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Course Descriptions

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS This section provides course descriptions for all credit courses offered at Honolulu Community College. Courses are listed alphabetically according to discipline, with the exception of Special Studies and Experimental Courses which are described in SPECIAL PROGRAMS & COURSES. The first line in the course description identifies the Course Alpha (an abbreviation of the subject area), Course Number, Course Title, number of Credits (in parentheses), and General Education Code. Additional lines provide any Course Requirement(s) for enrollment, the Course Description, and Hours. Courses may not be offered every semester or every academic year. A schedule of courses offered each semester may be found on the Honolulu CC website (www.honolulu. Class Availability link. Further details are provided below.

Course Number: Numbering System For Courses: 1-99 For classes numbered 1-99, credits generally do not transfer to baccalaureate degree colleges, but are transferable within the UH Community College System and may fulfill requirements for Certificates of Achievement, Competence, and Completion. 100-399 For classes numbered 100-399, credits are eligible for transferred to baccalaureate degree institutions including campuses within the University of Hawai‘i System. (Transfer is subject to receiving institution’s program requirements, therefore students are advised to plan accordingly as early as possible.) Course Numbers That Contain Letters: CHEM 100L – “L” is a laboratory class that is companion to a lecture course bearing the same number. In this example, CHEM 100 is the lecture course. ENG 257H – “H” is a variation of a course. Course numbers followed by an alpha suffix such as B-K, M-U, and, X-Z, are variations of a course, each having a distinctive content such that students may earn credit for each variation taken. PHYS 51V – “ V” is a variable credit course. The number of credits is approved by the instructor prior to registration.

General Education Codes for AA Degree Requirements: Courses that fulfill Foundation and Diversification requirements for the Associate in Arts (AA) Degree are identified by the following General Education Codes in the Course Descriptions. For lists of Foundation and Diversification courses, see LIBERAL ARTS DEGREE. The Honolulu CC Registration Guide website (www. lists Diversification and Foundation classes offered each semester.


AA Degree Foundation Requirements:

• FG - Global & Multicultural Perspectives (Group A, B, C)

• FS - Symbolic Reasoning

• FW - Written Communications

AA Degree Diversification Requirements: Arts, Humanities & Literature

Natural Sciences Social Sciences

• DA - The Arts

• DB - Biological Sciences

• DH - Humanities

• DP - Physical Sciences

• DL - Literature & Language

• DY - Natural Science Lab

• DS - Social Sciences

Select course sections that fulfill Focus requirements for the Associate in Arts (AA) Degree are identified by the following codes in the Honolulu CC Registration Guide website ( each semester. AA Degree Focus Requirements: Focus Code


Course Title Code

Focus Description



Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Issues Contemporary Ethical Issues



Writing Intensive


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2017-2018 College Catalog