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FINAL SUMMER TERM ARRANGEMENTS This letter is to provide you with important information regarding the arrangements for the remainder of your son/daughter’s time with us here at Honley and their forthcoming examinations. We have already explained to the year group that our aim this term is to provide them with the appropriate environment for them to achieve their best in all examinations which begin soon. Please take some time to read this letter carefully along with your son/daughter, and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via Head of Year, Mrs Jones. 1. Arrangements up to Friday 24th May 2013 – SCHOOL AS NORMAL Lessons will continue as normal (8.40-3.15) for all students up to and including the last school day of the summer half term (Friday 24th May). I should point out, however, that by this date students will have already completed a good number of their GCSE examinations. All Year 11 subject classes will continue to run as normally timetabled until the examinations in that subject are completed, after which students should continue to attend those classes but should use the time to revise for their remaining examinations. The half term break runs from Monday 27th to Friday 31st May. 2. Arrangements from Monday 3rd June to Monday 24th June – REVISION LESSONS From Monday 3rd June, students do not need to attend registration if they are in school but must ensure they are registered by their teachers in each of the lessons they attend. Year 11 subject revision classes will continue to run as normally timetabled until the examinations in that subject are completed. Attendance at these revision sessions is strongly recommended and has been shown to have a marked effect on examination performance. Please note your son/daughter should either be in these revision lessons or off-site at home during this period. The last public examinations this year are on Monday 24th June. 3. Arrangements on Thursday 27th June – LAST DAY For Thursday 27th June, the following arrangements have been made:  All students should arrive at school at the usual time and report to the hall.  At 8.40 there will be a special leavers’ assembly for all Year 11 students finishing at 9.40.  At approximately 9.40 at the end of the assembly, students will be dismissed from school.  School buses will have been arranged for students travelling to Meltham and will depart no later than 10.00.  The School Prom begins later that evening at the Cedar Court Hotel Ainley Top. 4. School Uniform Full school uniform must be worn at all times when your son/daughter is in school. This includes all examinations, classes and revision sessions until the end of the examinations period and the leavers’ assembly. For the purposes of safeguarding and identification it is very important that students are immediately identifiable as Year 11 students when on the school site. Please ensure that your son/daughter adheres to this as they need to be thinking and focusing on exam performance at the beginning of an examination, rather than discussing uniform infringements with a member of staff. It

would be a shame if any students were to miss their leavers’ assembly, the School Prom, or the 1st July Alton Towers trip due to avoidable uniform infringements in the last days of their schooling. 5. Return of School Books Students must return all textbooks and library books to subject teachers by Thursday 28th June, unless they have made special arrangements to return them later. Textbooks are a major item of school expenditure and it is school policy to charge parents/carers for textbooks which are not returned or have been lost. In any event, all such items should be returned before Results Day on Thursday 22nd August. 6. Examination Arrangements Year 11 will have received a copy of their personal timetable in the week beginning 18th March and examination instructions from Mrs Hirst, our examinations officer. If you have not seen this, or would like a copy, please get in touch with her. An overview of the whole GCSE 2013 Examination Timetable is available from our website along with the examinations handbook. Students will receive a further timetable listing room and seating arrangements w/c 29th April which gives details of time, place and seating arrangements for each examination. It is the responsibility of Year 11 to make sure that they are at school in time for each examination. The regulations do not allow us to rearrange an examination for a student who fails to arrive. However, should your son or daughter be too ill to attend, please contact school immediately to get a message to Mrs Hirst. She will return your call as soon as she is able but in the meantime, please make arrangements to see your GP to obtain a medical certificate. For any other absence we will have to request that parent/carer pay the cost of the entry – approximately £25.00 per subject. Please remind your son or daughter of the need to arrive with the equipment needed, to behave appropriately and to comply with all examination regulations including those which relate to electronic devices. Failure to co-operate in any way could result in the removal from the examination and papers being cancelled. 7. GCSE Results Day – Thursday 22nd August 9am – 11am Statements of Results will be ready for collection between 9 and 11am in the School Hall. Any student who wishes to have results posted should see Mrs Hirst in the Data Office to make arrangements. They should supply a ‘large letter’ stamp to cover the cost of postage. Please note we will not issue results over the telephone nor will we give results to a third person without written authorisation. This is a very important time in your son’s/daughter’s school career. They have worked hard and I’m sure will continue to do so over the next two months. They have our very best wishes and my colleagues and I would like to wish them all the very best of luck! Yours sincerely, C Q SYLGE Headteacher