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Course Descriptions - ACC

Students are recommended to complete their college-level English and Math classes within their first two semesters of college.

ACCOUNTING (ACC) ACC 201 Intro to Financial Accounting (3) Prerequisite: Placement in ENG 100 An introduction to accounting principles and practices used to record and communicate financial information. Analyze methods for valuing assets, liabilities, and equity of an organization. (3 hrs. lect. per week) ACC 202 Intro to Managerial Accounting (3) Prerequisite: “C” or higher in ACC 201 An introduction to managerial accounting methods for evaluating performance including cost accounting, budgeting, break-even analysis, ratio analysis, standard cost systems, and reporting for internal decision making. (3 hrs. lect. per week)

ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE (AJ) AJ 101 Introduction to Administration of Justice (3) Prerequisite: Placement in ENG 100 This is a comprehensive course on crime and its causes including the history and philosophy of the administration of justice in America, the development of the criminal justice system, identification of the various subsystems, role expectations and their interrelationships. Theories of crime, punishment, adjudication and rehabilitation and training for professionalism in the entire system are also explored. (3 hrs. lect. per week) AJ 103 Criminal Investigation (3) Prerequisite or Co-requisite: AJ 101 This course covers the basic principles of criminal investigation including: the human aspects of dealing with the public, case preparation, the collection and preservation of physical evidence, crime scene search, fingerprinting, casts, photographs and laboratory assistance. (3 hrs. lect. per week)


AJ 137 Patrol Procedures (3) Prerequisite or Co-requisite: AJ 101 This course will cover the duties and responsibilities of the patrol divisions of law enforcement agencies. The organization, operation and effectiveness of patrol will be examined and evaluated. The student will become familiar with the various methods departments use to accomplish the patrol mission such as team policing, beat plans and unique solutions like bicycles, all terrain vehicles and aircraft. (3 hrs. lect. per week)


AJ 138 Criminal Justice System Reports and Communications (3) Prerequisite or Co-requisite: AJ 101 This course will introduce the student to the methods of producing accurate, concise and detailed reports, the processing and the study of communications common to the administration of justice practitioner. This course will involve critical thinking and evaluative writing. (3 hrs. lect. per week)


AJ 139 Computer Application in Criminal Justice (3) Prerequisite or Co-requisite: AJ 101 The student will become familiar with the modern technological advances and applications of the computer relative to investigation, recordkeeping, crime analysis, trends and patterns. The importance and significance of statistics is stressed and computer aided dispatch is examined. (3 hrs. lect. per week) AJ 150 The Correctional Process (3) Prerequisite or Co-requisite: AJ 101 Provides an overview of the historical development of corrections and the philosophy of punishment. Current correctional institutions such as prisons, detention facilities, and community-based programs and their management and effectiveness will be examined. (3 hrs. lect. per week) AJ 180 Introduction to Terrorism (3) Prerequisite or Co-requisite: AJ 101 This course provides a history of terrorism, focusing on the terrorists, their motivations and ideologies, and how they operate and execute terrorist attacks. The course examines the current responses to domestic and international terrorism along with analyzing future trends within the global war on terrorism. The course will discuss the theoretical perspectives of terrorism within criminology, criminal justice, sociology, and psychology. The course will present the use of the Internet, improvised explosives, and religious extremism found within modern terrorism. (3 hrs. lect per week) AJ 193V Cooperative Education (1–4) Prerequisite: Placement in ENG 100 Instructor approval required. AJ majors only This course provides students with the opportunity to acquire on-the-job experience related to classroom instruction in Administration of Justice. Students may enroll 4 times for a maximum of 12 credits. Four (4) credits can be applied to AJ elective requirements. (5 hours work experience per week per credit) AJ 200 Procedures in the Hawai‘i Justice System (3) Prerequisite or Co-requisite: AJ 101 This course provides an examination of the basic Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment procedural principles that govern the interaction of the police and suspects in the investigation of crime. Beginning with the initial encounter, the course will examine the constitutional guidelines developed to regulate police behavior in the areas of investigatory stops, searches and seizures, arrests, interrogations, Miranda, and electronic surveillance. The effects of failing to follow these judicially mandated guidelines will also be explored. (3 hrs. lect. per week)

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