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Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society| Newsletter 1st Issue 2011-2012 November 2011

Message from the President I am honoured to be the President of the 24th Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society Executive Committee. The JSMS had been promoting mathematics to all Hong Kong schools for the past two decades, and it had proven to be a great success. This year, we have a group of passionate ‘Math Ambassadors’ to continue the mission of organizing fascinating mathematical activities for students to participate in. We hope to arouse the attention of students towards mathematics, and to enable students to view

mathematics from another perspective. The new Executive Committee and Committee Board will continue passing on the tradition that has been kept since the foundation of our Society, which is the annual Inter-school Mathematics Contest, as well as to introduce new elements to the society. We aim to build up connections with other Joint School Societies, as well as to expand our network in Hong Kong schools. This newsletter is just a recapitulation on the highlights of JSMS last year, including Inter-school Mathematics Contest 2011, as well as the JSMS Day Camp. Stay tuned for our latest updates in our second newsletter! Chan Long Tin President

Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society (JSMS) is a non-profit-making student organization established on 23 May, 1988 by a group of enthusiastic secondary school students, with aims of promoting students’ interests in mathematics and cultivating friendship among schools.


JSMS Newsletter – Nov 2011

Message from Teacher Advisor Dear HKJSMS, I am happy to see that the Executive committee board of Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society 2011-2012 continues to be passionate in promoting Mathematics actively to the general public. Many events organized last year have proven to be a great success including the Inter School Mathematics Competition, and the Math Camps. What I would like to see is a variety of events that would engage more students to enjoy the beauty and fun that mathematics offers. For example, a Math Survivor Event would be a new and innovative game. It is also a challenging task to make the event fun to play as well as fun to watch. I am confident that the newly elected committee members are capable to overcome these challenges. I look forward to seeing a major breakthrough in the development of HKJSMS. Best Wishes, Dr. Koopa Koo

Executive Committee Board 2011-2012

General Affairs Department Sally Kong Matthew Mok Barry Chan Henry Cheung City Chow

Public Relations Department Wong Yuet Ka Chan Ka Wai Tommy Lee Samantha Chu Michael Yu

Promotion Department Leo Lo Alice Yuen Eileen Tam Jeff Mok Eileen Lau

Publication Department Justin Cheng Samuel Cheung Jerry Fong Matthew Tang Jeff Siu


JSMS Newsletter – Nov 2011

Highlights of activities 2011-2012 

Inter-school Mathematics Contest (ISMC) The ISMC has been the annual highlight of HKJSMS and it will be held in mid-March.

Joint-School Mathematics Day Camp The day camp will be held in July. Various interesting math-related activities will be held during the camp, such as detective games, treasure hunt, decoding, and many more interesting topics.

Publication of HKDSE Mock Exam Paper Two sets of mock papers will be published for S5 students to practice more for their upcoming HKDSEs.

Sharing Sessions Experienced teachers and professors in the field of mathematics will be invited to discuss techniques for tackling the common mistakes students make in public examinations, as well as the format and trend of the HKDSE math examinations.

Major Events of 2010-2011 Inter-school Mathematics Contest 2011 The contest was successfully held on February 12, 2011 at the school hall of Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section). There were 36 teams representing 21 schools and more than 30 individual contestants participated in the contest. The contest comprised of individual event and group event. Both events catered to contestants from Junior Group (Secondary 1-2) and Senior Group (Secondary 3-4). Group Event Result: Champion:

Queen’s College

First runner-up:

Diocesan Boys’ School

Second runner-up:

La Salle College

Individual Event Result: Champion:

Lum Kai Chun

First runner-up:

Chan Long Tin

Second runner-up:

Chan Yin Hong


JSMS Newsletter – Nov 2011

JSMS Day Camp 2011 With the objective to promote the interest




secondary school students, a day camp was held on August 8, 2011 at the Hong Kong University of Science and




secondary 3 to 6 students, various activities,




detective games as well as sharing by academics and our teacher advisors, were organized. Over a hundred participants had a day with great fun and interactive sharing with our fellow students and teachers.

Problem Corner Jeffrey discovered a religion symbol that it is a regular n-sides polygon with lines joining between all angles of the polygon. The figure shows a polygon with 5 lines joining all the angle of the pentagon and can be drawn continuously in 1 time. Take the diagram as example, a, b, c, d, e are counted as intersections, while 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 do not, i.e. there are 5 intersections points.

Find minimum of n if the intersections point in that religion symbol exceeds 10,000.

Answer: 25

From the Editor – Yeung Hon Wah The JSMS welcomes contributions to the upcoming issues of our newsletters from teachers and fellow students of our member schools. Please feel free to send your submission, such as event write-ups, mathematics problems or any related news items you would like to share with our society members, to deadline for submission to our next issue is January 15, 2012.


Publication Team Yeung Hon Wah Justin Cheng Samuel Cheung Jerry Fong Jeff Siu Matthew Tang


HKJSMS newsletter nov 2011  
HKJSMS newsletter nov 2011