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GeoLab Announces the Release of Wind Buddha Version 1.1: A Free ArcGIS Silverlight Wind Application 

DENVER, COLORADO September 16, 2009 – Wind farm projects are now re-emerging after a sixmonth lull. Energy companies in multiple states have recently received large federal cash grants for wind farms, and notable investors such as Morgan Stanley and Citigroup are making large investments in wind farm opportunities. With this in mind, GeoLab announces the release of Wind Buddha™, a free Silverlight wind application that enables users to locate and analyze areas of wind potential.

Wind Buddha™ version 1.1 provides a macro level view of the wind energy potential for most of the United States categorized by a wind power classification. System users can locate areas of interest by U.S. address, or by manually selecting a point on the map. In addition to providing energy potential, the Buddha also offers non-private land ownership information, transmission line data, current wind information, and live NEXRAD radar weather tracking.

The Wind Buddha™ application utilizes the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) ArcGIS® Silverlight Control with industry standard Open Source tools including: GeoWebCache, GeoServer, PostGIS, and the Open Street Map dataset. Representational State Transfer (REST) and the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services have also been integrated into the application, in preparation for expansion into additional web clients. For more information, visit

With the Wind Buddha™ release, GeoLab continues to expand upon its commitment to merge commercially available GIS software with Open Source software for energy related applications. The demand for Rich Internet Applications (RIA) such as Silverlight technology usage in the Geo-Spatial user

community continues to rise. GeoLab has chosen to utilize strong suits of the Silverlight technology, with the benefits of managed code on the .NET platform. Open Source server side GIS components provide an ideal accompaniment to the client side ESRI and Microsoft速 solutions.

GeoLab is a U.S. based GIS Consulting firm focused on full GIS design, software lifecycle development, and system management. GeoLab specializes in the integration of Commercial and Open Source technologies, and provides affordable and scalable system solutions. For more information, visit


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GeoLab Announces the Release of Wind Buddha Version 1.1: A Free ArcGIS Silverlight Wind Application  

GeoLab announces the release of Wind Buddha™ version 1.1, a free ArcGIS® Silverlight wind application that allows users to locate and analyz...

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