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Academic Regulations - Admissions

Starting Dates for Programs The chart below indicates when new majors may start a program. Symbols in the Fall column mean a student may enter the program in a Fall Semester. Symbols in the Spring column mean a student may enter the program in a Spring Semester. The chart legend explains the different symbols. Program

Fall Spring

Administration of Justice (AJ)

Aeronautics Maintenance (AERO)

Applied Trades (APTR)

• •

Architectural, Engineering & CAD Technologies (AEC) •


Fall Spring

Fashion Technology (FT)

Fire & Environmental Emergency Response (FIRE)

Hawaiian Studies (HWST)

Human Services (HSER)

Auto Body Repair & Painting (ABRP)



Liberal Arts (LBRT)

Automotive Technology (AMT)

Natural Sciences (NS)

Carpentry (CARP)

Occupational & Environmental Safety Management (OESM) •

Communication Arts (CA)

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (RAC)

Computing, Electronics, & Networking (CENT)

Sheetmetal & Plastics (SMP)


Cosmetology (COSM)

Small Vessel Fabrication & Repair (MARR)

Diesel Mechanics Technology (DISL)


Welding (WELD)


Electrical Installation & Maintenance Technology (EIMT) • • Program entry semester(s) I Program entry every even year o Check with Admissions regarding program status

Residency Regulations for Tuition Purposes Website: Students, other than statutory exempt individuals, who do not qualify as bona fide residents of the State of Hawai‘i according to the University of Hawai‘i Rules and Regulations in effect at the time they register, must pay non-resident tuition. An official determination of residency status will be made at the time of application. Applicants may be required to provide documentation to verify residency status. A nonresident application fee of $25 is required at the time of application. Once classified as a non-resident, students continue to be so classified during their term at the College until they can present satisfactory evidence to the Residency Officer that proves otherwise. Some of the more pertinent University Residency Regulations follow. For additional information or interpretation, contact the Registrar at Honolulu Community College, Building 6, 845-9120. Definition Of Hawai‘i Residency: For tuition purposes, students are deemed residents of the State of Hawai‘i if they (or if under 18 their parents or legal guardian) have: 1. United States citizenship or approved Permanent Resident (green card) status; 2. Demonstrated intent to permanently reside in Hawai‘i (see the following for indicia); 3. Been physically present in Hawai‘i for 12-14 consecutive months prior to the first day of instruction, and subsequent to that demonstration of intent to make Hawai‘i their legal residence; and, 4. Not been claimed as a dependent for tax purposes by their parents or legal guardians who are not legal residents of Hawai‘i. To demonstrate the intent to make Hawai‘i your legal residence, the following indicia apply: • Voting or registering to vote in the State of Hawai‘i. • Filing a Hawai‘i Resident State Personal Income Tax Return.



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