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Dear Parent/Carer

July 2012

Honley has had another terrific term with some extraordinary successes both inside and outside the school, a flavour of which you will find in the summer issue of Honley Times which I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I have. As we approach the end of the academic year I am writing now with some important information regarding the end of this term and the start of the next. Parent & Carer Survey We would like to hear your views as parents and carers on the current effectiveness of the school, to help us shape our priorities for development and improvement. A short online survey is now online and accessible via our website ( and we would appreciate it if you would spend a few minutes completing this. The survey will be available for completion until 17th July 2012. Reporting & Monitoring Earlier in the year we carried out a consultation process to ensure that the way in which we reported to parents and carers was as effective as possible. Our aim was to see what parents and carers felt was good about the current system of reports and parents’ evenings, and the ways in which these could be improved. Naturally, we received a range of views. Having looked at all of the views expressed, as well as listening to staff and looking at the current examples used by other schools, we have now settled on the system that we feel will best serve the interests of our pupils and those that care for them. We have decided to retain the parents’ evenings in their general current format, but with some alterations to the ways in which appointments are booked. We will also retain the reporting of progress to parents and carers three times a year, although this will be done in a different format which we and the Parents’ Engagement Panel believe will be easier to understand and more effective. A copy of the document which outlines the new procedures is available on the website. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to the internet then please return the slip at the bottom of this letter to the school and we will provide your child with a paper copy for you. May I take this opportunity to thank those parents and carers who expressed their opinions regarding this matter and enabled us to produce what we feel will be a very efficient way of communicating with all parents and carers. We believe that the new arrangements will allow us to better monitor the progress, achievement and attitude to learning of all of our pupils, and assist parents and carers in improving their dialogue with their children about how to realise their potential. Uniform & Jewellery We are proud of our school and expect all students to wear the Honley uniform as it instils pride in our identity; supports positive behaviour, good discipline and etiquette; encourages identity with, and support for, our school values; ensures students from all cultures and backgrounds feel welcome; protects children from social pressures to dress in a particular way; nurtures cohesion and promotes good relations between different groups of students; and supports effective teaching, learning and safeguarding. Parents & carers may well be buying or replacing uniform over the summer break and I would like to take this opportunity to clarify exactly what our expectations regarding uniform will be from September so that all students can make a positive start on their return to school. Although there are no major changes to the uniform there are some alterations. Students can no longer wear plain black trainers, boots or plimsolls for school. All students will from September be required to wear plain black shoes. This is confirmed in the Student Planner.

Students have also been reminded that their trousers must be plain black trousers in traditional school style with a plain black belt if a belt is required. Denim type or very tight trousers must not be worn and trousers should be of a traditional school trouser material. We have also emphasised to the students that the first and only item of clothing they put on top of their school polo shirt is their school jumper or cardigan. The other key emphasis for uniform for September is regarding additional clothing. If students require an additional top then it must be a coat or one of the Honley High School jackets that are available. No other items such as hoodies or other jumpers will be acceptable as an outer layer. Please note also our policy regarding piercings. We require all jewellery to be removable for reasons of safety and it is therefore vital that if any student is considering ear piercings and the like that this must be undertaken early in the summer holidays to ensure that enough time is given to ensure these items are removable by 4/9/12. During the school day students are allowed to wear plain removable ear studs and/or one plain nose stud only. No other piercings are acceptable in school under any circumstances. Our policy is very clear in this regard and we would ask parents and carers to help our students to uphold it. School Nursing Service The School Nursing Service within Honley High School has been established for a number of years and has built strong links over this time with school staff, pupils, parents and carers. The School Nurse provides a confidential drop-in advice service on a weekly basis where young people can access advice and support for numerous issues, including health issues, emotional support, bullying, friendship/relationship difficulties, drug and alcohol awareness and sexual health advice. Your school nurse is also able to refer to specialist services/agencies. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people is also an integral part of the school nurse’s role within school. From September 2012 the School Nurse’s office will be based within E block on the school campus where pupils can drop in over lunch time and do not need an appointment. If a health need is identified the School Nurse will offer individual pupils an appointment during the school day if required. On a more prosaic note, please can I remind parents/carers to check their children regularly for head lice – as we have had recent recurrences of cases in school. Key Dates Finally, please note the following dates:  Wednesday 11th July 7.30pm Celebration of Achievement Evening at Cedar Court, Ainley Top, for award winners and their families.  Friday 20th July Periods 1-3 normal lessons. School closes at 12.15 for summer break. Buses will leave at 12.25. This will be a nonuniform day (not fancy dress) with the monies raised going to the Friends of Honley High School parents & staff association’s priority spending areas – e.g. improvement of student facilities.  Thursday 23rd August Year 11 students to collect GCSE results from 9-11am. There are some significant building works planned for the school during the holidays and it is likely that entrance for students will be via the Music B Block doors with results collected in the sports hall rather than the hall unlike in previous years.  Tuesday 4th September New Year 7 students only in school to begin the school year.  Wednesday 5th September Years 8-11 students begin the school year. I wish you all, and your families and friends, an enjoyable and restful summer break and look forward to seeing all of the students back in school refreshed and ready for the new school year in September. Yours sincerely

Chris Sylge - Headteacher ----------------------------------------------------------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reporting & Monitoring information Please supply my child …………………………………………….. Form …………… with a paper copy of the Reporting and Monitoring information. Signed: …………………………………………………… Parent/Carer PLEASE RETURN TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE


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