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Course Descriptions - MATH

Students are recommended to complete their college-level English and Math classes within their first two semesters of college.

College Algebra Pathway This chart illustrates the pathway of math courses for students seeking degrees that require College Algebra, Trigonometry, and/or Calculus. Basically this pathway is for “STEM� students. Before enrolling into a math course students are required to meet with an Academic Counselor to determine their major, their transfer school, and their courses. This pathway contains accelerated courses which WILL contain daily classes, increased daily study time, and a greater assignment workload for the entire semester (similar to two courses in one semester). Placement Requirement MATH 24 (Elem. Algebra I) First 8-weeks MATH 25 (Elem. Algebra II) Second 8-weeks

Higher Placement Requirement MATH 75X (Intr. Math Reas.) MATH 25 (Elem. Algebra II) First 8-weeks MATH 103 (College Algebra) Second 8-weeks

MATH 103 (College Algebra)

MATH 135 (Pre-Cal. Alg) MATH 140 (Pre-Cal. Trig) MATH 205 (Calculus I) MATH 206 (Calculus II) MATH 231 (Calculus III)


MATH 232 (Calculus IV)



MATH 203 (Business Calc.)

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