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Empowering Latin@ LGBT Communities

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HONOR PAC is a force in California Politics and the LGBT community. As a founding board member, I’m incredibly proud of the work they continue to do and what they represent. As a member of the Latino LGBT community, I am comforted to know that we have an organized, effective and conscious committee fighting on our behalf everyday.� Senator Ricardo Lara

Our Mission HONOR PAC advocates for the political empowerment of Latin@ LGBT communities. HONOR PAC supports candidates and ballot propositions that advance progressive policies and serve the unique needs and interests of Latin@ LGBT communities.

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President’s Message Dear friends, On behalf of the HONOR PAC, I am thrilled to present our first-ever Impact Report! We want to share with you, our supporters, the difference we can make with a collective push to stand out and stand proud. Thanks to your continued support, HONOR PAC has had an incredible year that is changing the face of politics. It’s fitting that we produce our first Impact Report in 2013 - a milestone year for the LGBT Latino community. Along with the incredible victories at the U.S. Supreme Court that returned the freedom to marry to California and invalidated Section 3 of federal Defense of Marriage Act, we also celebrated groundbreaking strides in reforming immigration policies here in the Golden State such as allowing drivers licenses for undocumented individuals, and the passage of a historic transgender student rights bill - The School Success and Opportunity Act - which HONOR PAC was proud to support. Additionally, we worked hard and helped elect four openly LGBT Latin@ candidates to local positions, increasing our community’s voice on School Boards and City Councils throughout the state. We also helped elect openly LGBT candidates and allies who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing the issues that are critical to our community. Not only did we achieve our goals this year, we also exceeded them! Among the many actions that helped reinforce our PAC’s strength were:

Breaking fundraising record, exceeding $40,000!

Expanding our Board of Directors to include better regional diversity.

Hosting our fist-ever Inland Empire Summer Reception. Launching a redesigned website ( Securing widespread media coverage.

We continue to lead as a mission-oriented PAC with a strong intent to champion candidates that support our mission as well as our platform. We are making an impact in our communities in areas that matter most, including immigration reform, access to quality health care, ending discrimination and supporting our LGBT youth.

We are making a difference in our LGBT Latino communities in areas that matter most, including access to immigration reform, access to quality health care, ending discrimination and supporting our LGBT youth.”

I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish as a result of the commitment and hard work of our Board of Directors. I also know that there is more work to be done. Our mission of empowering Latin@ LGBT communities continues, and our resolve to grow our representation in elected and appointed positions remains firmly in place. I invite you to review this report and discover what we’ve been up to this year and also invite you to join us in our efforts in 2014. Together, we can ensure that our community continues to have a seat at table in California and the nation.

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Hacia la victoria,

Alfred Fraijo Jr.

Why Our Voices Matter Homophobia in Our Community Needs to End Homophobia in Latino communities contributes to second-class status and a host of social and economic problems such as: hate crimes; domestic violence; alcohol and drug abuse; employment discrimination; and increasing rates of HIV infection, among others. Political leaders need to be aware of these issues and HONOR PAC works to make sure we elect individuals who understand these concerns.

Our Numbers

California is home to the largest concentration of LGBT Latin@s in the United States, yet the political landscape lacks organized and coordinated political participation from the Latin@ LGBT community. The increasing numbers of LGBT Latin@s creates an opportunity for us to organize around issues of mutual concern and interest.


Opportunities for Increased Civic Engagement

LGBT Latin@s are politically disenfranchised. As a result, LGBT Latino@ voices are nearly absent from policy debates and the democratic process. There is a need to educate and encourage LGBT Latin@s on how they can increase their involvement in the political process and advocate for issues of interest.

Leadership Development

Empowerment of LGBT Latin@ communities requires organized and sustained opportunities for leadership and professional development. A distinct and organized political mobilization effort is required to address the near absence of visible LGBT Latin@s in positions of leadership and to effectively advocate for issues of importance to LGBT Latin@s.

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What We Do

Elect candidates who support and advocate for the interests of the Latin@ LGBT communities.

Support or oppose ballot propositions that serve the interests of the Latina/o LGBT communities. Promote Latin@ LGBT education and mobilization of lawful political action, including support and advocacy for increased Latin@ LGBT voices in elected and appointed offices.

Increased Statewide Presence

In July, HONOR PAC hosted the first-ever Inland Empire Summer Reception which brought together over 100 elected officials, community leaders and supporters to highlight the impact local leaders are having in promoting Latin@ LGBT communities. This event also served to show HONOR PAC’s commitment to the Inland region. We honored Congressman Mark Takano, Assemblyman Jose Medina and Perris City Councilmember Julio Rodriguez for their leadership.

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Our Issues

As a mission-driven organization, HONOR PAC identified the following issues of priority that guide our political activity:

Election and Appointment of Openly LGBT Latin@s to Positions of Leadership

Freedom to Marry

HONOR PAC supports increased number of “out” LGBT Latin@s in positions of leadership including political jobs, appointments and senior- level decision-making roles in public, private and non-profit sectors. HONOR PAC supports legislators, businesses and non-profit organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to diversity by including LGBT people of color within leadership ranks and throughout their organization.

HONOR PAC supports equal marriage rights. Marriage is a pro-family ideal that protects the rights of all couples and provides stability and security to families. With the high parenting rates of same-sex Latin@ couples as compared to other racial and ethnic groups, the benefits and legal protections afforded through civil marriage become critical for our communities. HONOR PAC supports the protection and expansion of domestic partnership benefits.



HONOR PAC supports increased access and resources for Latin@ and immigrant students. Many LGBT Latin@ students are recent or first-generation immigrants that need specialized resources, including access to language-appropriate curricula. HONOR PAC supports academic preparation programs and encourages affirmative action policies to ensure that our public colleges and universities reflect our state’s diverse demographics.

Access to Health Care & Support for HIV/ AIDS Funding

HONOR PAC supports measures that expand access to affordable health care, including HIV/AIDS, reproductive rights, substance abuse and other critical services for disadvantaged LGBT Latin@ groups including low-income working families.

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HONOR PAC supports pro-immigrant policies. We believe in dignity of all LGBT Latinas/ os regardless of immigration status and oppose measures to criminalize undocumented immigrants. Further, we oppose measures to expand the role of local police to enforce federal immigration policy. HONOR PAC supports fair immigration policies and rights for LGBT citizens and their foreign-born partners that are equal to those afforded to non-gay citizens.


HONOR PAC supports a zero tolerance policy towards racism, homophobia and other forms of prejudice. HONOR PAC embraces diversity in all aspects of society and works toward LGBT Latina@ cultural awareness and understanding within the Latino and LGBT communities.

Equal Protections for Transgender Individuals

HONOR PAC supports transgender-specific consideration in the delivery of social services including health care, insurance coverage for hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery. HONOR PAC urges safe-harbor immigration policies, equal employment opportunities and protective custody policies among other special considerations required for the safety, health and dignity of Latin@ transgender members of our community.

Latin@ LGBT Youth

HONOR PAC supports anti-bullying legislation and programs and policies that provide services to LGBT Latin@ youth. HONOR PAC encourages measures that provide counseling services and leadership development programs that embrace Latin@ LGBT youth and provide them with tools to become productive, self-confident an contributing members of our society. LGBT youth are 2 to 3 times more likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual youth.

Quality of Life

HONOR PAC supports measures that enhance the quality of life of Latin@ LGBT communities including living wage legislation, affordable housing, economic development and job creation policies.

2013 Endorsed Candidates HONOR PAC conducts a holistic candidate review process to select its slate of endorsements based on the PAC’s stated mission and candidate stances on issues impacting the Latin@ LGBT as articulated on a questionnaire. HONOR PAC also considers endorsment based on a candidate’s self-identification in key categories, such as whether they are openly LGBT and/or Latin@. The Board then conducts in-person interviews and makes a formal vote for endorsement. Each endorsed candidate receives a financial contribution to help their campaign efforts.

2013 Elected Candidates:

The following is the complete list of 2013 HONOR PAC endorsed candidates. The candidates whose names are red were elected. Mike Bonin

Los Angeles City Council

Adam Carranza

Mountain View Unified School District Board of Education

Ana Cubas

Los Angeles City Council

Anthony Duarte

Adam Carranza

Anthony Duarte Helen Jaramillo Jose Luis Solache

Mountain View Unified School

Hacienda La Puente Unified School

District Board of Education

District Board of Education

Azusa Unified School District

Lynwood City Council

Board of Education

Hacienda La Puente School District Board of Education

Mike Feuer

Los Angeles City Controller

Steve Ferguson

Burbank Unified School District Board of Education

Ron Galperin

Los Angeles City Controller

Wendy Greuel

Los Angeles Mayor

Ron Galperin

Mike Bonin




City of Los Angeles

City Attorney

City of Los Angeles

City of Los Angeles

Helen Jaramillo

Azusa Unified School District Board of Education

Jose Luis Solache Lynwood City Council

Honor PAC’s support allowed me to remain competitive in a highly contested race. With their support I combated negative attacks early on with positivity and came out on top. I am thankful that Honor PAC stood by my side.” Page 7

Adam Carranza Mountain View Unified School District Board of Education

Matt Szabo

Los Angeles City Council

David Vela

Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees

Natalie Ybarra

Baldwin Park City Council

Candidate Profile: Helen Jaramillo

I could not wait for my HONOR PAC interview. I wanted to finally have a forum, a platform, a safe place to openly say, ‘I am gay and Latina, and running for office.’ In the midst of a political campaign and having had the ability to share that, own that and have a PAC support me unconditionally, was crucial. The printing of HONOR PAC’s endorsement on my mailer was more than just an endorsement - it represented the strength of the Latino LGBT community behind me.”

Helen Jaramillo Azusa Unified School District Board of Education

Running for office is no easy task, and for former police officer Helen Jaramillo, running for a seat on the Azusa Unified School Board as an openly-gay Latina seemed like an uphill battle. “It is a reality: although times are becoming more and more tolerant I still found myself the target of anti-gay slurs and discrimination in my own community.” Helen’s service as a police officer tested her courage, but it was her twin daughters who gave her the strength to fight on. “There were three open seats and one incumbent running. I was up against the incumbent and 7 other candidates.” Faced with an uphill battle against well-funded opponents, Jaramillo launched a grassroots campaign driven by family, friends and members of the community who believed in her vision of bringing compassion and diversity to the Azusa Unified School Board. Upon learning about her race, the HONOR PAC Board of Directors approached Jaramillo and invited her to seek the PAC’s endorsement. “I was thrown back by how proactive the HONOR PAC members were in wanting to help me out,” said Jaramillo. “I immediately completed

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my questionnaire and I was excited for my interview. I felt as though I finally had a forum, a platform, a safe place to openly say, ‘I am am gay and Latina, and running for office.” Running on a shoestring budget, Jaramillo welcomed HONOR PAC’s contribution as well as the support the organzation provided her. “HONOR PAC’s endorsement was vital in winning my election. The monetary donation helped, but perhaps more importantly, the network of people that I met as a result of HONOR PAC was priceless.” On November 5, in a crowded race to fill three seats on the Azusa Unified school board, Helen placed second behind the incumbent, securing her victory with 15.26 percent of the vote. “HONOR PAC solidfied my campaign with their support,” said Jaramillo. Perhaps more important than the endorsement or financial contribution, Jaramillo felt the support of her community behind her. “Community leaders, elected officials and LGBTQ Latino candidates need a safe place to feel empowered. The printing of HONOR PAC’s endorsement on my mailer was more than just an endorsement - it represented the strength of the Latino LGBT community behind me.”

Expanding Our Impact: 2013 Highlights Growing the Influence of Latin@ LGBT Officials This year, HONOR PAC helped elect four LGBT Latin@ elected leaders, bringing a critical voice to local elections throughout California. Additionally, past HONOR PAC endorsed candidates continue to advance legislation and support measures that postively impact the Latin@ LGBT community.

Expanded Our Board of Directors Regional diversity is critical to the impact our PAC makes and that’s why we expanded our Board of Directors to include leaders throughout California with an emphasis on Northern California and the Inland Empire. Now, HONOR PAC’s Board is comprised of 21 Latin@ LGBT leaders in political, corporate and non-profit sectors.

Launched New Website Led by our communications committee, HONOR PAC launched the new website. As our PAC contines to grow and change, so does our methods of communication with our supporters. Our new

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website allows us to keep our supporters and endorsed candidates updated with important PAC news and events.

Expanded Regional Presence

In the News To expand our reach, HONOR PAC launched an aggresive media strategy in 2013 to highlight the Latin@ LGBT perspective in the media, as well as promote our candidates. We secured coverage in outlets, including:

On July 13, HONOR PAC hosted the first-ever Inland Empire Summer Reception which brought together over 100 progressive leaders from Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. The event demonstrated our PAC’s commitment to non-urban areas with significant Latin@ LGBT communities.

Exceeded Fundraising Goals As part of our strategic plan, our Board set out to raise $35,000 to advance our mission. We exceeded this goal and raised $42,219.09. This money went to electing candidates across the state to positions on school boards and city councils. Our fundraising success positions us to make an even bigger impact in 2014 as we prepare to support other candidates running for the state legislature in a critical election cycle.

Alfred Fraijo Jr. President Dennis Martinez Executive Vice President Anthony Duarte Treasurer

I was excited for my HONOR PAC interview. I wanted to finally have a forum, a platform, a safe place to openly say, ‘I am am lesbian and Latina, and running for office.’ In the midst of a political campaign and having had the ability to share that, own that and have a PAC support 2013 Board of Directorsme unconditionally, was crucial. The printing of HONOR PAC’s Executive Board: endorsement on my mailer was done so with love and pride Mario Ceballos Marcia Davalos thank you for all that you do for Secretary Executive At Large our community! Roger Ortiz VP, Political Affairs

Jesse F. Melgar Executive At-Large

Mario Trujillo VP, Development

Board Members: Javier C. Angulo

Arianne Garcia

Ryan Mendoza

Raúl A. Añorve

Monica Granados

Alfredo Pedroza

Miguel Bustos

Luis Lopez

Pedro Rosado

Richard Fuentes

Maribel Medina

Omar Torres

@honorpac #honorpac Page 10

2013 HONOR PAC Impact Report  
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