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Students are encouraged to submit articles, stories, and photos. Participating in student media is a great means for students to voice themselves, build their resumes and gain experience in the world of journalism. Students who are interested need no experience; however, they need to be motivated and willing to work with deadlines.

Student Government All fee paying students are regular members of the Student Government of Honolulu Community College. (See also Tuition and Fees). The student senate represents the student government or ASUH on most College, Faculty Council, and University councils and committees. It is through this important student organization that students play a prominent role in the governance of the College and the University System. Student Government provides interested students the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills. Student leaders learn parliamentary procedures and individual and group decision-making and interaction techniques. For more information contact the Student Life office.

Student Activities Board The Student Activities Board sponsors social, cultural, recreational and educational programs. It initiates activities and supports other campus clubs and organizations in delivering a wide range of interesting programs to the campus community. For example, there are musical offerings, cultural events, video game tournaments, guest speakers on topics of interest, special outings in the community, and informal gatherings. For more information contact the Student Life and Development Office in the Campus Center, on the first floor.

TRIO-STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES Website: Phone: 844-2366 Location: Building 7, Rm. 319 TRIO-SSS strives to provide a range of academic support, career guidance, transfer planning, and professional development opportunities to qualifying community college students who are first-generation in college, have a financial need, and/or disability and demonstrate strong academic potential. Students receive guided individualized assessment and planning, small group tutoring, mentoring, cultural and educational workshops, club and community service activities, and other academic support. For more information visit the TRIO-SSS website or call 808-844-2366.

THE WRITING CENTER Website: Phone: 845-9477 The Writing Center helps students become better writers and succeed in college. Writing Center coaches are trained to help improve any writing assignment and assist with all aspects of the writing process – brainstorming, outlining, thesis development, revision strategies, citations, and essay structure. The Writing Center also provides strategies to improve comprehension of challenging reading material. Appointments are available at no cost and include one-onone conferences with tutors, and online and e-tutoring for Distance Learning students or students who are not able to be on campus. Schedule appointments online at or call 808-845-9477.



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