FIU Honors College Summa Cum Laude Magazine - Spring 2016

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Congratulations to New Honors College Alumni Association President Ayman Elyasin

John Bailly (right) is now the Deering Estate Artist in Residence, where his studio is open to visitors who can observe him painting and discuss his work with him. As always, Bailly incorporates his teaching into his work, and now has four student interns assisting with the residency: Valerie Villa, Roxana Vargas, Alejandro Lugo, and Rachel Young, only one of whom is an art major.

Photo by Valerie Villa

For 10,000 Years of Miami, Bailly conducted field research to explore the history of Miami, revealing how popular perceptions of Miami and its authentic reality are divergent. The interns have joined him in snorkeling, kayaking, hiking to remote areas, networking, and actually painting as they develop this theme collaboratively using the site’s archaeological and historical resources. This project was featured in the New Times. See filmmaker JC Velazquez ‘s Vimeo of Bailly at Bailly was also recently given an award of $300 by FIU Trustee Gerald Grant as the faculty member who brought the most alumni to campus during Panther Alumni Week (PAW). PAW was established by Grant to bring alums back to campus to share their experiences and expertise with current students.

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