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In Control

Trap Boi Trap Boi is a 17 year old rapper out of Louisville, Kentucky. Now I know what your thinking, “What’s this Majestik? He’s just another one of them lames trying to come up out Louisville.” Wrong, Trap Boi sets himself apart from all them other artists that have tried and failed coming up out of Louisville. Its simple to see why Trap Boi draws a crowd with his undeniable voice and smooth wordplay besides that his lyrics are laced with “tasty” punch-lines and hypnotic choruses. He comes with a hard flow every time he steps on a track, this makes it hard for people not to listen, he catches your attention with an out of this world ability to put small word into play and with every word Trap Boi is sure to make you think. Keeping the crowd on their toes has been a talent that Trap Boi thanks god everyday for, and in 09 Trap Boi is sure to change the game so stay tuned as this young artist paves his way to the top! For some of the best tracks in the industry visit his myspace page and cop his mixtape on

Interview 1)Who/What influenced you to start rapping? Id have to say 50 cent.i always loved rap but when tha get rich or die tryin cd came out i knew first hand that this was what i wanted to do.alot of people hate on 50 and what he's doing today but u gotta take a second to see what all hes done,he has a clothing line,he had vitamin water,he has his own shoes,even if his raping is taking a slow turn hes still makin so much damn money and u gotta respect him for that.and other than that id have to say jody breeze,gucci mane and 9th ward.

2)What project/projects are you currently working on? Im currently working on a mixtape that dj J-chase is hosting of tha slip n slide dj's,be on tha lookout for that im going all out wit this 1

3)Where do you see your music career going? I see it going in a head on direction,im only 17 and have already had radio play and done a few shows,and ive also talked with a few major artist such as al kapone and don p of trillville.i didnt speak with them on doin collabing together but more on a level of advice and motivation u kno

4)Where do you see hip hop in itself going in the near future? I hope it stays alive and jumping just like it is now. as far as im concerned rap will never die in my blood.and as long as our hottest artists keep droppin hott tracks i dont think we have much to worry about 5)if you could give the young rappers of today a word of advice what would it be? To stay true and real.dont speak about guns,drugs,and cars if you aint got them.dont act like something your not cuz if u aint noticed your not a movie star,keep it real and people will like it.have faith within your self and you'll be fine with no matter what u lay down on tha mic

6) What can we(your fanz) expect out of you in 09? shit i whole new movement,new sound and new equipment.this year is gunna be a year that i take off flyin and i dont come down.If anyone wants to check out my music u can visit my page at www. myspace. com/1numbaone1 shoutouts to dj white,dj j-chase,secret ent and majestik

Article & Interview By: Brandon Linskens

In Control - Trap Boi  

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