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Pressure By  Hong  Ngo     I’m  the  dependable,  high  expected  one.   Like  The  Red  Nose,  Rudolph,   Must  guide  and  be  calm.   Even  when  the  cold  can  kill.     Like  a  dog  being  told,   I  did  everything;  afraid  to  be  scold.   Oh,  mother,  oh  father   Why  your  highnesses  don’t  understand?     I  am  sick  of  this  family,     Sick  of  your  ‘duties’  for  me.   Why  the  farmer  don’t  use  a  horse,     But  a  donkey  to  pull  the  fart?     Please  let  me  be,   What  ever  I  want.   Please  let  me  do,   What  ever  I  feel  happy.     It’s  not  easy  to  live,   In  a  life  of  mine.   Let  me  evaporate  like  mists,   To  live  without  sighs.       1. is  this  poem  clear  of  the  message  wanted  to  be  convey?   2. Who  does  the  author  want  to  say  this  to?   3. How  is  the  simile/metaphor  connects  with  the  situation?   4. What  mood  is  the  poem?    

lost and found  

descripe situation you cannot say

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