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December 2012 Dear Parent/Carer, I trust you, your children, and your families and friends have enjoyed the autumn term and are looking forward to a restful and well-earned Christmas break. This letter is to remind you that school will be closing for the Christmas holiday at 12.15pm on Friday 21st December and buses will leave at 12.25pm. We reopen for all students as normal at 8.35am on Monday 7th January 2013. Honley has had another terrific term with some real successes both inside and outside the school and I do hope you will enjoy reading this term’s newsletter which gives a flavour of some of the things the children have been engaged in. In addition, this term we undertook a student survey among 237 students that focused on their experience of teaching and learning at school. The response of students across all of the year groups was very positive. The majority of students agreed that the comments they received from teachers helped them to make progress; that the work in lessons stretched their understanding; that they have to work hard in lessons; and, pleasingly, that they are encouraged to be resilient and think for themselves. As a couple of final things, please could I firstly take this opportunity to remind you about the importance of ensuring clothing items are named at school, as we currently have a great deal of “lost property” and quite a few expensive items that aren’t named. We are hoping that from January there will be a weekly list of lost property items on our website for you to check. Secondly, as we approach a holiday period I would like to remind you briefly again of our policy regarding students who are considering getting ear or other piercings. We require all jewellery to be removable for reasons of safety and it is therefore vital that if any student is considering ear or other piercings that this must be undertaken early in the summer holidays to ensure that enough time is given so that these items are removable by the beginning of the autumn term 2013. During the school day, students are allowed to wear plain removable ear studs and/or one plain nose stud only. No other piercings are acceptable in school under any circumstances. It only remains for me to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I look forward to meeting many of you again in 2013. With my very best wishes,

C Q SYLGE Headteacher