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23 November 2011 Dear Parents/Carers I am writing to bring two matters to your attention: 1. Notice of school closure – Wednesday 30 November 2011 As you will be aware from the National Media and my letter to parents of 11 October, public sector trade unions are planning to strike over proposed government changes to pension schemes. We have now received confirmation that all school trade unions (other than ASCL) intend to strike, and it is clear that the school must expect the overwhelming majority of colleagues not to be available for work on Wednesday 30 November. The school has undertaken a risk assessment for all school business for that day and I have concluded that with the exceptionally high foreseen levels of teacher and associate staff absence the school will be unable to provide adequate levels of supervision to ensure the safety of students, nor to provide an adequate curriculum for a partial or complete opening of the school. Therefore please take this letter as confirmation that the school will be closed to all students on Wednesday 30 November. I understand the disruption that this will cause, but trust that you will appreciate that the safety of children and colleagues must be our prime consideration when making a decision to close. School will resume as normal for students at 8.35 on Thursday 1 December. 2. Safety notice On Wednesday this week, one of our students was clipped by the wing mirror of a car travelling along Station Road, having stepped off the pavement into the road. Thankfully she escaped with relatively minor injuries, although the experience was extremely distressing for her, her family, the driver and other students. Please note also that one of our neighbours has this week informed us of a safety issue regarding some dead trees on her land opposite Enfield Down which a tree surgeon has been examining. A very small number of students have recently used the field as a short cut to school in the morning. As well as the obvious issues of trespass there is also an issue of safety here as these trees have been signaled as liable to fall by the neighbour’s tree surgeon. Please do take the time to reinforce with your son/daughter the key messages about safe conduct when travelling to and from school, as their safety at all times remains our overwhelming priority. With thanks and best wishes,

C Q SYLGE Headteacher