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Course Descriptions - ENG

Students are recommended to complete their college-level English and Math classes within their first two semesters of college.

English Sequence Chart This chart illustrates the sequence of English courses offered at Honolulu CC. Honolulu CC Placement Policy: All students place in ENG 100. Based on Smarter Balanced, high school grade point average, HiSet, GED, or other measures, students may be required to take ENG 100 with supplementary courses ENG 100S or ENG 100T. Writing samples may also be used to determine whether supplementary instruction is required.

ENG 100 1 (Composition I)

ENG 201 WI 2 (Creative Writing)

ENG 209 WI 2 (Bus & Managerial Wrtg)

ENG 210 WI 2 (Writing Term Papers)

ENG 250-299 WI 2 (Literature) Revised 2/8/16

Notes: 1

ENG 100 with ENG 100S or ENG 100T allow students to complete ENG 100 in one semester. E NG 201-299 are Writing Intensive (WI) courses. A grade of “C� or higher is required in ENG 100 to enroll in 200-level English courses.





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