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Degrees & Certificates - Graduation


Eligibility for Graduation Graduation requirements are based on approved program requirements. In determining graduation eligibility, the terms “Major Courses”, “Courses in the Major”, and “Credits in the Major” refer to the following: • Courses which are trade specific, i.e., the course title or the course description indicates that the course is specifically for students in the major (e.g., CHEM 105C for Cosmetology Majors), • Courses which satisfy program requirements and have the alpha associated with the major (e.g., WELD 52 for the Welding program, but not WELD 19). To graduate with a degree (AA, AS, AAS, ATS) from a University of Hawai‘i Community College, a student must have earned a minimum of 12 credits of program courses in the degree/major from that college. For the Applied Trades Degree, any twelve (12) credits that may be applied to the AAS degree and earned at Honolulu Community College, including credits converted from a Honolulu Community College Apprenticeship Program, will satisfy this requirement. Exceptions to the policy, to reduce the number of required credits, may be made on a case-by-case basis by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, or designee, in consultation with the appropriate campus personnel, at the degree-granting college.

Graduation Options Enrolled Students: (students maintaining continuous enrollment at Honolulu Community College) may graduate according to: • The requirements in effect at the time they enrolled; or, • The requirements in effect at the time of graduation. Students who change their major while enrolled may graduate according to: • The requirements of their major in effect at the time they changed their major; or, • The requirements in effect at the time of graduation.


Important: Students who have a break in enrollment and apply for graduation will graduate according to the requirements in effect at the time of graduation. If the break in enrollment has been less than one year, students have the option of following the requirements for enrolled students. (Graduation options do not apply to course registration. Students must meet current requirements to register for a class.)

Time Within Which Work Must Be Completed The normal expectation is that students will complete their academic work in a 10-year period. Credits earned more than 10 years ago in courses which have materially changed content or standards will not fulfill graduation requirements.

Graduation and Diploma Procedures Website: Students should consult with their Academic Counselor for a graduation evaluation prior to registering for their final semester. Candidates for all Certificates and Associate degrees must file an application for graduation with the Records Office to participate in the graduation ceremony. Applications received after the announced deadline will be processed for graduation in the following semester.



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