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• Field trips to four-year campuses, cultural sites and professional fields • Tutoring and Peer Mentoring • Academic Advising • Loan out program (text books, laptops, electronics, etc.,for ACTIVE students only) • Makawalu College Transfer Conference to UH Hilo and UH Mānoa (for ACTIVE students only) • Kau Wela Summer Bridge (FREE core classes - for ACTIVE students only) • Paid internships (for ACTIVE students only) • Class certification/licensure support (for ACTIVE students only) If you meet the eligibility requirements and you are interested in applying for Po’i Nā Nalu, please stop by the Hawaiian Center and our staff will assist you.

Ho‘āla Hou: Renewing a Pathway to Student Success Website: Contact: Paul Kalani Ka‘awa Flores, Jr., Program Manager (845-9489; Kevin Akiyama, Academic Specialist ( Hau‘oli Elarco, Native Hawaiian Culture and Place-Based Coordinator (845-9431; Paul Tanaka, Multimedia Specialist (845-9449; “Ho‘āla Hou” is a Title III funded program at Honolulu Community College that proposes to increase access, enrollment and successful completion of academic credentials of Native Hawaiian students. The first goal of the program is to establish an enrollment pathway to Honolulu Community College for Native Hawaiian students and create a sense of place at the college for Native Hawaiians that is culturally significant and relevant. This will be done through a series of four activities which include: (1) Developing and implementing a culturally appropriate outreach and recruitment plan focused on increasing access and enrollment to the college by Native Hawaiians, (2) Creating a team of peer mentors to outreach to the community and establish community based partnerships, (3) Erecting a hālau (community gathering space) through traditional community building practices, and (4) Creating a digital cultural and historial bilingual (Hawaiian and English) tour of the campus and native plant species. The second goal is to create a culture and place-based training program for faculty, staff, and administrators aimed at infusing Hawaiian culture, traditions and values in teaching, learning and service in order to support student success and completion. This will be done through a series of three activities which include: (1) Creating a culture and place-based training program based on the Hawaiian resource management system of ahupua‘a and ‘Ike ‘Āina, (2) Establishing a cohort of mentors to sustain what is learned through the training program, and (3) Using technology to deliver the training materials for future use.

HEALTH OFFICE Website: Email: Phone: 845-9282 voice/text The Health Office, located on the first floor of Building 2, is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and provides first aid assistance, health education, and referrals to community agencies and services. Services and activities are provided by a registered nurse for students currently enrolled at HONOLULU CC. NON-COLLEGE SERVICES, SUCH AS AMBULANCE AND EMERGENCY ROOM FEES, ARE NOT COVERED BY THE COLLEGE. Therefore, students should expect to pay these costs on their own. No comprehensive health care is available at Honolulu CC. Therefore, students are encouraged to explore other medical and health options, such as the University of Hawai‘i Medical Insurance Plan, which is designed for student needs and are less expensive than most other health insurance plans available to students. Brochures and applications on Student Health Plans are available at the Health Office. Current information about activities and programs, medical insurance plans, and other health related matters may be found at the Health Office (phone 845-9282 voice/text, email:, website: www.



2017-2018 College Catalog  
2017-2018 College Catalog