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Academic Regulations - Admissions

Early College High School - (ECHS) Early College High School (ECHS) allows public high school students in grades 9-12 an opportunity to obtain high school and college credits simultaneously. College courses are offered at designated high school campuses. This opportunity is available to students who fit specific income and demographic criteria as determined by the high school campus. Eligibility and space are limited for these courses. For additional information about course availability and requirements, please contact a high school counselor or the Honolulu Community College Outreach Office at (808) 844-2309.

Health Requirements In compliance with public health regulations, students must show evidence that they are free of active Tuberculosis (TB), and Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR). Proof of TB clearance and evidence of two MMR shots must be submitted prior to registration. Tuberculosis Clearance: In compliance with public health regulations, all students prior to enrollment must show evidence that they are free of active Tuberculosis. Therefore, all students must submit a report of a chest x-ray or Tuberculosis (intradermal) skin test. The date of the x-ray or skin test must be no earlier than 12 months before the first day of instruction for the term as published in the ACADEMIC CALENDAR for first time college students. Skin tests and chest x-rays may be obtained at the Lanakila Health Center, 1700 Lanakila Avenue, Honolulu, telephone 832-5731. The Admissions Office at Honolulu Community College maintains a list of health agencies which administer free Tuberculin skin tests. Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) Clearance: MMR Clearance is a requirement of all students attending the College. Students must submit proof of two MMR vaccinations (given one month apart and after 1/1/68) or blood (IgG) testing proving immunity. Students exempt from submitting proof of MMR Clearance are students born before 1957. All others, including Distance Education, International, and military Off-Campus Education Program students must submit MMR Clearance. UH concurrent or transfer students found to not have MMR Clearance documented in the UH Student Information System will be asked to submit MMR Clearance. Photocopies of the following may be submitted as evidence to the Admissions Office: • Pupil’s Health Record (State of Hawai‘i Department of Education Form 14); • Immunization record from M.D.’s medical file; • Yellow Public Health Immunization Record; • Military Vaccine Administration Record (DD2766C) or Immunization Record Form (SF601); or, • IgG blood test reports proving immunity. International students are required to submit proof of TB clearance or a chest x-ray clearance along with their application for admission. Proof of two Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccinations or positive blood (IgG) tests must also be submitted. In addition, a State of Hawai‘i TB skin test or Chest X-rays must be done upon arrival in the United States. A negative State of Hawai‘i TB Clearance report is required before international students are allowed to register. Honolulu Community College complies with all applicable requirements of other State health agencies and councils as may be required by law or by rules and regulations. Honolulu CC Emergency Contact: Students are requested to complete the Honolulu CC Emergency Contact Form at the time of enrollment. Emergency contact information is entered into the UH System’s Student Information System and accessed only by authorized personnel for registration or emergency purposes. All other medical or disability information is kept confidential. Students with serious health or disabling conditions are invited to make an appointment with the Health Nurse or Student ACCESS for disability accommodations. Emergency contact information should be updated at the Health Office or MyUH Academic Services/Personal Information upon re-entering Honolulu CC or as otherwise needed.



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2017-2018 College Catalog