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Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society HKJSMS Newsletter

Issue 1 13-14

Nov 2013

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Executive committee and subcommittee board 2013-14


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Message from the president

First of all, it is my great honour to become the 26th President of the Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society. It has been 25 fruitful years since our establishment. In these 25 years, we came to a big success in promoting mathematics among secondary school students, as well as fostering friendships between students from dierent schools. Last year, our society managed to hold a number of activities successfully. The Inter-School Mathematics Contest (ISMC) and the HKJSMS Day Camp Silver Star Chase were quite popular among secondary school students. Here, I would like to thank all the executive committee and subcommittee members in the 25th HKJSMS. Without their great eort, it would not be possible to have such a success. The coming year is the 26th year of our society. We will continue the events held last year. In addition to that, we are planning for some more new events, hoping to satisfy students' passion towards mathematics and desires to knowledge. By holding these activities, we hope that more students will enjoy mathematics, and appreciate the beauty of it. Finally, I wish the 26th HKJSMS can achieve even higher in this academic year. Together with our executive committee members, we commit to work whole-heartedly and push HKJSMS to an even higher summit.

Message from Teacher Advisor Dear HKJSMS, I am happy to see that the Executive committee board of Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society 2012-2013 continues to be passionate in promoting Mathematics actively to the general public. Many events organized last year have proven to be a great success including the Inter School Mathematics Competition. I am conďŹ dent that the newly elected committee members will continue to develop HKJSMS in innovative ways. Best Wishes, Dr. Koopa Koo

Executive Committee and Sub-Committee Board 2013-14 Kevin Lau President Isabella Woo Internal Vice President Gabriel Wong Internal Secretary

Grace Kam Lam Tsz Lok IT Of icers

Damian Tang External Vice President

Matthew Ho Financial Secretary

David Chong Irene Kwok Publications Of icers

Terence Tsui External Secretary

Alex Liu Public Relations Of icer Dominic Chan Promotion Of icer

Benny Hon William Chong William Cheung Math Coordinators

General Affairs Department

Publications Department

Promotion Department

Public Relations Department

Mathematics Department

Matthew Cheung Adrian Cheung Wong Tsz Him Yiu Yuk Hin Vanessa Woo Edwin Kwang Yip Chak Chiu

Irene Lam Helson Go Matthew Kan Veronica Lau Frankie Lam Joyce Tam Yoyo Lam

Sophia Cheung Karine Mang Minnie Chinn Yea Sui Shing Vivian Lai

Joey Yip Helen Lau Florence Tsang Jacqueline Ho Lo Ching Kwan

Brian Cheung Sunny Chan Anson Ting Wong Chun Shing Harry Yu

Our Executive Committee members

Isabella Woo (Internal Vice President): Hi readers, I am Isabella Woo from Diocesan Girls' School and I am the Internal Vice President of Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society this year. It is my pleasure to work in HKJSMS for the second year. I fervently wish that HKJSMS can become one of the most popular joint school societies among HK students. Now let me cordially welcome you to join us and share the happiness of traveling around the wonderful Mathematics world with us!

Damian Tang (External Vice President): I am Damian Tang from La Salle College. As the External Vice President, I hope to provide you with the best experience in our activities. Feel free to contact us, and we will always answer your enquiries. Enjoy our activities!

Gabriel Wong (Internal Secretary): Hello everyone, this is Gabriel Wong from La Salle College. I am glad that I can cooperate with the other executive committee members, and take an active role to promote mathematics. As a member of HKJSMS and a math fan, I hope we can show you the beauty, fun, and applications of mathematics through our activities in the coming year. Please do not hesitate to join us, and together we will bring the society to a new height. Wish everyone a fruitful year ahead!

Terence Tsui (External Secretary): Greetings to you all! I am Terence Tsui, a Form 5 student currently studying in St. Joseph’s College. It is a great honour to be the External Secretary of the Twenty Sixth Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society.

Matthew Ho (Financial Secretary): I am Matthew Ho from Diocesan Boys' School and I am the Financial Secretary for the 26th JSMS. I truly feel grateful being able to contribute to this society after witnessing the effort paid by our former leaders last year. I will try my best to sustain the excellent achievements made last year and help to shape a better JSMS :)

Grace Kam (IT Of icer): Hi everyone! I am Grace Kam from Diocesan Girls’ School, one of the IT of icers of the 26th JSMS. It is my honour and pleasure to serve JSMS and help out with IT-related matters in the society, for example taking photos during the events and designing the webpage of HKJSMS. I am very much looking forward to serving the society in the coming year.

Lam Tsz Lok (IT Of icer) : Hello, I am Lam Tsz Lok from STFA Leung Kau Kui College. I am in F. 5 and this year, I will be the IT Of icer of HKJSMS. I am not an expert in computer but I will try my best to bring you a good platform online. Enjoy the website~

David Chong (Publications Of icer): Hello all! I'm David Chong from Diocesan Boys' School. It's indeed a great honour to be one of the publications of icers of JSMS this year. As an enthusiast in both pure and applied mathematics, I am more than happy to venture into this entrancing realm of marvels with all of you. And, the adventure begins - now!

Irene Kwok (Publications Of icer): Hi! I am Irene Kwok from St. Mary’s Canossian College and I am one of the publication of icers. I grow up from a subcommittee member to an executive committee member. It is really my pleasure to serve this society once again. In this year, I hope I can bring more interesting and useful mathematic articles to you all, as well as spreading and promoting the spirit of HKJSMS. Hope that all of you would enjoy!

Alex Liu (Public Relations Of icer): Hi! I'm Alex Liu from Diocesan Boys' School. It is really my pleasure and honour to be a part of the Executive Committee of HKJSMS this year. As the Public Relations Of icer, my job is to keep in touch with current member schools, and to go on a quest to search for more and more, to ultimately let a larger portion of the public know about HKJSMS. This might appear to be a tough challenge, but I believe I can live up to it and lead the society to a better future! Dominic Chan (Promotion Of icer) : Hello everyone! I am Dominic Chan from Wah Yan College, Hong Kong, and I am glad to become a member of the HKJSMS family. It is my honor to serve HKJSMS and you this year. Therefore, I will de initely try my very best to create extraordinary posters and banners in order to grab your attention. Your support means the whole world to us, so I hope all of you would accept our invitation and join our activities! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Benny Hon (Math Coordinator): Hi everyone, I’m Hon Pun Yat from Queen’s College. I’m Form 4 this year and I’m playing the role of a mathematic coordinator in 26th JSMS. Here, I will try my best to ight for ‘Responsibility’ and ‘pursuit of excellence’, as 2 of the core values of QC. Hope you all enjoy the activities of JSMS in the coming year!

William Chong (Math Coordinator): I am Chong Hip Kuen in Queen's College. You can call me William or Jason. I am in Form 5 and in this year. I am glad to be one of the Math Coordinators in JSMS. I love Mathematics very much. It is the most enjoyable moment when I am doing Maths. This year I will bring some tricky ISMC questions to all of you. Come and take the challenge!

William Cheung (Math Coordinator): Hello, I am William Cheung from Queen Elizabeth School, one of the Math Coordinators of HKJSMS this year. It is my honor to become an ex-co of HKJSMS. It is the job for the Math Coordinators to give advice and draft questions for the society, so we need to cooperate with the sub-coms and boost the society to go ahead.

Year Report (2012-2013) The Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society had held various wonderful activities last year. Let’s have a review on them: 1.The annual general meeting The annual general meeting was successfully held on 23 November 2012 at Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE). We were honorable to invite the Founding President of Hong Kong United Commission of Secondary Students (HKUCSS), Mr. Alfred Lam and the president of 24th HKJSMS (2011-2012), Mr. Chan Long Tin to join the meeting with all the committee members. In the meeting the structure of HKJSMS, annual plan was introduced to let the participants and guest to know more about our society. There was also free time to allow communication between committee members and the guests in order to build up a sense of belonging to the society. 2. Gathering with Singapore Representatives Our executive committees had a mathematics lecture with the Singapore representatives at La Salle College on 7th December, 2012. Mr Lim, the teacher from Singapore Team gave an interesting talk on Knot Theory. All the committees and representatives had a fruitful lesson. Besides, our executive committees had a dinner with the Singapore representatives, one of our teacher advisor of HKJSMS, Dr. Li, the trainer of IMO Training 12/13, Dr. Leung, and the Student Programme Development Of icer of HKAGE, Mr. James Lee on 8th December, 2012 after the China Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad (CHKMO). In the dinner the representatives and committee members shared their thoughts on Mathematics and their ways to organize a joint school Mathematics activity. All participants and guests had an enjoyable time. 3. Inter-school Mathematics Contest It is the major activity of our society. The contest was successfully held on the 1st May, 2013 at the school hall of Kwun Tong Maryknoll College. There were 130% participation of last year. Both individual event and group event consists of 2 levels, from Junior Group (Form 1,2) and Senior group (Form 3, 4). The group event results are as follows: Champion

P.L.K. Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial College, Team 1

1st runner up S.K.H. Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School, Team 2 2nd runner up Queen Elizabeth School, Team 1 Congratulations to the winning teams and participants!

Moreover, group games were held in the afternoon after all the contests. Participants are divided into groups and cooperate in order to win the prize from the educational games such as transferring small balls . All the participants have fun and enjoyed a great time.

4. Silver Star Chase Silver Star Chase was a day camp held on 23rd and 27th August at Queen’s College. On top of the exciting games and activities, there was also city tracing. We are honored to have Dr. Koopa Koo, our teacher advisor, to give a talk on DSE and share his valuable experiences. All participants were very active in playing the games and shared a great time!

5. 25th Anniversary of HKJSMS 2012 was the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of our society. It was generous for the ex- committee members to share their memories in the past HKJSMS by sending photos or even donate heritage such as posters years ago to us. Our committee members also made a timeline video to share with the public the good times of HKJSMS. You may also receive the joy of our anniversary by visiting our Facebook page to watch the video!

By the way, the 57th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) Logo Design Competition is open for all secondary school students. The winning logo will be recognised worldwide. If you have what it takes to blend mathematics and art together, give it a go! For more details, please visit

Acknowledgement Dr. Koopa Koo

Publication Team David Chong Irene Kwok

Jump into the bandwagon! We would love any contribution to our upcoming newsletter issues from teachers and fellow students of our member schools. Please feel free to send your submissions to If you have any brilliant ideas, such as an account for one of our events, an article or a piece of artwork on Mathematicsrelated topics, or even a simple Mathematical joke or pun, don’t hesitate!

HKJSMS newsletter nov 2013