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Honka has extensive experience in successful projects. We have delivered thousands of log buildings to various leisure centres, ski resorts and golf clubs, as well as private vacation cottages and residential houses to customers around the world who value the original, individual nature of log. Our experience and competence extends from large hotels and churches to small villas and shops. We implement our projects in close co-operation with the customer and architects. We offer our skills and knowledge to your service!

Restaurant Ryba na Dache


Restaurant Huili


Restaurant Pristan


Vuosaari Golf Club


Goyer Golf & Country Club


Steve Young's holiday home


Maeda Clinic in Japan


Bikers Ranch


Hoikan Helmi


The nursery of Pusignan


Seniorhouse Emma


Westerwald Tourist Centre


Log Temple


Levi Spirit


Hotel Wallis


Country Lodge


Lahdelma Oasis


Hotel Caro Foresta


Hotel Chalet Ana


Hotel Verbier




Eagle River


Bent Creek Golf




Sea Golf RÜnnäs


Hoshinone - The tune of stars


Copper Lake


Honka Family Club


Repino Village


Honka Fusion Terraced House



Photos: © Honka Russia

Restaurant Ryba na Dache The “Ryba na Dache” (“Fish in a cottage”) restaurant is situated in the resort area of St. Petersburg, on the banks of the picturesque Sestra River in an ideal place for holidays. This impressively large building made of bleached timber is surrounded on three sides with outdoor terraces where you can have your meal. Air and light make their way easily to all indoor facilities of the restaurant as there are many windows and the building is of a light structure, despite its size and longevity. The building is made in the form of a cross, which allowed large halls and small rooms to be combined for business meetings and private gatherings inside. For those who like to be outdoors, there are also gallery balconies on the first floor supported by powerful pylons, whose vertical accent makes the facades graceful and reliable at the same time. The feeling of light and airiness continues in the interior design - bleached timber, hammered metal, Mediterranean-style textiles – all these decorative elements are meant to create the undisturbed atmosphere of siesta, so rare in our northern climate. More information: 4


Details: Restaurant: Banquet hall, banquette rooms, terraces Floor area: 1588,2 m² Terrace area: 805,2 m² Log type: Square log Location:

St. Petersburg, Russia


Restaurant Huili The restaurant and café Huili is located in Järvenpää, Finland, near the headquarters of Honkarakenne, on the shore of the Tuusulanjärvi lake. In these same landscapes, many famous Finnish cultural people of the early 20th century lived: Composer Jean Sibelius, poet Eino Leino and painter Pekka Halonen, whose homes were built of logs according to their wishes. The restaurant entrepreneur Jari Sirén and Honkarakenne won the competition organized by the town of Järvenpää with their mutual design idea. The spacious building filled with natural light was designed by Architect Milla Hannonen in close cooperation with the entrepreneur and made of Honka Fusion™. The shape, direction and views of the building were decided upon according to the beautiful lake landscape. One of the restaurant walls is entirely windows. Through these windows, a panorama opens up to the shore park and lake. The facade facing the town centre and street is blank. The functional areas of the restaurant are divided into three parts: the Entrance, the Kitchen and the Sauna area. Between these three areas is the restaurant hall, an open and uniting zone. The customers can step to the patio directly from the hall. The spa-like ambience of the sauna section is increased by the two outside bathing tubs under a roof, one of which is on a high roof platform. In the steaming hot water, bathers can 6


view the beautiful lake from high up. The restaurant and café offer versatile catering facilities, and is located in the middle of a popular outdoor route, which makes it a good stopping place during all seasons. The outside patios can seat 300 customers during the summer. The outside fireplace under a roof gives the patio a pleasant atmosphere year-round. Music has a full timbre in the restaurant hall and indeed performers of classical music, have praised the acoustics here. The heavy massive wood building has a dark gray tone on the outside. Natural colours were chosen for the interior and the light-coloured decoration is complemented with lamps by Finnish Secto Design. The ceilings are made from white lacquered birch plywood. More information:




Timeless quality

The manager of the restaurant Jari Sirén appreciates the durability of massive logs. Moreover, the aesthetic aspects and atmosphere were important premises for the design. Wood was an easy and clear choice for the entrepreneur. Authenticity and ecology are important for increasingly more restaurant customers, so the natural environment is significant. ”Massive wood was a natural choice. In addition to its beauty, it is the ecologically correct decision. Finland has always been in the middle of trees and forests, and it is good that people living in urban environments can experience massive wood in the middle of the town. From one generation to the next.” Jari Sirén, restaurant entrepreneur, Järvenpää, Finland

Details: Restaurant: Customer places: Floor area: Log type: Architect: Location:

Restaurant hall, kitchen, customer sauna area, and patio Hall 100 persons, patio 300 persons, and sauna 10 persons 290 m2 Square log, 204 mm Milla Hannonen Järvenpää, Finland


Photos: © Honka Russia

Restaurant Pristan The restaurant building is one of the largest public buildings made from Honka logs in Russia. Its floor area is 1550m², and it is located in the Yaroslavl area, 350km from Moscow. The huge wooden building on the bank of the Volga River has the outward appearance of a Russian manor. All the main rooms are located on the Volga side of the building. The large panoramic windows of the banquet hall on the ground floor offer stunning views of the surrounding area. The layout of the restaurant is dictated by the functions required in each room. For example the ground floor has an banquet hall that seats 110 people, a dance floor and a VIP area, while the first floor has small restaurant rooms, a smoking room and a film theatre. For those people who long for an intellectual pastime, the building has a library with Russian classics among its selection. The building is like a riverboat with its panoramic windows, and the patio surrounding the ground floor has an air of the outer decks of a boat. Due to its large windows, the building turns into a shining beacon in the evenings. The interior has light colours on its ceilings and walls, which also 10 HOME OF PREMIUM LIVING

have hand-painted decorations. The furniture is similar to that of the 18th and 19th centuries, the carpets and hand-woven tapestries are aged to suit the general style of the décor, and the whole affect is pleasently completed with English paintings in golden frames. The decorative interiors take the visitor to a world of old Russian bourgeoisie. More information:

Details: Ground floor: Banquet hall seating 110 people, dance floor, VIP area, patio 1st floor: Smoking room, film theatre, and library Floor area: 1550m² Log type: Square log, 182 mm Architect: Svetlana Bednjakova Interior decoration: Mark Patlis Location: Demino center for sports and leisure, Yaroslavl area, Russia


Golf Clubhouse Vuosaari The 18-hole golf course of Vuosaari is situated in a marine cove in the Finnish capital, Helsinki. Undulating like dunes, the landscape ingests a massive solid wood club building of 600 square metres, constructed from Honka's laminated log. Over 36 metres long and 8 metres wide, the building blends into the landscape with its dark ebenholz colours and sedum roofing. The design of this large log building strived for light appearance with roof shapes and smoothing terrace and facade structures. The clubhouse is on two floors, the upper floor serving golfers as a club venue and restaurant. The first floor houses a golf equipment shop, premises for caddie masters and saunas. The building is encircled by terraces on three sides. More information:


Details: Clubhouse: Restaurant hall, kitchen, patio, caddiemaster room, golf shop, customer sauna area and patio Floor area: 600 m2 Log type: Square log, 182 mm Location: Helsinki, Finland


Goyer Golf & Country club This Dutch clubhouse beside the golf course has a colonial style veranda. Built of log the club mansion provides a cozy feeling while serving golfers with award-winning cooking. The Goyer restaurant serves light international style cuisine that guarantees culinary delight. One can enjoy the sun in the terrace which is overlooking the green of the 18th hole, putting green and the main pond. The Goyer is a natural forest and parkland course with beautiful ponds and exciting shifting sands. Bent grass greens are built to USGA specifications. More information:

Details: Log type: Location:

Square log Eemnes, Netherlands



Steve Young's holiday home Among the largest - and most striking - of the private houses that Honka has delivered is ex-football player Steve Young’s stunning holiday home in Park City, Utah, United States. The massive log walls of the building have been creatively designed by the architect to fill a number of purposes. The vivid 1,500-square-metre building was designed by American architect Mike Upwall in co-operation with the design office RI-Konsultit in Finland. A great number of hours were spent on designing and building Mr. Young’s home at Honka factories and on-site in Utah. In quintessential American fashion, the rooms are enormous - even the pantry is 60 square metres in size, and there is an indoor slide for children, a ballet studio and a fullsize home theatre.


Of course, the house also features a Finnish sauna, with king-size benches that are unique in design, as are all the windows and extra-high doors of the building. The architect created the many fabulous details that are visible in the columns and lattice windows. The ornaments were carefully manufactured at Honkarakenne factories.

Details: Size: Location: Holiday home:

1,500m² Park City, Utah, USA Several bedrooms and lounges, ballet studio, indoor slide for children etc.




Maeda Clinic in Japan The Maeda neurological clinic is at the top of its field and offers progressive healthcare. The Maeda clinic specializes in brain diseases. Its main building has a floor area of 1,400m² and is totally made of Finnish solid logs, as are the patient rooms. In spite of its homelike atmosphere, the clinic uses ultra modern technologies. The neurosurgical clinic has sophisticated special equipment for examining the brain and for demanding operations. It was Dr. Maeda’s suggestion to select the natural and durable solid log as a building material. According to him, patients who spend long periods of time in a hospital require a relaxing and soothing environment to improve their spirits as well as the healing process. Wood mitigates and absorbs sounds, making the clinic a quiet and harmonic place for patients recovering from brain surgery. Thanks to the properties of natural massive wood, the indoor humidity at the hospital is always at an optimal level for promoting health. A log building is especially ideal for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.


Details: Floor area: Log type: Architect: Location:

1400m2 Square log, 134 mm Alfa Plan Fuji Inc. Gotemba, Japan

Homely and open patient rooms The clinic part of the building is single-storey which makes it easy for patients to move around, and the whole building is situated in beautiful natural surroundings. The high ceiling of the waiting lounge and day rooms make the interior spacious. The patient rooms in their separate building each provide access to a balcony looking out over a wooded vista. The clinic is situated in peaceful Gotemba, surrounded by lush greenery and has the air of a holiday resort. Inside, the building has a warm and health-promoting atmosphere. Safety was one factor in the choice of the building material, since Honka log buildings endure earthquakes well. Honka has extensive experience in earthquake-proof construction in Japan. The durable solid log is also fireproof.


Bikers Ranch

High-quality mountain bikes have a space that they deserve in this mtb bike centre that is located between Cologne and Frankfurt. The Westerwald region has perfect surroundings for cycling. There are plenty of altitudinal differences and forest routes. The Honka centre in Wiesensee is only a 10-minute drive from this cyclists’ mecca. The Bikers Ranch was built in American ranch style. The front of the house is dominated by a large porch. The roof framework and high rooms inside create an impressive look. There is a spacious bicycle showroom on the loft. More information:


Details: Ground floor:

261,9 m²

1st floor: Log type: Architect: Location:

202,7 m² Round log, 210 mm Honka Blockhaus GmbH Niederroßbach, Central Germany


Hoikan Helmi The quality of the indoor air has a significant effect on human health. Therefore, the meeting, sauna, and ceremony building of Finnish Pulmonary Association Heli, called Hoikan Helmi, which is designed for recreational use, fulfills the requirements for a healthy building. Hoikan Helmi is situated in Western Finland, in the naturally beautiful Karkku village in Sastamala. Hoikan Helmi and its surroundings offer the ideal circumstances for healthy activities for the whole family. The area has a family-oriented adventure and exercise park, whose equipment is suitable for people of different ages and conditions. The beautiful massive wood house with a floor area of 300 square meters was built in the area by Honka in 2005. Hoikan Helmi with its two meeting rooms and two saunas, a large patio, inside and outside fireplaces, together with the lit exercise track and other exercise services of the majestic lakeside area create a uniquely grand experience. Good quality of air was set as a main objective of the project, since the house is often used for organizing various trainings. Massive wood can absorb moisture and release it into the inside atmosphere, which keeps the humidity levels in the rooms pleasant. 24 HOME OF PREMIUM LIVING

Visitors enjoy a clean sauna experience in Hoikan Helmi Going to the sauna has been an important tradition for Finns for thousands of years. Almost all Finns still go to the sauna at least once a week. The relaxing effect of a sauna is widely known, and has also been noted to promote human health. Two spacious saunas were built in Hoikan Helmi with the correct airflow in mind. It is in this way that visitors with pulmonary diseases can also enjoy the saunas. Details: Floor area: Log type: Architect: Location:

274 m2 Square log, 182 mm Architect Office Stenvall-Timola-Varhi Oy Finland

Quality and natural features are combined in a genuine wood building in the best possible way.


The nursery of Pusignan The project near Lyon in France involved building the extension within a reasonable budget and in a very limited period of time, with natural materials in harmony with the site. The value for money was optimized to offer an eco-friendly solution that meets the contextual constraints of the specifications and the imperatives of sustainable construction for future generations. A demanding calendar was set. The choice of solid wood construction with Honka Fusion walls allowed for the simultaneous creation of a load bearing structure and a ready-to-occupy space. The quality of Honka 26 HOME OF PREMIUM LIVING

solid northern pine requires two coats of stain for optimal protection of the exterior wood facades against weather and UV rays. The interior walls were left unfinished. The tilt-and-turn windows have triple glazing. The high-tech prefabrication of the wood elements significantly reduces the assembly time.

Details: Floor area: 100 m2, enlargement Log type: Honka Fusion™ wall FXL 128 mm Insulation in walls: 140 mm, wooden fiber Location: 69 Pusignan, near to Lyon, France Accomodation: 20 children


Seniorhouse Emma


Living here is so natural that it feels as if you are on a holiday" is a spontaneous comment on a first visit. The cozy atmosphere of a Honka log house provides a good environment for a family-like living community in the senior home Emma, which is located in Pottum, Central Germany. Senior home Emma gives its residents as much independence as possible and offers the necessary amount of support along with individual care programmes. Here, the residents can be independent and enjoy their lives.


All the rooms have been designed to be easily accessible and the private rooms upstairs can be reached easily with a platform lift. A 60m² lounging and dining area is located downstairs. It is a good place for spending time together as well as for hobbies. Residents can take part in the everyday chores and shared activities according to their preferences and ability.

The senior home Emma offers the elderly and handicapped a pleasant home within idyllic surroundings in Pottum, Central Germany.

Details: Floor area: Log type: Location:

205,7 m2 Round log, 210 mm Pottum, Central Germany


Westerwald Tourist Centre The Westerwald tourist centre is located in the small village of Stahlhofen, in Central Germany. The area is part of Westerwald’s low mountain area, which is a popular tourist destination due to its many hiking routes, among other things. The artificial lake Wiesensee is also located near the area. In the left-hand section of the multidimensional building, there is a tourist centre, and in the right wing, a kiosk. Honka sales office and Café Seewies can be found in the middle. The café and the tourist centre are the starting and endpoints of many outdoor routes, which start right from the corner of the building.


Details: Floor area: Log type: Location:

312 m2 Square log, 204 mm Stahlhofen, Central Germany


Log Temple The log temple in Holland, one of the largest log buildings in Europe, was supplied by Honka. Over 70 metres long, the temple has been built with architectural solutions reflecting its purpose of use. This log building is 75 metres long and 10 metres wide. The floor area of the two-floor building totals an impressive 1,840 square metres. Constructed for practitioners of Transcendental Meditation, the building's design solutions reflect its purpose of use. The main elevation is precisely east-facing, towards the rising sun. Room plans have also been implemented to


manifest the laws of nature and harmony in accordance with the users' worldview as well as possible. The oriental facade gives the temple a very interesting look, as do the various details used in the building. Made from laminated log, the temple was manufactured at the Honka factory in Alaj채rvi, Finland.

Details: Floor area: Log type: Location:

1840m2 Square log, 180 mm Netherlands


Levi Spirit The unique Levi Spirit luxury vacation homes are situated in Levi, in the Finnish Lapland. They are set in the middle of nature and vast wilderness areas, 170 km north of the Arctic Circle. Levi is a small holiday town offering an extensive selection of first-rate services to its guests from Finland and abroad. Levi Spirit is the first luxury villa area in the Arctic for private and business customers. The villas are designed and built with special know-how and astonishing craftsmanship, with a close eye to every detail. The practical arrangement of the interior spaces, the high quality materials and state-of-the-art technology create a totally unique and pleasant living experience in the Arctic. The villas designed by Kari Lappalainen offer their residents a total balance with the surrounding pristine nature. Levi Spirit respects the extremely fragile northern ecosystem. Only environmentally friendly high-quality natural materials were used in the construction, which ensures that the future generations will also be able to enjoy the Levi Spirit villas.


The two-storey Levi Spirit villa has a floor area of 460m². The villas were built from the best natural materials - stone, wood and glass. Honka has implemented the massive wood frame of the Levi Spirit villas according to the wishes of the designer. This state-of-the-art modern design product fits the landscape of the Taalovaara fell beautifully. The Ounasjoki River that runs next to the villas offers the best views in Lapland. All the villas are designed by the architect Kari Lappalainen. Even though all the villas look alike from the outside, their varied interiors and furniture make each one unique. More information:


Floor areas: Architect : Location:

167 m2 – 460 m2 Kari Lappalainen Levi, in Lappland, Finland


The Levi Spirit villa XXL, room for 10 people: one double main bedroom, three double bedrooms and a twin loft room. Each bedroom has a private bathroom. In addition, the building has a living room, dining room, kitchen, fireplace, two balconies, lounge, sauna, dressing room, shower, toilet, carport, drying room, equipment storage, entrance and two patios.


"Anyone looking for space, peace and privacy will discover that the Levi Spirit villa with its surroundings is a unique space in a unique location: it was built with astounding skill down to the smallest detail. The practical arrangement of the interior spaces, high quality materials and state-of-the-art technology form pleasant surroundings." 2. kerros Kari Lappalainen, architect


Hotel Wallis There is a charming small Alpine hotel in the village of HauteNendaz in the Valais area of the Swiss Alps. It is a chalet hotel that was designed by the architect Jean-Michel Martignoni and his wife, and was built in 2004. The building follows the traditional Alpine style of building, and has a floor area of 270m² in three storeys. It can be rented by the skiing and hiking tourists arriving in the area. The plot is partly on the side of a hill, so the accommodation is split across the three levels. The basement has the sauna area, maintenance room and garage. The main entrance is situated on the ground floor, which also has a hall, an open kitchen, a dining room, living room, one bedroom, and toilet. The top floor has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a loft.


The Swiss Alpine chalet is located in a very sunny place and with the combination of stone, glass and logs creates a natural ”heating system”. The wood stores the sun’s heat and releases it into the rooms. Heat also radiates inside through the panoramic windows. The builder of the house, the architect Martignoni, holds contact with nature dear. As an architect, nature and the beauty of natural surroundings are very close to Martignoni’s heart and log buildings fulfil that passion with their genuine solid log walls, providing a tangible contact with nature and enabling a harmonious way of living. Light is important, and due to the large window surfaces, the warmth of the sun can be utilised to its full extent to heat the house. The rest of the heating is managed through ground heating.

Details: Vacation hotel: Three floors for living, open kitchen, living room, four bedrooms and sauna area Ground floor: 90 m2 1st floor: 90 m2 Basement: 90 m2 Total: 270 m2 Log type: Square log, 182 mm Architect: Jean-Michel Martignoni Location: Haute Nendaz, Switzerland




Country Lodge If you are looking for natural experiences - you will find here! At Country Lodge you can live in harmony with nature. Country Lodge is situated in Sauerland, Germany between beautiful valleys. Sauerland area is famous for good hiking routes. After a hike, you return to the comfort of the lodge and enjoy a relaxing coffee or enjoy a sumptuous dinner in the adjoining restaurant. The restaurant of the Country Lodge offers you the unique log cabin atmosphere, a variety of individual food and beverages.

The Country Lodge is home to two comfortable double rooms in a separate cabin, three comfortable double rooms in the main building and a cottage. The rooms are bright and friendly, and have a bath and toilet and a sauna in the cottage. The equipment and the atmosphere, in addition provide a beautiful view of nature for relaxation and wellbeing. In small but fine lodges - all with panoramic views – you can relax actively or passively. More information:


Details for the restaurant building: Floor area: 120 m2 Log type: Round log, 210 mm Location: Arnsberg, Central Germany


Lahdelma Oasis Lahdelma is a tourist farm with a spa named Lahdelma Oasis in Eastern Finland. The farm of the Lahdelma family has engaged in organic farming and rural tourism for over 20 years. The new Lahdelma Oasis has six rooms, each at least 14m² with a terrace or balcony. In the cellar there is a large spa area with shower facilities, a jet steam shower, a cold waterfall, and an exclusive sauna heated by wood or electricity and an infrasauna. Lahdelma Oasis has two whirlpools, one indoors and one outdoors, offering unforgettable experiences. At the entire Lahdelma Farm there is a small gym, lakeside sauna, traditional smoke sauna, outdoor bath barrel, own sandy swimming beach, a covered grilling area and rowing boats. For more information: 44 HOME OF PREMIUM LIVING

Details: Ground floor: Loft: Basement: Total: Log type: Location:

174,0 m2 72,5 m2 180,0 m2 426,5 m2 Square log, 112 mm + 150mm additional insulation Pertunmaa, Eastern Finland


Hotel Caro Foresta Caro Foresta Elfo bids pets and pet owners, as well as all animal-loving people, a warm welcome to relax and enjoy their stay at the natural and unique holiday resort. Caro Foresta is Italian and means "love the forest". The Caro Foresta Elfo hotel is situated on a lake in a vacation area near Mount Fuji that is popular among Tokyo citizens in Japan. The hotel is primarily intended for people traveling with dogs, but other pets are also welcome in the hotel. Even though the main building is made of concrete, its extension was made of logs in 2006. The hotel is currently a vacation resort that is well-known for its natural atmosphere. The fresh forests can be felt in the building made from Finnish pines. The hotel has four suites, all of which with different furnishings. All four suites have their own outside bath tub,


"rotenburo" in Japanese. Each suite has access to a small back yard separate from the others, where dogs are free to enjoy the outdoors. There are also paw washing basins for the dogs both in the hotel lobby and in each room. The hotel yard has an agility course for the dogs to play and train on. Typically for a small hotel, the service is personal and takes care of even the smaller details. People and their pets are lovingly welcomed. More information:

Details: Log type: Square log, 134 mm Architect: Alfa Plan Fuji Inc. Location: Near Tokyo, Japan


Hotel Chalet Ana This warm and eco-friendly hotel is located in the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains in France. The hotel is nestled between ski slopes and a lake. The surroundings and views are breathtaking. Chalet Ana offers 8 prestigious apartments from double room to 8 persons en suites, all individually designed. Services of Chalet Ana are unique in this region of the Pyrenees. Hotel Chalet Ana highlights green building details and abundant daylight, making for natural and confortable holidays. It’s the first hotel of massive wood in France to receive the European Eco label. In the Pyrenees, the hotel Chalet Ana is the only hotel built of massive wood to offer individual accommodation in an eco-friendly environment in harmony with nature. The hotel is situated in Pyrenees in the very heart of Les Angles ski resort. More information:


Details: Vacation hotel: 8 apartments, each flat is private with a fitted kitchen, lounge, one or more bedrooms Ground floor: 111 m2, reception, spa 1st floor: 160 m2, 4 apartments Floor 3 & 4: 308 m2, 4 duplex Garage: 220 m2 Total: 800 m2 Apartments: 8 Certification: EC label Log type: Round log, 230 mm Location: 66 Les Angles, France




Verbier Lodge Favoured by ski bums, royals and celebrities alike, the village of Verbier lies in the canton of Valais in southwestern Switzerland. Les 4 VallĂŠes, one of the largest skiing areas in the Alps is spread around Verbier providing over 400 kilometres of skiing slopes across four valleys. Verbier is known as the paradise for freeriders, and it is a perfect winter sports destination as soon as snow starts to fall. The resort is popular among more experienced skiers thanks to its difficult slopes and off-piste trails, although it has easier slopes as well. If you still have some energy left after skiing, you can try hang gliding, ice climbing or sledging,


for example. The village also has a large sports centre with squash courts, a gym, an ice rink and more. The three-floor round-log Verbier Lodge supplied by Honka is situated only 250 metres from the ski lift, so you can easily walk there from the hotel in your ski boots. Verbier Lodge is a perfect spot for a holiday with family and friends. This picturesque chalet can accommodate up to 18 adults in seven beautifully decorated luxurious rooms and two fabulous Master suites. Each room provides a fantastic view to the valley. In addition, the kid's bunkroom can accommodate six children. You will feel the warmth of

the chalet as soon as you walk in, as guests are met with a friendly welcome in the reception hall with an open fireplace. Dining is one of the holiday highlights, and the open kitchen of The Lodge provides an excellent opportunity to observe the chef at work. The menu in the restaurant is a mixture of Swiss and international dishes. The restaurant has dining options from four-course gourmet dinners to lighter children's options. The restaurant wine cellar houses a wide selection of wines for you to sample.

Details: Vacation hotel: 7 luxury bedrooms and two stunning Master Suites, kid's bunkroom for six children, restaurant, wine cellar, party area, indoor pool, steam room and indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, gym, croquet on the lawn in summer, skating and curling on The Lodge's own mini ice rink Location: Verbier, Switzerland

More information:


Photos: © Honka Russia

Sochi In the beginning of 21st century Honka started to build its biggest project of all times to Sochi, Russia. Sochi is a resort city in Krasnodar Krai and it lies on the southern border of Russia, by the Black Sea. In the background of the city are the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. The 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in the neighborhood of the resort, with spectacular views over the snowy mountains. This complex building with its twenty surrounding houses was a massive operation even to the world’s largest log house manufacturer, Honka. The site is situated in the middle of mountains with lots of snow and in an area that was hard to reach. The area is also known for earth quakes. The main building is 4500m² which is the largest building in the world made of logs. It was designed to function as a high level conference meeting place for 20-30 eminent


guests and to fulfill all the special wishes of the customer. The main building also includes four luxurious suites of 150 m² and a inside swimming pool. There are additional 20 luxurious houses for accomodation purposes, each of them 200-300 m² angned with individual interiors.


Eagle River Eagle River is situated in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, United States, between the skiing centers of Vail and Beaver Creek, on the magnificent Eagle River. Trout swim in the stream, which reflects the majestic mountains. The landscape is purely breathtaking. The area has 14 recreational houses and a luxurious club building. The houses are situated to give each home a magnificent view of the surrounding nature. The ends of the two-storey buildings have large panoramic windows. The side walls have smaller windows that create an air of privacy, but still allow a lot of natural light to enter the houses. The residents’ association takes care of the maintenance, monitoring and janitor work for the area, so that the residents can concentrate on enjoying their holidays and can leave their villas in good care when they are away. The floor areas of the houses range from 67 to 76 m². The residents had the choice of several basic styles to suit their tastes, and could improve the equipment level upon request. One of the houses has a larger window reaching all the way to the roof


on the middle floor of the building, and another has a larger bedroom on the top floor. The apartments are compact and the floor area is utilized to the maximum. ”We chose Honka because of their high-quality products, professional design and engineering skills, and precise schedules. Honka has been an honest partner. They offered our customers cost-effective ways to make unique changes to the plans along with the possibility to select a better equipment level for their homes”, says the founder of Eagle River.

Details: Ground floor: 1st floor: Basement: Total: Log type: Location:

61,2 m2 24,8 m2 57,6 m2 143,6m2 Round log, 190 mm Colorado, USA


Bent Creek Golf Village Discover the breathtaking blue mist of the surrounding mountains while relaxing in your own well-appointed accommodations. At Bent Creek Golf Village you can enjoy the splendor of every season and the adventure that awaits you in nearby Gatlinburg, in Tennessee, USA. Resort highlights besides the fabulous golf course are BBQ area, game room, concierge assistance, housekeeping service, indoor heated pool and outdoor pool. Nearby activities are several, including fishing, hiking, horseback riding, parks, river rafting, shopping, downhill skiing and theatres.


The village involves 4 duplex Honka massive wooden houses. Each house has its own uniqueness with kitchen, fireplace and two to three bedrooms. Majestic waterfalls and hemlock-covered forests glisten beneath the breathtaking sunrises and legendary blue mist of the Great Smoky Mountains. When you want good oldfashioned family fun, head for Gatlinburg and a holiday with a touch of Americana.

Details: Houses: Log type: Location:

4 duplex houses Round log, 190 mm Tennessee, USA


Photos: © Honka Russia

Istra A Suburban Community on the Istra River is a new neighbourhood on the shore of the Istra Reservoir, one of the most interesting and attractive locations in the Moscow Region. The project included the construction of three types of houses: 8 houses of 510 m², 8 houses of 420 m² and 9 houses of 330 m². All houses are two-story and feature terraces and panoramic glazing. They have been designed in the traditional Scandinavian style with pitched roofs and painted in warm pastel shades. Wall material is six-layer profiled glued laminated timber.


Description of the area: Area: 7 hectare area Number of houses: The area has 25 Honka houses. Plot sizes: 1,700-4,000 m² Houses: Built from Honka round logs and square laminated logs, all according to individual plans. Location: Moscow Region, in the vicinity of Trusovo village. Building years: 2009 – 2011 Services: Family club with a gym, billiards and a hall with a fireplac, visitor parking spaces, playground, arbours and lawns on the shore, developed beach zone


Rönnäs Golf Club The maritime Rönnäs golf centre is located just short of an hour's drive east from the Finnish capital, Helsinki, by the sea. The area has its own small boat harbour for yachters. Apart from golf, other leisure time activities include tennis, fishing and riding. Rönnäs golf centre includes the Sea Golf Rönnäs Golf Club building and several holiday homes in three different stages, all supplied by Honka. The restaurant located in the golf clubhouse is ideal for good wining and dining and open to anyone. The restaurant has about 55 seats inside and a covered, sunny outside terrace. The clubhouse also has sauna facilities for men and women as well as a small snug for about ten people. Stylish and very high quality holiday homes are on the seashore and provide provide quality conscious customers


with excellent surroundings for holidays or conferences. More information about the clubhouse: More information about holiday homes:

Details: Restaurant: Customer places: Region: Log type: Location:

Restaurant hall, cabinet,kitchen, customer sauna area, and patio Hall 55 persons 20 holiday homes, from 63 m² to 195 m² Square log Isnäs, Finland




Hoshinone - The tune of stars

The Hoshinone vacation village is in a mountain area in the middle of Japan, 150km west of Tokyo. The village’s name means ”the tune of stars”, and it provides visitors with an escape from the busy city life to an environment that fills their senses with nature.

Thirty log houses by Honka blend into the surroundings at the foot of the mountain. The houses are located on the southern slope and can thereby guarantee a large amount of sunlight. The Kamogawa River runs on the western side of the area, and can be used for fishing. The houses were originally designed for the nearby hotel for rental use, but due to customer feedback they were in turn sold to private customers


as all-included packages. Due to their equipment, the houses can be used both as holiday homes and residential homes. All the houses have practical lofts and high ceilings. In addition, some of the houses have jacuzzis on their terrace. The area also has a hot spring spa, �onsen� in Japanese, which can be used by vacationers, along with a restaurant and a reception building that is open 24 hours a day. The house maintenance services are arranged so that the residents can concentrate on enjoying their holiday.

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30 recreational homes Square log, 112 mm CRI Design Office Inc. Yatsugatake, Hokuto, Japan

Sis채채ntulo kerros

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Copper Lake Together with its Russian representative, Rossa Rakenne, Honka built the Copper Lake luxury housing area in the greater St. Petersburg area in 2004-2007. On the 32 hectare area there are 45 luxury homes, each more grand and massive than the next, which Honka has delivered according to individual plans by the customers. Director Aleksander Tsarev from Rossa Rakenne, explains that housing areas that are located within peaceful, natural surroundings are very much in demand in Russia. Every year, increasingly more Russians seek to work inside the city, but live outside of it.


”Countryside houses are no longer just summer homes, but have become a new standard of living. People not only seek to buy a house on an ecologically clean area for themselves and their families, but also want to create a certain lifestyle which includes a house of the highest quality with all the comforts, in a 'country club' kind of atmosphere. The neighbouring families share their values and views. The operations of Rossa Rakenne play an important part in the design and implementation of housing areas outside cities. I can say, hand on heart, that there is nothing similar across the whole of Russia to the residential areas we have created, using the highest quality Honka houses”, says Tsarev proudly.


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Description of the area: Area: 32 hectare area, of which 17 hectares are designated as a park Plots: The area has 45 Honka houses. Plot sizes: 3,000-4,000m² Houses: Built of Honka round logs and square laminated logs, all according to individual plans. Location: In the greater St. Petersburg area, on Lake Mednoye Ozero. Building years: 2004–2007 Services: Management building, exercise areas and children’s play areas, store, cafeteria and pharmacist, maintained beach and pier, tennis courts


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Honka Family Club Honka Family Club villa community is a unique development created for true connoisseurs of beauty where everything is perfectly tuned for a comfortable suburban life and expression of one’s individuality. This elite neighbourhood consists of 22 houses located in Yukki village in the vicinity of Saint Petersburg. Yukki has always been a favourite holiday resort for residents of Saint Petersburg. It is not a coincidence that the unique natural landscape of this area is protected by UNESCO. The picturesque parcel of hilly land occupies an area of 6.9 ha on the shore of the Tokhkolodskoye Lake and borders the Yukki nature reserve. You will be able to enjoy the majestic scenery directly from your own house, with the windows offering a panoramic view of the lake surrounded by a pine and birch forest.


A mere 30 minute driving time to the centre of Saint Petersburg makes this neighbourhood suitable for living all year round in the nature’s lap while maintaining a lifestyle habitual for city residents. Each house has an individual architectural design, enabling the owners to make their dreams of a perfect home come true and to fit the houses naturally into the surrounding landscape. The use of wood as a main building material emphasises the common style of all houses and installations in the community. All this creates a homogenous architectural and spatial solution for the neighbourhood while preserving the uniqueness of each house.

Description of the area: Area: 6,9 hectare area Houses: 22 genuine HONKA houses from Finland Individual design of each house Plot sizes: 2,000 - 3,000 m² Houses: Built of Honka round logs and square laminated logs, all according to individual plans. Location: In the greater St. Petersburg area, Russia Services: Sports and fitness centre with a swimming pool, tennis court, playing fields and playgrounds, developed beach zone with a pier, city utility lines, high level of comfort and security


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Repino Village The Repino Village hotel is located in one of the best St. Petersburg suburbs, right on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. The architectural solution for the building was largely influenced by the image of St. Petersburg “dachas” (summer cottages), where city intellectuals spent their summers between the 19th and 20th centuries. The town-house-type compact planning is due to the size of the area, but it also re-creates the atmosphere of a street, whose inhabitants find pleasure in communicating with each other. At the same time, the terraces below the main hall windows that are hidden thanks to special façade projections give you the feeling of privacy and

quiet rest. This style - the atmosphere of comfort and privacy - governs the building structure and the landscape design. The complex consists of 14 interlocked buildings, each containing three to eight apartments, and four buildings with twin apartments. Each apartment has a kitchen combined with a dining room, a main hall with a fireplace, sauna, open terrace and bedrooms on the second floor.

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14 interlocked buildings Kitchen combined with a dining room, a main hall with a fireplace, sauna, open terrace and bedrooms on the second floor Square log St. Petersburg suburbs, Russia


Honka Fusion Terraced House This five-apartment terraced house with a Honka Fusion structure is located in the magnificent Thousand Lakes area in Central Finland, overlooking Lake Päijänne. The frame of the house is constructed of unique non-settling Honka Fusion logs, with the logs left visible inside the house. The stone and wood clad property provides apartment hotel accommodation for one night or a longer period. The recreational opportunities in the area are excellent: hiking paths, a marina and a beach are located right next to the house and a golf course is also close by. Jyväskylä, the capital of Central Finland, with all its activities and amusements is just minutes away. Each of the two-bedroom apartments is allergy-free and fully decorated with its own fireplace, wellequipped kitchen, sauna and a utility room. More information: 78 HOME OF PREMIUM LIVING

Details: Apartments: 5 Apartment sizes: 84.5 m² in apartment hotel and 104,5 m² as private flats Location: Central Finland


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