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FOOD SERVICE During the Academic year the Cafeteria serves breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner Monday - Saturday (daily schedule and type of meals are subject to change). During scheduled semester breaks and Summer, the Cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch (daily schedule and type of meals are subject to change). The College also provides the HUB, a gourmet coffee vendor fronting the Library (Building 7) open Monday- Friday during the Academic year (daily schedule is subject to change), vending machines for soft drinks and snacks (Buildings 5 and 7), and the Bookstore sells soft drinks and non-perishable snacks.


Hulili Ke Kukui (The Blazing Light of Knowledge) Website: Phone: Kaleialoha Lum-Ho, Hawaiian Center Coordinator (845-9176; Kahale Saito, Native Hawaiian Counselor (845-9112; The Hulili Ke Kukui Hawaiian Center is committed to actively preserve and perpetuate Hawaiian culture and values. The Hawaiian Center offers an array of comprehensive services that strengthens the college’s educational programs and enable students of Hawaiian ancestry to succeed in their academic, career and individual endeavors. The Center is open to ALL students and faculty and services include: • Study Space • Peer Mentoring • Computer Lab & Printing • Mālama ‘Āina Days • Cultural Enrichment Workshops • Guests Speakers • Native Hawaiian Counselor • Scholarship Application Assistance

Po‘i Nā Nalu Native Hawaiian Career & Technical Education Program Website: Phone: Greg Kashigi, Program Manager (844-2322; TBA, Academic Support Coordinator Kathleen Ballesteros, Educational Specialist (844-2347;

Po’i Nā Nalu (Where the Wave Breaks) is the Native Hawaiian Career and Technical Education Program (NHCTEP) at Honolulu Community College. The program is sponsored by Alu Like, INC and funded through a Carl Perkins Grant from the US Department of Education. The goal of the program is to prepare Native Hawaiian students with options for careers in the global economy through the completion of a vigorous and culturally appropriate career and technical education degree program. Resulting degrees and certificates serve as preparation for employment in high demand, high skill or high wage careers in Hawai’i ‘s sectors of the global economy. The Program is eligible to students who are: 1. Native Hawaiian 2. Enrolled in a Career & Technical Education or STEM program at Honolulu Community College (Honolulu Community College must be your home campus) 3. In good academic standing (min cum GPA of 2.0) Participating students can access a variety of support services including: • College & Career Developement Workshops • Cultural Enrichment Workshops • Financial Literacy Workshops



2017-2018 College Catalog  
2017-2018 College Catalog