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Flixoft Releases Grocery Gadget® 3.0 for iPhone™ and iPod Touch®; Introducing Barcode Scanning

MIAMI, FLORIDA April 28, 2010 – Earlier this week, Flixoft announced the release of their highlyanticipated application version; Grocery Gadget® 3.0 for iPhone™ and iPod touch®. With 3.0, Flixoft improves upon Grocery Gadget functionality by introducing push notification, support for multiple stores, and barcode scanning – offering users the ease of adding items to a grocery list by simply scanning a barcode.

Users have long-awaited the new barcode scanning feature. Thousands received their first sneak-peak during the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco earlier this year. In essence, the barcode scanning feature operates by image recognition: A user takes a photo of an item barcode, and Grocery Gadget searches for the corresponding image and item description within a product database containing over two million items. Within seconds, the item is recognized and automatically added a user’s shopping list. Currently, the barcode scanning feature is only available on the 3GS iPhone model; however development for earlier models is underway.

By popular request, push notification is available in 3.0. Users can instantly notify other group members of list updates by either selecting “Notify Others” within Grocery Gadget, or via the “Notify” button located within the improved Grocery Gadget Portal. When a group member updates a list, all users within the group will hear a sound and receive the pop-up message “Your shopping list has been updated” on their mobile device.

With 3.0, support across multiple stores is also available. Users can associate specific items with specific stores, and save the aisle and pricing information. Unique brand tracking is available, along with list

sharing improvements, and the ability to prepare and shop while in landscape mode.

Flixoft continues to revolutionize grocery shopping simplicity. Next on Flixoft’s agenda is the launch of sync and support across multiple smart phones, including: Blackberry Storm, Google Android, and Palm Pre. To learn more about the Grocery Gadget applications, visit or the iTunes App Store. Users can also follow timely Grocery Gadget updates on Twitter @GroceryGadget.

Flixoft, Inc. is a U.S. based developer of smart phone applications specializing in Internet based integrated solutions. For additional information, visit


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Flixoft Releases Grocery Gadget® 3.0 for iPhone™ and iPod Touch®; Introducing Barcode Scanning