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Students are recommended to complete their college-level English and Math classes within their first two semesters of college.

SOCIAL SERVICES (SOSE) SOSE 21 Family Dynamics and the Social Work Interview (3) Provides an introductory overview of social work and the roles of paraprofessionals. Focuses on understanding family dynamics and on developing basic social work interviewing skills. (3 hrs. lect. per week) SOSE 22 Social Work with Groups (3) Relates social work group principles and practice for practical application for paraprofessionals in human services programs. Previous and/or current group work experience is helpful. (3 hrs. lect. per week) SOSE 51 Practicum Seminar (1) Co-requisite: SOSE 91V This seminar course provides an opportunity for students to discuss problems experienced in work practicum and to develop counseling, guidance, problem-solving, and evaluation competencies. This course may be repeated. Students must be concurrently enrolled in SOSE 91V Work Practicum (1 credit). (1 hr. lect. per week) SOSE 55 Individual Counseling (3) Focuses on developing basic individual counseling and problem-solving skills, potential and limitations of paraprofessionals in counseling. (3 hrs. lect. per week) SOSE 91V Work Practicum/Community Service (1–3) Supervised work experience. Individualized in-service training in community service. May be repeated until 9 credits are earned. Responsibilities increase with each repeat. Concurrent enrollment in SOSE 51 (Practicum Seminar) is recommended. (1 cr.-5 hrs.; 2 cr.-10 hrs.; 3 cr.-15 hrs. per week for practicum) SOSE 145 Group Counseling (3) Recommended Prep: Placement in ENG 100 Issues and methods in the use of small groups to promote personal growth, therapeutic interaction, and social change. Group formation, maintenance, and termination, group dynamics; and roles/skills appropriate to group leadership and membership. May be taken on a CR/N basis. (3 hrs. lect. per week)

SOCIAL WORK (SW) SW 200 The Field of Social Work (3) Recommended Prep: ENG 100 + ENG 100S or ESL 23, OR Placement in ENG 100 Orientation to the profession of social work; the nature and scope of social work, historical development, values and philosophy, methods of practice, and selected fields of practice. (3 hrs. lect. per week)

SOCIOLOGY (SOC) SOC 100 Survey of General Sociology (3) (DS) Prerequisite: Placement in ENG 100 + ENG 100S Basic social relationships, norms, social structures and processes affecting social change. (3 hrs. lect. per week) SOC 214 Introduction to Race and Ethnic Relations (3) (DS) Prerequisite: Placement in ENG 100 + ENG 100S This course will acquaint students with the problems and dynamics of race and ethnic relations in comparative local, national, and world perspectives. Theory and research related to the social, economic, and political problems of ethnic and racial groups, and their existence and accommodation within societies will be reviewed and analyzed. (3 hrs. lect. per week) SOC 218 Introduction to Social Problems (3) (DS) Prerequisite: Placement in ENG 100 + ENG 100S Introduction to Social Problems will acquaint students with the variety of social problems facing our society today. Local social problems will be emphasized. Sociological research and theories related to crime and delinquency, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual deviance, ethnic relations, economic disruption and unemployment, social consequences of sexism, and family disorganization will be discussed and students will be required to conduct a small research project in a selected area. (3 hrs. lect. per week) SOC 231 Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency (3) (DS) Prerequisite: Placement in ENG 100 + ENG 100S Forms of juvenile deviance; conditions and processes that result in the alienation and deviance of youth. Juvenile corrections as an institutionalized societal response. May be taken on a CR/N basis. (3 hrs. lect. per week) SOC 251 Introduction to Sociology of the Family (3) (DS) Prerequisite: Placement in ENG 100 + ENG 100S Family patterns, mate selection, parent-child interaction, socialization of roles, legal sanctions, and current trends in family organization and functions. (3 hrs. lect. per week) SOC 257 Introduction to the Sociology of Japan (3) (DS) Prerequisite: Placement in ENG 100 + ENG 100S This course offers an introduction to the persistence and change in economy, policy, religion, education, family, and other institutions of modern Japan. Both


SOSE 270 Substance Abuse Counseling (3) Recommended Prep: SOSE 55; and Placement in ENG 100 Designed for people interested in pursuing work as a substance abuse counselor. Covers physical, psycho-social effects of substance abuse; screening, assessment, counseling, and referral skills; and ethical and legal issues. (3 hrs. lect. per week)

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