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Financial Aid

maintain satisfactory academic progress and, are enrolled in at least half-time status. To be considered for this waiver, a student must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit additional documentation as requested. Recipients of this tuition waiver will be required to meet specific conditions as part of receiving the waiver.

Student Loan Default Rates Information regarding student loan default rates is available at the Honolulu CC Financial Aid Office. Students are thanked and recognized for their many contributions to the campus.

Scholarship Programs

Honolulu Community College scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, academic performance, and/or financial need. The University of Hawai‘i Common Scholarship Application must be completed to be considered for any of the Honolulu CC scholarships. For a complete list of scholarships available to Honolulu CC students, go to

Changes in Financial Status Changes in a student’s financial status may result in an increase or decrease in the cost of education, or increase or decrease in the expected family contribution. A change in either would change the amount of aid for which the student is eligible. If a student’s financial circumstances change significantly from the time that he/she originally applied for aid, he/she should see a Financial Aid Administrator.

Changes in Enrollment Status It is the student’s responsibility to inform the Financial Aid Office of any changes in enrollment because changes in enrollment status may result in an increase or decrease in the cost of education and financial aid offer. In the event a student should completely withdraw from Honolulu CC, the Financial Aid Office will adhere to all institutional refund policies (see Tuition and Fees section). In addition, Federal regulations stipulate that any recipients of Federal Title IV funds who withdraw from school or disappear will be subject to a calculation which will determine the amount of Title IV funds that the student and the school is responsible for returning to the Federal government. Failure of the student to return these funds may affect future Federal Financial aid (Title IV) eligibility. Students who completely withdraw should contact the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing from classes. Copies of the most up-to-date and complete Refund Policy are available at the Financial Aid Office.

Rights and Responsibilities The student has the right to know: • The cost of attending Honolulu CC and the policy on refunds to students who drop out; • What financial assistance is available; • Procedures and deadlines for submitting applications for each available financial aid program; • How Honolulu CC selects financial aid recipients; • How need is determined; • How much of the student’s need has been met; • How and when the student will be paid; • The interest rate on any loans offered to the student and the conditions of repayment; • If offered Federal Work-Study, what kind of job is offered, what hours must be worked, duties, rate of pay, and method of payment; • How an aid package is reconsidered if a student believes a mistake has been made or if enrollment or financial circumstances have changed; and, • How Honolulu CC determines satisfactory academic progress.



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