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ď‚— Thriving to the metropolis, combining both the

traditional and modern cultures Hong Kong is a unique city. It includes world class shopping, best food in the world, massive skyscrapers and a brilliant dazzling night. Hong Kong Travel Destination ď‚— Whether on a city break or for a long holiday in Hong Kong, try to immerse in the buzzing city. It has its shopping high on its agenda bursting with boutiques and malls with quirky markets. During Christmas Hong Kong is the most crowded place which attracts thousands of tourists visiting lot many of places.

Hong Kong Pulse 3D light shows ď‚— Held from25th to 28th December involves magical moment in the form of 3D light shows with great music and dazzling illumination. This adds to the enhancement of the holiday celebrations. The music accompanied by the Hong Kong light shows is truly brilliant and enthusiastic to the listeners. ď‚— The statue square Christmas tree provides a romantic Christmas ambience. The marvellous 3D light shows add happiness and joy to the tourist along with the signature decorations in the central.

 The

statue square tree makes the perfect holiday background picture and a perfect call for the New Year eve. Seasonal events are the top attractions special shopping offers and menus that fuel the excitement adds on it. The festive season of Hong Kong becomes unforgettable for winter fest, shop, eats and much more upcoming fun flooded. Hong Kong offers the Asia’s best cruise hub  where there are remarkable experiences. The magnificent Victoria harbour, stunning skyline and cosmopolitan meets west fusion to and sophisticated terminal facilities in Hong Kong an exceptional adventure.

ď‚— It offers the Shore excursions with a blend of history,

culture, culinary delights and light life. It offers special itineraries seasonal sailings and cruise events. Disneyland Disneyland is a Christmas themed amusement and entertainment starting from the middle November and ending after New Year’s Day. The highlights of sparkling lights, and they called a present technology known as Disney paint the night. Computerized floats with almost with million led lights and optical fibres will be interactive with the spectators.

The Hong Kong Ballet ď‚— includes nutcracker delights that can enjoy the fine opera and ballet. The tale which is explained comprise of a little girl who receives nutcracker as a Christmas gift. The nutcracker is transformed into the handsome Prince of Baboon land. The ballet offers sumptuous sets and costumes and live music. The Hong Kong Philharmonic ď‚— selections include classic Christmas pieces. The play selections include the ballads, Christmas carols and classic and beautiful songs that re charms the festive season to a greater extent than the usual. It offers a Philharmonic orchestra sponsored by the Hong Kong Government. Winter Fest comprise of variety of specials, promotions, Christmas displays and events.

Major fabulous displays ď‚— In the malls and square place is really marvellous to see and cherish the essence of Christmas. Churches ď‚— Christians take Christmas seriously with big religious events including carol singing and special performances.Gourmet Christmas dinners are generally hosted in the top most and high level restaurants to serve delicacies during this Christmas festival with their top class delight food range.

 Firework Display

 The countdown of the New Year and the Christmas

celebration accounts several fiery firework displays excellently dazzled in the sky of celebrations.  Lights take part this spectacular and large crowds

which line both the sides of the harbour, the spectacular music, fireworks from barges and laser light show lighting up the atmosphere. Read more details :

Which Hong Kong Local Tours you Should Book this Christmas?  

Thriving to the metropolis, combining both the traditional and modern cultures Hong Kong is a unique city. It includes world class shopping,...

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