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NestGen Rocks Environmental Art

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This fall, the Honors College collaborated with artist-in-residence Leonor Anthony to kick off Art Basel with an original and fresh ecological art exhibit. The NestGen project, hosted on the grounds of the Frost Art Museum and toured by President Mark B. Rosenberg and his family, took flight as Honors College students assisted more than 30 internationally established contemporary artists to set up the exhibit. The goal of the project was to raise awareness of environmental preservation through creative interpretations of “nests” that convey the precarious phase the Earth is now entering. Anthony and artist Bartus Bartolomes, who curated the project, and curatorial associates Katiuska Gonzalez, Astolfo Fuñes and Paola Puppio Zingg, felt that the bond between artists and students was a major factor in developing the project. “Each one of us has created our own beautiful piece of music to the best of our ability, individually. Yet, together we created the most beautiful of all symphonies!” said Anthony, mixing metaphors a bit. Their collective endeavors landed a four-page article in Florida’s ARTDISTRICTS magazine, a top publication promoting the visual arts. In addition to the curators mentioned above, participating artists included Alessandro Camaduro, Othon Castaneda, Ivan Castillo, Giovanny Ciucci, Carlo Marcello Conti, Tomasa de las Casas, Domingo DeLucia, Sandra Garcia Pardo, Rebeca Gilling, Ismael Gomez Peralta, George Goodridge, Roxanna Gottschalk, Sylvia Heisel, Rudolf Kohn, Allison Kotzig, Maura Lucchese, Belen Moreno, Nila Onda, Aimee Perez, Cesar Rey, Miguel Rodez, Emilio Hector Rodriguez, Ricardo Sanchez, Ruben Santurian, Scott Taylor, and Patricia Thrane. “Helping these artists voice their ecological concerns through art is more than just an act of service, it is supporting education by creating an interaction between academics and the environment,” said student Adrian Suarez Avila. p Summa Cum Laude

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FIU Honors College Summa Cum Laude Magazine - Spring 2015  
FIU Honors College Summa Cum Laude Magazine - Spring 2015