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Course Descriptions

Course Requirements: Some courses require that students meet certain conditions in order to be eligible to enroll. Explanations of the most common of these requirements follow. Additional requirements are listed as comments in the Catalog and on the Honolulu CC website Class Availability link. In exceptional cases, students may be able to enroll in a course even though their computerized record does not show that they meet a required condition. For questions regarding courses, qualifications to meet the prerequisites, co-requisites, etc., and special reasons for exceeding limits, students should see the instructor. Prerequisite: Courses or other background that must be completed prior to enrollment. Prerequisites are REQUIRED for registration. Equivalent courses may also meet requirements (see CREDITS, GRADES & EXAMINATIONS for transfer and placement information). If the prerequisite is in ESL; ENG; or MATH, see the ENGLISH, ESL or MATH SEQUENCE CHARTS for more information on placement. Courses with higher numbers than the stated prerequisite are usually acceptable unless otherwise stated in the Catalog. Prerequisite or Co-requisite: Courses that must be taken EITHER before the course or during the same term. REQUIRED for registration. Co-requisite: Courses that must be taken during the same term. REQUIRED for registration. Recommended Preparation (Recommended Prep): Courses or other background recommended for success in a course. Instructor Approval Required: Courses that require a signed Instructor Approval Card prior to registration. REQUIRED for registration. Majors Only: Courses that are restricted to declared majors, and usually those who have met program prerequisites. REQUIRED for registration.

Course Description Definitions: Cross-listing: Courses with the same content and which meet the requirements of different disciplines/programs. The course number is usually the same, but the course alphas are different. Example: ASAN 241 and HIST 241 Civilizations of Asia. Unless otherwise specified, cross-listed courses count as repeats of one another. Repeatable: Courses that may be taken again after the first successful completion. If the course can be repeated for additional credit, credits will appear on official transcripts up to the limit listed in the course description. Example: “Students may enroll 3 times for a maximum of 9 credits”. Students will not be permitted to exceed the credit limit at registration. Also see REPEATING A COURSE. Credit/No-Credit (CR/N): Courses that are graded on the CR/N system will appear as “Satisfactory Completion” or “No Grade” on transcripts, and grade points will not be computed. Some courses allow students to choose between the CR/N and Letter Grade systems. Hours: Course hours are expressed according to the time frame in which the course is most commonly offered (For example, hours per week, hours per term or total hours in an 8-week period). Hours specified are weekly unless otherwise stated. The same course may be offered in several different formats, e.g. ENG 100 is offered 3 hours per week for a Fall/Spring term, 48 hours condensed into 6 weeks for a Summer term, and 10 weeks for an Off-Campus Education Program term.

More Course Options: Courses may also be offered with the following options that are identified on the Honolulu CC website ( Class Availability link. •  Cooperative Education Courses: provide on the job experience in conjunction with classroom and laboratory instruction. (See also COOPERATIVE EDUCATION.) •  Distance Education Courses: offer delivery options including cable, online, and a combination of both. Distance Education courses are identified with Room designations “CABLE” or “WWW” in the Honolulu CC Class Availability website. (See also DISTANCE EDUCATION.) •  Learning Community Courses: provide shared learning support for 1st year students by combining two or more courses with a common cohort of students. (See also LEARNING COMMUNITY.) •  Service Learning Courses: combine service to the community with student learning. (See also SERVICE LEARNING COURSES.)



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