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Career & Technical Programs - CENT

Required Non-Technical Courses Social AS: Any course numbered 100 or above designated to meet the Social Sciences requirement for the AS Sciencces: BAS: ECON 130 Principles of Economics I: Microeconomics (3) or ECON 131 Principles of Economics II: Microeconomics (3) ENG 209 Business and Managerial Writing or ENG 210 Writing Term Papers or ENG 200 Composition II (offered at UHWO) Minimum Credits Required


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This ends the section on the CENT Associate in Science Degree. Program Requirements: Advanced Professional Certificate (APC) in CENT The Advanced Professional Certificate in CENT is designed to provide the student with advanced technical training in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) with a core emphasis on Information Assurance. This program also features training in the soft technical skills required to become an ICT professional. The student will have the opportunity to pursue advanced industry certifications. Program Prerequisites: Graduation from the Associate of Science Program in CENT or a Program in Information Technology * that included equivalent course work in Basic Networking (such as CENT 140, 240), Network Operating Systems (such as CENT 270), UNIX (such as CENT 253 or CENT 228), Introduction to Databases (such as CENT 280), Introduction to Computer Science (such as ICS 111) and MATH 103 or MATH 135 or Higher. APC General Education Requirements Humanities (DH) or HWST 107 Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacific (DH / H) or ENG 25X Literature (DL) Biological Sciences (DB) HIST 152 World History since 1500 (FG) APC Program Core CENT 310 CENT 315

Network Security Network Management

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APC Program Electives (5 Courses Minimum) CENT 300 Systems Analysis and Design (3) CENT 330 Ethical Hacking (3) CENT 331 Telecommunications II (3) CENT 340 Advanced Routing (3) CENT 345 Multilayer Switching (3) CENT 350 Junos Routing (3) CENT 370 Integrated Network Applications (3) CENT 372 Network Operating Systems II (3) CENT 375 Virtualization (3) CENT 377 Cloud Infrastructure and Services (3) CENT 390 Special Topics in CENT (3) Information Security and Assurance (ISA) courses offered at UHWO including: lSA 400 Management of Information Security (3) ISA 320 Fundamentals of Secure Software Programming (3) ISA 330 Introduction to Proactive System Security (3) ISA 340 Introduction to Digital Forensics (3) ISA 450 Modern Cyber Conflicts (3) APC Minimum Credits Required * Please see CENT counselor for required prerequisites. 108

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