepreneurs! Business skills learned through lessons in entrepreneurship can help your child successfully navigate a tough job market and competitive business world once she reaches adulthood. HERE ARE STEPS TO TAKE TO HELP BUILD AN ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT IN YOUR CHILD:

TEACH GOAL SETTING: Entrepreneurs are driven by the vision of their idea becoming a reality. However, it takes planning and goal setting to execute this transformation from an idea into a successful business. Ask your child to choose a goal that is important to her and would help her improve her life or that of someone else. Next, ask her to put in writing the steps necessary to reach her goal and to assign expected completion dates to the tasks.

TEACH BASIC FINANCING: Help your child understand how the flow of money and investing works in a business. One good way to introduce the basics of finance is to open a bank account for your child where she can put money she earns doing chores and any money she makes with her business. Teach her how to form a budget, track expenses, and decide how to invest any profits.

ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY: If your child notices a problem that no one has yet solved, ask her what a solution might be instead of entertaining any complaining about it. Try to help your child understand that a difficulty is often a business opportunity. Share stories of successful businesses that were started up because someone saw the opportunity to solve a problem. Have your child practice ‘thinking outside the box’ to prepare her to spot potential business opportunities when she becomes an adult. Even if your child’s ideas sound outlandish, don’t discourage her from giving them a try.

ALLOW EXPERIENCE: Enable your child to give it a try. Kids (and adults) learn through experience, so take your child’s plan to reach her business goal and enable her to try it out in the real word. Locally, an organization called Crayons, Crafts and Kool Kids provides opportunities for kids to sell their homemade crafts, lemonade, or baked goods at a Kids Vendor Fair in Uptown Columbus. Parents can sign their child up for a booth at the Kids Vendor Fair by visiting:

TEACH RESILIENCY: One trait of entrepreneurs is the ability to learn from failures and apply that knowledge to future business ventures. Even if you can foresee that your child’s plan for her business may not work well, let her try it instead of stepping in and then coach her to learn from her mistakes.


Wise Choices for You & Your Family


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Dear Parents of the Chattahoochee Valley, Welcome to our handy, parenting resource guide. I hope you will find lots of helpful choices on products and services for you and your family, along with some informative articles, handy resources and fun features. If you like our magazine, then you’ll love our website, www. There you can read our magazine online, find other resources and use our SHOPPING DIRECTORY. This virtual buying guide provides our readers with a comprehensive list of local, family-friendly businesses. Plus with the ability for consumers to leave reviews on these businesses, it will help other parents make buying decisions. I invite you to go leave a few reviews to help us build this resource and share them with other parents like yourself.


The 1st of the month for the next month’s issue

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The Rock Ranch

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Annual Memberships include general admission for 2 named adults and up to 3 unnamed children; entry to all Fall Family Days in October and November; entry to Drive-Thru Christmas Lights and General Admission to Country Christmas Nights; two free guest passes (must be accompanied by member); 20% discount in Gift Shop; 10% discount in Farm Stay lodging. Pass expires 12/31/2017.

Click the CONTEST TAB at Drawing October 1.

Where to Find HOO? BULK LOCATIONS: Chick fil-A’s in Columbus & Phenix City Family & Kids of the Chattahoochee Valley

PLUS: Check your local kid-friendly doctors & dentists, attractions, restaurants & retail shops. Children attending FT Benning daycares, preschools & elementary schools each receive a copy, as well as elementary students at most all private schools in Columbus & Phenix all kids attending major daycares and preschools.


Not all wounds are visible. We can help.

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APPS to LOVE Relax melodies Escape sleepless nights, outside noises, and calm babies with this awesome app. Select sounds and melodies you like, combine them, adjust the volume of each, and create a mix. It’s that simple and it works. Create different and new mixes every time!

busy water Busy Water is a puzzle game that challenges kids to problem-solve and apply basic physics to get a fish safely through a maze of pipes. Over 100 levels that unlock only after the user completes the previous level, and kids can also design their own levels.

baby center Track your pregnancy day by day with pregnancy tips and fetal development facts and videos for your exact stage of pregnancy. Explore fun and helpful pregnancy tools like the bumpie photo diary, baby names finder, baby kick counter, contraction timer, and birth plan checklist for expecting mothers.

peek-a-zoo Duck Duck Moose, brings you another award-winning interactive experience that asks children to identify different animals who dance, eat, wag their tails, wear sunglasses, sleep and more. Children will learn about animals, emotions, actions and sounds. Great for ages 2 and up.



SHOPPING GUIDE activities Academy Dance.................................. 18 Chattahoochee Valley Libraries...... 7 Columbus Lions.................................. 31 Elite Dance...........................................30 Growing Room....................................28 iCON Wrestling................................... 15 Jack O Lantern Lane......................... 14 Oasis Child Enrichment Center....28 Performance Dance Centre.............23 Prodigy Dance..................................... 10 The Columbus Museum................... 12

Childcare/ education TELL THEM

Calvary Christian...............................26 First Presbyterian Day School.......26 YOU! Grace ChristianSENT School....................26 Highland Kids Academy..................29 Kumon...................................................27 Lakewood Child Development ......27 St. Luke Schools.................................26 Sylvan Learning Center...................29

Food & Beverage Chick-fil-A............................................ 14 Chill Yogurt & Pizzeria..................... 15 Yola’s Coffee & Cafe..............................5 Zaxby’s..................................................... 2


healthcare Columbus Counseling...................... 15 Comprehensive Women’s Care...... 12 Cook Dental Care.................................. 2 Ctr for Reproductive Services........20 Dr. Alberto Lugo, DMD...................... 15 Family Counseling of Columbus..... 5 Pediatric Dentistry of Columbus...23 Pediatrics at Brookstone Centre...24 Rivertown Pediatrics........................ 31

Home/ Handy Turfscapes Lawncare........................ 15 Warehouse World Mini Storage..... 15

Shopping/ Retail AutoNation Honda.............................32 Bricks and Minifigs.............................9 Edward Jones, Brad Brooks............ 18 Happy Honey Pot............................... 14 In this Place with God...................... 15 Jessica Fowler Photography.......... 21 Kilwins Columbus.............................24 Mickayla’s Place - Resale................24 Once Upon A Child - Resale........... 13 The Posh Peach.................................. 10 Wee Blessings.....................................20



Wise Choices for You & Your Family


Also listen online at or on the free app.

Safe for little ears. Get your tickets online now at LMGCONCERTS.COM



This is an easy craft and is a great afternoon activity. You can give them as gifts, or you can hide them around town as part of the ColumbusGaRocks movement.

DIRECTIONS Lay down newspaper over your work surface, just in case. Then use a little alcohol to clean your tile and let dry.

SUPPLIES 4x4 White Tiles Rubbing Alcohol

Now let your littles color the whole surface of the tile using a variety of Sharpie colors and patterns.

Spoon or Dropper

Use a straw or dropper or small spoon and add a few drops of alcohol onto your tile. Let the drops dry a bit before adding more drops.


You can clean your tile and start over, but once your masterpiece is done and dry, clear coat it well, and enjoy your coaster!

Sharpies Clear Coat Spray


BENEFITS OF PLAYING WITH LEGOS When kids discover they have similar hobbies, parents know they’re likely to “disappear” for hours at a time sharing their common ground. That’s when a lot of social skill learning takes place: taking turns, division of labor, collaborating, nonverbal communication, cue-reading. Playing with LEGO blocks are no exception. In fact, studies show that LEGO play improves their child’s social skills. In “Social Behavior and Personality 1012,” researchers reported that LEGO block play increased social skills and trust in others. An interesting side note, it didn’t increase trust in themselves which requires more introspection. Communication: Being able to join in a conversation and express feelings are important social skills. LEGO play improves these skills by reducing nervousness and anxiety. In the study, although participants had not previously met each other, they communicated easily when using the blocks as a common medium. In a study using LEGO blocks as therapy for autistic kids, the participants improved in their ability to start and continue social connections, while decreasing their aloofness and rigidity. They showed little interest in drills and exercises, but cooperated fully with skill building strategies when using LEGO blocks.

Trust of Others and Positive Feelings: Who isn’t in a good mood after positive social interactions? Kids are no exception. When they play together with LEGO blocks, they’re creating positive feelings toward others as a result of conversing and collaborating together. LEGO play seems to benefit every age. As soon as children develop the coordination to put blocks together, they begin to benefit from playing with other builders. Columbus now features a new place for kids to get their LEGO fix with the recent opening of Bricks and Minifigs in The Landings. They offer a weekly open free play time. Check our calendar for details and their facebook page at



Wise Choices for You & Your Family

HOO’s Fun


Bee to Flower Maze

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Wise Choices for You & Your Family



anners Matter


Etiquette is the fuel that powers relationships. Every encounter with others is an opportunity to grow your ability to connect with others. Do not take the small moments for granted, like when relating to someone in line at the grocery store, when shopping in stores, waiting for a table at a restaurant, entering/exiting an elevator, when riding in a vehicle/bus/train/airplane and in your home, gym or at a ball game/practice. Remember to treat others the way you wish to be treated!

We are expecting

By Jackie Dudley, Director Columbus Junior Cotillion NLJC Greater Columbus Chapter

Y ou! Maria V. Gonzaga, MD OB/GYN

1900 10th Ave. Suite 300 Columbus, GA (706) 341-3311 |

Toys, Toys EVERYWHERE! How early can kids start learning to put away their toys? It depends on the kid, but even toddlers under the age of 2-years-old can be an “assistant” to someone who is picking up their toys. Here are a few fun ways to get preschoolers moving toward taking responsibility for their things. Rake and scoop it. Keep a small-sized rake and dustpan ready for kids to use as they cleanup blocks, LEGOs, and other small items. Then show them how to empty the dustpan into the right toy box.



Do a “quick tidy countdown.” Suggest that your preschooler see how fast they can put away toys in 10 seconds. Start counting backwards while demonstrating how to pick up toys fast. Or set a timer and race to pick up before it dings. Assign one task at a time. Have them put away the blocks, while you pick up the train parts. Or assign them a specific area to clean. Make it a routine. Teach kids when to clean up toys such as before getting a snack, before going to the park, or before snuggling together on the couch for a bedtime story. They can learn that cleaning up is a part of everyone’s normal daily routines.


Wise Choices for You & Your Family

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1 MOPS & MOMS Next meeting. 9:15-11:30am. Wynnbrook Church, 500 River Knoll Way; 706-323-4374; 1-4 Sky High Hot Air Bal-

loon Festival. Callaway Gardens;

2 Bricks & Minifigs Free Play.

10-noon. FB: bamcolumbus

7 Bricks & Minifigs Free Play. 15 Friday Family Flicks: The 10-noon. FB: bamcolumbus


A Year of Frog and Toad. 10am. $5-$10. Riverside Theatre; 706-507-8444;

8 Grandparents’ Day Celebra-

tion. 4:30pm. Mildred L. Terry Library;

2 Home Depot Kids Work-

9 Fore Kids Junior Golf Tournament. 10am. $10-$20. Ages 8-15. Godwin Creek;


9 Dog Splash & Luau. 1-4pm. $8, $5 parking. Cash only. Liberty Bell Pool. Pine Mountain;

shop. 9am-Noon. Free. Ages 5-12. Columbus 706-322-9240. Phenix City 334-297-2045 Red, White & Cool Blue Summer Splash. 1-3pm. $2$5. Liberty Bell Pool. Pine Mountain; fdroosevelt


Labor Day Mini Camp. 9am-1pm. $10. Ages 5-11. National Infantry Museum; 706-653-9234 or

4 Labor Day Fair. 10am-4pm.

Free. Old Russell County Courthouse, 91 Longview St, Seale;

7 VIP Time

(special needs). 6-8pm. $10. Launch Trampoline;

13 La Leche League. 10am. Columbus Library;

LEGO Batman Movie (PG). 1pm. S. Columbus Library;


Pinkalicious Parade! 4:30pm. Mildred L. Terry Library;

15-16 Harris Co PRCA ProRodeo. 6pm Gates. 8pm Rodeo. Mike Tracey Arena, Hwy 116, Hamilton; 16 Columbus Children’s Book Festival. 10am-4pm. Free. Columbus Library; 16 Bricks & Minifigs Free Play. 10-noon. FB: bamcolumbus 18 Minecraft Monday. Ages 6-11. 4pm. North Columbus Library;

14-23 Just 4 Kidz Consign; 19 Face 2 Face Teen Support

13 LEGOs in the Library. 4pm.

Columbus Public Library;


MOPS & MOMS Next meeting. 9:15-11:30am. Wynnbrook Church, 500 River Knoll Way; 706-323-4374 or

Group. 6pm. Free. Ages 1318. Columbus Counseling; 706-327-1222;

21 Bricks & Minifigs Free Play. 10-noon. FB: bamcolumbus


Family Theatre presents The Magician’s Nephew. 7:30pm. $12. 2100 Hamilton Rd, Columbus; 706366-7196;

er Events 23

Keris Kares Royal 5K & 1Mile Fun Run. 6:30am. Woodruff Park;

30 Kids’ Yoga. 10:30am. Columbus Library; attend-it


30 Young Eagles Day at Flightways Columbus. 8:3011:30am. Free. Ages 8-17. Columbus Airport; 706-3236565; flightplan/flight.asp

Chattco Band Donut Dash 5K & 1Mile Fun Run. 8am. $25 w/t-shirt. Cusseta;

23 Flea Market & Post Wide Yard Sale. 8am-2pm. Stillwell Field. Fort Benning;

23 Puppy Tales. 2pm. Co-

lumbus Library;

27 LEGOs in the Library. 4pm. Columbus Library; 29

Kidz Flicks: Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Long Haul. 4pm. Columbus Library;

30 “Star Light, Star Bright”

Astronomy Night with CCSSC. 8-9pm. $5. Baseball field across from Liberty Bell Pool, Pine Mountain; 706663-4858; fdroosevelt

Weekly Events

29 Autism Support Group. THURSDAY 6:30-8pm. Columbus Regional Conference Center, 710 Center St; 706-604-6333;


Family Theatre presents The Magician’s Nephew. 7:30pm. $12. 2100 Hamilton Road, Columbus; 706-366-7196;

Toddler Tales at Barnes & Noble. 10am. 5555 Whittlesey Blvd. 706-653-7880 Public Ice Skating. 5-7pm. $3 admission and skate rental. Columbus Ice Rink;



Make & Take. 4pm. Free. Phenix City-Russell County Library; Kids Night Out. $10. 6pm practice. 7pm compete. Ages 5-18. Bows not provided; 334480-9997;


Market Days on Broadway. 9am-Noon. Uptown Columbus; Michael’s Kids Club Meeting. 10am-Noon. Ages 3+. See store for details. Toddler Time. 10am-Noon. Launch Trampoline Park; Saturday Storytime. Barnes & Noble. 11am. 5555 Whittlesey Blvd. 706-653-7880 Saturday Kids Class. Noon1:30pm. $25. Painting with A Twist; Please call ahead to confirm event dates, times and age appropriateness, in case changes were made after the info was obtained. For more, visit

Half Page Program(5.5”x4.25”) Wise Choices for You & Your Family


Dreaming Up the Ideal Retirement Is Your Job. Helping You Get There Is Ours. To learn more about why Edward Jones makes sense for you, call or visit a financial advisor today.

Brad Brooks

Financial Advisor IRT-1848D-A


7790 Veterans Pkwy Suite B3 Columbus, GA 31909 706-576-2206

Member SIPC


tips on trampoline safety Trampolines are a lot of fun and great exercise, but they also come with risks for injuries. All the hopping, bouncing and tumbling can sometimes lead to accidents, particularly if more than one child is on the trampoline. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released a list of safety precautions parents should take if there is a trampoline at the house. The AAOS and the AAP both say that children 6 years and younger should not be allowed on trampolines. “Children younger than age 6 are less likely to have the coordination, body awareness and swift reaction time necessary to keep their bodies, bones and brains safe on trampolines,” said Dr. Jennifer Weiss, a Los Angeles pediatric orthopedic surgeon and academy spokesperson. The most common injuries children suffer on trampolines are sprains and fractures caused by falls on the trampoline mat, frame or springs. Collisions with other jumpers; stunts gone wrong; and falls off the trampoline onto the ground or other hard surfaces, are also injuries physicians see. Landing wrong can cause serious or permanent injuries even when the trampoline has a net and padding. The majority of injuries occur when there is more than one person on the trampoline. The AAP doesn’t recommend that parents buy a home trampoline, but if you decide to have one, they offer these safety guidelines: • Adult supervision at all times • Only one jumper on the trampoline at a time • No somersaults performed





Sue Hubbard, MD

• Adequate protective padding on the trampoline that is in good condition and appropriately placed • Check all equipment often • When damaged, protective padding, the net enclosure, and any other parts should be repaired or replaced The AAOS adds these safety precautions: Place the trampoline-jumping surface at ground level. Remove trampoline ladders after use to prevent unsupervised use by young children. Regularly inspect equipment and throw away worn or damaged equipment if you can’t get replacement parts. Don’t rely on safety net enclosures for injury prevention because most injuries occur on the trampoline surface. Check that supporting bars, strings and surrounding landing surfaces have adequate protective padding that’s in good condition. Close adult supervision, proper safety measures and instruction are crucial when a trampoline is used for physical education, competitive gymnastics, diving training and similar activities. Have spotters present when participants are jumping. Do not allow somersaults or high-risk maneuvers unless there is proper supervision, instruction and protective equipment such as a harness. Another tip that the AAP offers trampoline owners is to check their homeowner’s insurance policy to obtain a rider to cover trampolinerelated injuries if not included in the basic policy.

Wise Choices for You & Your Family




These funfetti whoopie pie cookies only require 5 ingredients to make. They are so easy, so good and turn out so fun! You’re going to love them!

DIRECTIONS Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Combine cake mix, butter, and egg and mix till smooth. Now pour in a bunch of sprinkles, and mix again. Form your dough into 1 inch balls and arrange on a silicone baking mat. Press lightly to flatten them a little.

INGREDIENTS • 1 Box of White Cake Mix • 1/2 C Butter (softened)

Bake them for 8-10 minutes and then let them cool.

• 1 Whole Egg

Separate your frosting into different bowls and brightly color them.

• 1 Container of Bright Sprinkles

Put a dollop of frosting on a cookie, then add the top cookie and squish until it’s evenly spread, then enjoy!

• Neon food coloring

• White frosting (bought or made)

HOO knew? Etiquette Around the World l l l In America, learning to eat with a fork is a rite of passage, but in Thailand, your fork is only used to push food onto your spoon, and never to enter your mouth.

Burping is rude and a no-no here in America, but in China, it is a sign of appreciation for eating a fantastic meal.

l l l l l

Here in the states, we love cheese on just about everything, but in Italy you will never see someone ask for extra cheese with their meal. It is only taken if offered and extra cheese is never put on top of pizza or on a seafood dish.

l l l l l l l

l l l In the U.S., being talented enough to eat with chopsticks is a big deal. But make sure if you head to Japan, that you never cross your chopsticks, never lick them, and never stick them vertically into a bowl of rice. All of these are considered very rude.

Americans are known for just eating however much suits them, but in India, they only take what they think they can eat, and always finish what’s on their plates. Throwing food away is considered wasteful and utterly disrespectful.

l l l l l


Dining Deals

22 22

Wise Choices for You & Your Family

With deals this good, save the mess and dine out!



Chick-fil-A, Phenix City

MOE’s Southwest Grill

5-7:30p: Free kid’s meal with regular priced combo

Chill Yogurt Cafe & Pizzeria

5-9pm: Free kid’s meal per $5 minimum adult entrée

Kids 12 & under eat free (1 topping 8” pizza & drink) with purchase of adult entrée (11” pizza and a drink). Limit 1 per adult. Dine in only.



Kids eat for $.99 after 4pm

5-8pm: Free kid’s meal with adult entrée

Tuesday Chill Yogurt Cafe & Pizzeria

Buy one regular 11” pizza, get one of equal or less value at 50% off with valid school ID. Limit 1 per customer, with ID only.

Stevi B’s Pizza

Texas Roadhouse

Sundays: Kids 12 & under get Jr. Kids Meal for $1.99 with adult entrée (certain holidays are excluded)

Monday-Friday Steak & Shake Happy Hour, 1/2 price shakes or drinks from 2-5pm


4-10pm: Up to two free kids’ entrées with adult entrée. For kids 10 and under

every day

Ruby Tuesday

Golden Corral

5-10pm: 2 kids under 13 eat free with adult entrée

TGI Friday’s

3-10pm: Kids under 13 eat free with adult entrée

Kids 3 & under eat free with adult meal purchase

Hartz Chicken Buffet

Children 3 & under eat free with purchase of an adult entrée. Kids ages 5-7 get discounted prices

wednesDAY Applebee’s Kids’ meals are half off with the purchase of an adult entrée. Limit: 4 kids per adult

All locations are Columbus, GA unless noted. Specials are subject to change without notice. Please verify them directly before dining. If you know of a kid’s special not listed here, contact

Dance & Acro Center REGISTER NOW!

MON-THURS. 4PM-8:30PM Classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Hip Hop, Boys Hip Hop, Lyrical, Acro for all ages and levels!


A UNIQUE DANCE PROGRAM FOR YOUNGER DANCERS STARTING AT 18 MOS. Mommy & Me, PreJazz, Tap/Ballet Combo Class & Tumble Tots! 




Wise Choices for You & Your Family



We’ve all seen it—the parent who stands on the sidelines criticizing the decisions made by coaches and officials; the one who yells at his own child when she makes a mistake; the fan that hurls rude remarks to the opposing team; and the parent who always places blame. Some of us have even had the misfortune of witnessing brawls.


There’s no question, winning is rewarding and boosts self-esteem. However, well-meaning parents sometimes are so caught up in the competitiveness that they lose sight of the real value of sports. Winning is not just being the victor of a game, but becoming the best all-around person one can be.

WHAT’S IN LOSING? Plenty. It teaches lessons in perseverance, humility, respect, and acceptance of defeat. WHAT ELSE DO SPORTS OFFER? Oppor-

tunities to build friendships, lessons on the importance of rules, fairness and honesty, anger management, leadership skills, and how to work as a team. In short, sports teach important principles of life that will be of immense value in the years to come.

TIPS FOR SUPPORTING YOUR CHILD Make the most of your child’s involvement by showing your support and what it means to be a good sport. • Avoid pointing out your child’s mistakes or criticizing in a negative way. This only serves to make kids feel worse, and your child is most likely already aware of the mistake. • Practice with your child, but don’t push. Offer pointers and demonstrate proper techniques without a constant focus on mistakes. • Allow coaches and officials to do their jobs. If you feel an error was made, remember it’s a tough job and that we all make mistakes.

Realize it will probably come out in the wash. • Praise your child’s efforts, and cheer on your child and her team. • Don’t put down the other team’s players, and be courteous and respectful of the other team’s fans. • When talking with your child about a game, point out specific displays of sportsmanship that took place to show the difference between being a good sport and poor one. • If your child isn’t enjoying the

sport, don’t force him to stay in it. Team sports aren’t for everyone. Help find another activity or a solo sport that is more suited to him. • Acknowledge and show interest in team members whose abilities don’t stand out. • Don’t place blame when the team loses. • Read It's How You Play the Game: Reclaiming Sportsmanship and Honor by Bobby Newman.



Wise Choices for You & Your Family EDUCATION DIRECTORY

To feature your school or child care option, call Tammy at 253-212-7270.

HOO’s FUN Jokin’ Around about BACK TO SCHOOL

Why was the library so busy? It was overbooked! Why don’t fish get a summer vacation? They spend every day in schools! Why did the boy eat his homework? His teacher said it would be a piece of cake! Why did the girl stop using her pencil? It was pointless! What is a soda’s favorite subject in school? Fizzics!

Teaching the

in the Heart of Columbus.

K4-8th Grade

318 11th Street 706.256.1301


27 ©2017 Kumon North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Kumon

MATH PROGRAM Kumon Math builds the understanding and confidence in math your kids need to succeed in school and in their world of tomorrow.

Kumon Math & Reading Center of Columbus - North 1290 Double Churches Rd., Suite K, Columbus, GA 31904

706.257.6963 •





SAVE 50% off Reading Registration too!**

EFORE 9 / 30 / 1 LL B


SPECIAL BONUS - Enroll at Kumon of Columbus - North and





*Offer valid at participating Kumon Centers only when you enroll between 9/1/17 - 9/30/17. Most Kumon Centers are independently owned and operated. Additional fees may apply. **Special Bonus offer valid at this location only during MATH Promotion.

Where Smart Kids Get Smarter.



Hoo’s helpful

STAY ON TASK with School Projects

Why do school projects cause stress and tension for some families while other families have fun with them from start to finish? Most often, it comes down to time and material management. Use these tips to help your child’s next project run smoothly. • Organize the project first. Determine what will be needed to complete the project and make a list of materials. Get everything you’ll need together before starting on the project. • Determine how much time you will need to spend working on the project. Don’t try to do everything all at once—break it up. A five year old may not be able to work on a project for more than thirty minutes, while a twelve year old may be able to devote two or more hours at a time to the project. • Use your calendar. Set aside specific times to work on the project and mark the family calendar so you have a constant reminder. • Stay focused. Work in a quiet place without interference from electrical distractions like the television, computer, and phone. • Praise your child on his hard work. This encourages them to keep working.


Wise Choices for You & Your Family

30 30


CONTEST Visit our website to enter: w w w. h o o k n o w s t h e v a l l e y. c o m

Kenlee, 8 months Columbus

Brayden, 9 months Columbus

Trisha, 3 years Columbus

31 31





New 2017 Honda

New 2017 Honda

Accord LX Sedan



199 0 DOWN!

Lease for


a month for 36 months + tax



Automatic Transmission. 36 month lease. $0 total due at signing. $0 security deposit. Payment plus sales tax or other taxes. Offer includes tag, registration, and government fees due at signing. Includes dealer fee. 12K miles per year. With approved credit through Honda Financial Services. Expires 9/5/17.





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Savings not redeemable for cash. Must present coupon when placing order. Not valid in conjunction with any other offers. Prior sales excluded. Limit one coupon per customer. Customer is responsible for sales tax and hazardous waste fees (where applicable). Not responsible for typographical errors. Valid at location listed above. See store for complete details. Expires 9/30/17.

3000 North Lake Pkwy, Suite 400

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Family & Kids Chatt Valley Sept 2017