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Study Abroad!

Student Clubs! JustUs Pre-Law Society STITCH Pre-Med Group HOW Service Learning Club

Alternative Breaks!

Winter or Spring Break


Italy France Peru Cambodia/Vietnam

Student Involvement Application Check the programs that you are interested in. submit your interest form to the Honors College (DM 233)

Student Clubs ____ HOW - Service Learning Club

Get Involved!

City of Sweetwater City of North Miami

Department of Student Programs For more info:

____ STITCH - Pre-Med Group

Study Abroad ____ Peru

Community Programs

____ JustUs - Pre-Law Society

____ France

____ Italy

___ CAmbodia/vietnam

Community partnerships ____ City of Sweetwater ____ City of North Miami

Alternative Breaks ____ Winter Break ____ Spring Break NAME: _______________________________________ PANTHER ID: ___________________________________ FIU EMAIL: __________________________________ PHONE NUMBER:_______________________________ YEAR IN HONORS: ___ 1 ___ 2 ___ 3 ___ 4 PRIMARY CAMPUS: ____ MMC ____ BBC IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING ANY STUDENT PROGRAMS ACTIVITIES, PLEASE CONTACT DANIEL ANZUETO, COORDINATOR OF STUDENT PROGRAMS, AT 305-348-4100.

2012 Honors College Student Involvement Application