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Course Descriptions - PHYS

Students are recommended to complete their college-level English and Math classes within their first two semesters of college.

PHIL 110 Introduction to Logic (3) Recommended Prep: Placement in ENG 100 + ENG 100S Development of basic techniques of analysis and an understanding of the principles and concepts involved in clear thinking. Logical validity, deductive and inductive reasoning, fallacious arguments, symbolic logic, and scientific method as applied to criteria of reasonable evidence will be emphasized. (3 hrs. lect. per week) PHIL 111 Introduction to Inductive Logic and Probability (3) Prerequisite: Qualification for MATH 100 OR Instructor Approval. Recommended Prep: Placement in ENG 100 + ENG 100S An introduction to inductive reasoning focusing on the role of probability. The focus of the course is on methods to assess non-deductive, uncertain, and risky inferences from a background of decision and probability theory. Students will learn calculation and inference techniques for assessing conclusions from evidence when the evidence provides an uncertain situation for truth. Competing theories of probability and the role of probability in evidence and knowledge acquisition will be covered. The use of probability in the news media, the sciences, and academia will be critically assessed. (3 hrs. lect. per week) PHIL 120 Science, Technology, and Values (3) (DH) Prerequisite: ENG 100 or Placement in ENG 201-296 An Introductory course addressing the relationship between science, technology, and human values with a focus on contemporary problems posed by developments in modern science. May be taken on a CR/N basis. (3 hrs. lect. per week) PHIL 204 Philosophy and Film (3) Recommended Prep: Placement in ENG 100 + ENG 100S This course analyzes a group of movies in light of the philosophical themes they embody. Movies implicitly and explicitly reflect specific philosophical themes, positions and ideas. Students will identify, articulate and critically evaluate these themes, positions and ideas in relation to traditional philosophical arguments and their own developing philosophy. (3 hrs. lect. per week)


PHIL 211 Ancient Philosophy (3) (DH) Recommended Prep: Placement in ENG 100 + ENG 100S An introduction to the history of Western philosophy from the Presocratics to the Hellenistic Era based on translations of original texts. (3 hrs. lect. per week)


PHIL 213 Modern Philosophy (3) (DH) Recommended Prep: Placement in ENG 100 + ENG 100S An introduction to the history of Western philosophy from the 17th century based on texts of translations of “modern works.” (3 hrs. lect. per week)


PHIL 255 Cosmology: Science and the Human Prospect (3) (DH) Prerequisite: ENG 100 An interdisciplinary study of science and philosophy from a humanistic perspective. A scientific description of the Universe and its constituents and its implications for human life will be discussed. Also, the central philosophical problems of cosmology will be discussed: the problem of understanding the world—including ourselves, and our knowledge, as part of the world. (3 hrs. lect. per week)

PHYSICS (PHYS) PHYS 51V Technical Physics (3-4) [Formerly PHYS 51] Prerequisite: MATH 50, OR Placement in MATH 150 or higher Introductory applied physics (computer-based). Subjects covered will vary with the student’s major and may include measurements, simple machines, rotary motion, hydraulics and fluids, statics and equilibrium, force and motion, energy, thermodynamics and gases. Credit varies with student’s major. (2 hours lecture/tutorial; 4 hours computer time per week) Length of course varies with number of credits. PHYS 53 Fundamentals of Electricity (4) Prerequisite: Placement in ENG 100; MATH 24/50 OR Placement in MATH 25 or higher Fundamentals of AC and DC electricity. Topics include: physics of the electron, Ohm’s law, electrical nomenclature, circuit laws and computations, electrical energy and power, magnetism and electromagnetic induction, and chemical energy of batteries. (3 hrs. lect.; 3 hrs. lab. per week) PHYS 55 Metallurgy and Plastics (4) Introductory lecture/lab course covering the basic science of metallurgy and plastics. Topics will vary with student’s major. Topics include shop identification, classification, properties, structures effects and usage of metals and plastics in industry. (3 hrs. lect., 3 hrs. lab. per week) PHYS 56 Basic Electrical Theory and Lab (4) Prerequisite: MATH 24/50 OR Placement in MATH 25 or higher. AMT, DISL, and MARR majors only. A comprehensive study of the fundamentals of electrical and electronic principles, covering basic laws that describe electrical phenomena to principles of semiconductor devices like transistors and diodes. Use of meters and oscilloscope are also covered. Course is designed for AMT, ABRP, DISL and MARR majors. (3 hrs. lect.; 3 hrs. lab. per week)

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2017-2018 College Catalog