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Inside The Creative Mind Welcome to HoodHeadz Magazine This is where the streets have a voice. The basis of this publication is awareness, awareness of business, beauties, Entertainment, and Life. We will cover a variety of social, economic and political issues affecting life in the hoods of America today. Our overall focus is building a brand for the streets by the streets. We will increase your knowledge of topics that matter to you, and build your ability to increase your financial status & improve your lifestyle. I appreciate the fact that you are holding this magazine, reading these words, and soon to be enjoying the contents inside. Now that I've shown my honest appreciation to all of you very important individuals out there, we sadly must address the ones who will not support the movement for whatever reasons. all is a note especially for you.


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For The Haterz..I Appreciate You I just wanna take the time out to thank all of the haterz, fakes, backstabbers, and side-wallaz for giving me the motivation to continually do better. I recognize & appreciate your phony personalities and false loyalty. But I think about this.. I'm so far ahead of you lames.. your only option is to stab me in the back. Keep up the good work. You no-good, hatin' bums are the reason I will continue to succeed. I hear ya hate and feel your envy.. jealousy will get you nowhere but stepped on.. You are beneath me.. I don't think I'm better than you.. I AM...I AM better. I AM the best.. and you quest to become more like myself Check my pedigree.. don't get it twisted.. get ya mind right.. If ya can't catch up at least catch on... Well I gotta go do more work to get more bread to gain more shine.. I'm on a quest to get some more haterz under my boots, which means I gotta grind harder.

Droop: ‘G’s Up’ Sickman: ‘International’

Sincerely, MKB, Editor 5

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Dear broken heart,

First off let me start by sayin’ sorry. I'm sorry for letting’ people break you down. I'm sorry for misleading you into the so called world of love. Forgive me for the damage, the sadness, and the riots of emotions that you went through. I know sometimes you wanna jump out of my chest and kill me for all the unnecessary drama i caused you. I feel that i opened you up at the wrong time thinkin’ love was gonna invade and fix your wounds. I know you startin’ to feel that love is meaningless and there is no point in tryin’ anymore. It's time for me to start listenin’ to you and begin reconstruction. I will do whatever it takes to fix you and get you stronger again. I promise you now that you are at your weakest point that you are in that i will NEVER let anything or anybody get you this weak ever again. I spent my time worryin’ about the petty things and not about what's important. Its all my fault that your in this condition and I'm gonna get you back right. I can't do it alone.








The Official Soundtrack

Hustle-nomics What is the world coming to is what I question myself everyday as I walk outside of my house and see mothers pushing strollers trying to get to work and school at 5am in the morning with a -3 degree wind-chill weather? FAMILIES are now standing on the corner pleading for food, work, shelter or even just a clean bath room to use. How is it that in THE United States of America, “Land of the Free”, whose economy was “Headed for a Strong Finish in 2010” have unemployment rates up in 21 States? The truth of the matter is that the Maybelline that the government is using to try and cover everything up is no longer working. You can only keep up a façade for so long and what’s being done in the dark is certainly due to come to the light. In order to keep us all bound by the “Slave Mentality”, whether it’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Call of Duty Black Ops, Survivor, Cars, Clothes, or the majority of the Government Assistance Programs, they have to keep making things BIGGER and FLASHIER. ~Pause for a minute on that~ Cars are bigger, rims and tires are bigger, houses arebigger, hell even boobs and butts are bigger, BUT, is the government cutting you a bigger check while you’re trying to keep up with the Jones’? While you’re trying to figure out how to keep up with every: Housewife, Model,

Hustle-nomics Rapper, or Dope Boy, the government is trying to figure out how to keep you in debt. Let’s think about it, the government can’t even get a handle on their own debt and spending, so what do they do? Continue to give the most airtime to the shows that will keep people trying to attain a lifestyle that they either can’t afford or will put them in jail, either way, they’re gonna win… Not us. The Republicans stand to “Create Wealth”, Democrats stand to “Distribute Wealth” and we’re becoming more and more divided and blinded as a nation as a result. What would be so horrific as a result of HELPING someone create their own wealth? The answer is NOTHING, but I’m certain that there are 100 different arguments to either side. It’s getting ready to be 2012, Minimum wage isn’t getting any higher, gas prices are getting any lower, and we aren’t getting any younger; it’s time to stop complaining and pretending. We learn to be robots from birth and it isn’t always easy to shut off and reboot/reprogram. We’re taught to trade time for pieces of paper (degrees) and dollars, meaning that you’re only paid from 9 to 5:30. Once you go home, you’re not getting paid anymore, and if you never work again, you MIGHT get unemployment, but even that will run out.

Hustle-nomics You may have been programmed to PROFESSIONALLY milk the system, but if you ONLY make what’s needed to be eligible, how will you ever do better? You might even be Nino Brown himself of your city, but we all know how that fairytale ends. Now this isn’t to say that we’re all victims, nor am I trying to bash anyone but there is a certain level of accountability that people have to take for themselves and their life; you can’t complain if you’ve never tried. The best thing to do in life is PAY YOURSELF. Donald Trump has 400 streams of income, why can’t we have at least 2? What are you good at? What do you like to do? What is there a need for? Capitalize on it. It amazes me how articulate someone can be, how well they can speak, their planning capabilities, how hard they go in the streets, how long they work the pole, the overtime hours they put in in an attempt to make more money. I wonder why hardly ANYONE wants to dedicate that energy to themselves, or their own business. We’re content with building someone else’s dreams, but complain because we never had the time or chance to conceptualize and bring to fruition our own. Then we become bitter, and have bitter kids, who grow up to be bitter adults with prejudiced beliefs and stagnant slave mindsets who think that the good

Hustle-nomics life is ultimately disrespecting women, disrespecting our bodies, spending money on these materialistic, superficial symbolic objects that either get: lost, stolen, impounded, wrecked, torn, burnt, thrown out the window, or flushed down the toilet, neglecting our kids, and killing each other at the same time. Getting pulled over, going to jail, getting domestic violence cases, losing your kids to Social Services, and getting robbed doesn’t sound to hot when you don’t have a Swiss Beats Beat behind it does it? What if all of the Black Minorities came together and formed our OWN Corporation of entrepreneurs? Do you think we as a community could come together for once so that we can ALL have? Instead of hating and killing and snitching and stealing because we don’t have? It’s time to WAKE UP and STOP being programmed for the wrong things. "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds." – Bob Marley

Article Written by: Cache Gray


aron Rashad Berry AKA:

Zulu Mandella

One of many artists to emerge from the Painesville Ohio music scene. Born February 7, 1992, Zulu spent only a short time in his hometown of Painesville , as he was constantly on the move. He spent his early years in places such as Milwaukee, Aurora, and Cleveland..all which helped mold him. The oldest of 4, living in haard times, Zulu learned at the young age of 8 to express his frustration thru music. At first, he was writing songs but a few years later he was introduced to the rap game by his cousin. Zulu began to craft a new form of music, combining various styles into a singular masterpiece. He Began his recording at the age of 15 when he was introduced to Marcus “GipdaKilla� Gibson of HDC Studios. As of today, Zulu has a remarkable recording history. He has 10 mixtapes under his belt, 1 rock album, and has numerous features on all kinds of records. Zulu has originated an entertainment company (GFMB) with partner Nicky Bankz, He is the flagship artist for CreditCard Records, and also the founder of the RALF GANG MOVEMENT. Keep your eyes open for this young artist on the rise.

6 steps to Big Paper 1. Create a plan

2. Inform the public

3.. Remind the public

4. Master your Trade

5. Invest in yourself and your future

6. Help another entrepreneur succeed

Gip Da Killa

The reason these imposters called 'rappers' will be forced to increase their skill. Schooled in the city of Painesville, where violence seemed to be the city’s principal occupation, he learned quickly to be either victim or victor….He chose not to be a victim. Life was tough. With limited income at home and intense anger building up inside, soon he would lose control. In the back of his mind he figured out a way to escape all the madness, He began to write his thoughts on paper. At this time, he was only in the 5th grade. As time progressed, so did the skills of this writer / producer to be, Fresh out of school, he joined the military and kept writing his verses. Armed with intelligence, experience, and of course hard times, his life took a dramatic turn. Removed from the military for excessive violent behavior, all that seemed left was the streets. This mind frame led to constant confrontations with rival organizations, gangs, and the law. It also led to a conviction which led to incarceration. This was the time that the game flipped. Rapping daily in the lockup, he finally realized his calling. He released his first underground cd and sold so many copies he had to re-up and hit the streets again. Like the game but more profitable, it became his love. Two years later he dropped his next release, which caught some attention from a few labels. He then proceeded to create a legitimate corporation by which he could form his own label, and GRINDMODE MUSIC was born. He constantly is working on his craft thru performance and recording, and predicts a major shift of balance in the game. Currently Nightcrawla has released 4 solo albums, 4 compilation albums, and numerous collaboration projects. He recently finished the highly anticipated collaboration album. With Huck Finn..called “Tales From The Trunk”.. Check the videos at: ReverbNation/CeoBadley



World Famous DJ Jack Da Rippe , known to many as simply RIP (Your Djs favorite DJ) has been rocking clubs, radio stations & mixtapes since the early 90's and continues to be one of the most sought after DJs in the game. Rippa has traveled nationally and internationally rocking tours and crowds with his distinctive blend of underground & national joints that sets him apart from the rest. Nominated five years in a row at the Ohio Hiphop Awards , three years at the Justo Mixtape Awards (NYC) & the Ohio Mixtape awards only to become "the most creative mixtape dj" in 2010. In 2009 DJ Jack Da Rippa was Keynote speaker at "Music Lives" a music seminar sponsored by the Rock-nÂŹRoll Hall of Fame to educate high school student s about the music business in Cleveland, OH. Rippa continues to blend education and community winning the prestigious "Perseverance Award" in 2008. Once again, Rippa was nominated for a SEA Award 2010 in Memphis, TN (best Radio Mix DJ) & IDJ Award 2010 in Atlanta, Ga (best Internet radio mix DJ). Safe to say DJ Jack Da Rippa has paid his due!!Born in Jackson, Ms and raised by the streets of Cleveland, OH, a young Rippa was amazed by the mixing & blending skills of DJs in Cleveland. Pioneers like Mixmaster Quick, DJ Johnny 0 & Dj Supreme influenced his early style of DJing. Rippa always liked pretending he was a dj on the radio, So much that he attended Jackson State University in Jackson, MS

to obtain his Bachelors in Liberal Arts & Radio/Television After graduation, Rippa landed a P/T mixer job at WMPR 90.1 (which was one of the oldest minority owned radio stations in the country) owned by the brother of Medgar Evers. But It wasn't until he met DJ Kid Capri at a collage party and was able to open for him that he knew in order to become one of the best DJs in the game, he would have to travel and test his skills.Rippa landed in Knoxville, TN where he was the drive-time personality 3-7pm & P/T mixer for WKGN 1340am, a small urban station that was the only supply for hiphop in the city. Rippa was able to take advantage of the diverse collegescene in Knoxville, becoming very popular amongst the college crowd and promoters. DJ Jack Da Rippa is a club & mixtape DJ but doesn't limit himself, he can rock any genre of music and enjoys diversity amongst people and music. Rippa specializes in feeding the crowd whatever there craving calls for!! Rippa is not only a club dj, he also represents on the corporate level & political events and parties. In 2010, Rippa was the dj for the Young Democrats political convention . DJ Jack Da Rlppa has dj'ed alongside the best DJs and artist known locally & nationally and continues to be a standout DJ.As if DJ Jack Da Rippa hasn't accomplished enough in his short life, Rippa also brings more to the table than just being a DJ. He is a promoter of events with partner DJ Steady Pace and created

NextCoast Management Team to help artist serious about the music business. Rippa also has a production team (Da Alley Katz) with some of the hottest Mc's in the Midwest represented in his camp. DJ Jack Da Rippa also has the coÂŹsign and support of his DJ family Da Entourage DJs & Bum Squad DJz two of the biggest DJ camps in the world. He also the official Ohio DJ for the Top Ms Tour sponsored by XXL, Source & digiwaxx . Rippa was featured in the Source Magazine (Tale of the Tape 2008), XXL (2009), MW Mixtape Mondays (2008-2009), Hype Magazine (2010) and numerous media outlets .So don't get it twisted DJ Jack Da Rlppa is not just a local club DJ or basement mixtape DJ, he is internationally known for his skills on the turntables. Rippa continues to represent on the radio spinning a weekly hiphop show "GoGettaz Radio" every Wed. 3-5pm on 89.3fm WCSB and Sat. 5-6pm on Mix 1620am (New Jersey). Rippa also hosts a blogtalk radio show w/ Shugabooga called "The Bubble-n-Blow Show" on www.oethvoeonline.cor . His mix cds are distributed around the world and has been reviewed by some of the toughest critics from Thick online to rapmullet its undeniable that his natural ability to rock crowds and entertain, keeps people coming back for more. Whether its at a local show or on tour with a national artist, once you hear DJ Jack Da Rippa its impossible to forget him. Specializing in hotness!! Definitely a hiphop legend.

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