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Review Of WP Bulk Spinner WP Bulk Spinner is a must have Wordpress pluginfor article writers, online marketers content authors, wordpress blog owners and seo specialists. If you want to publish hundreds of pages or posts at once with spun contentthen this is what you are looking for. WP Bulk Spinner not only allows you to publish bulk pages and posts at once but it also provides you the control to manage different versions of spun content. You can easily add, edit and delete spun content and select it for publishing on multiple pages.

What is the spun content? Content spinning is a technique to spin words in a sentence to create a new sentence and logically both sentence will have same meaning but wordings would be different. For Example: Lets assume that we have spun content like: WP Bulk Spinner{generates|creates} bulk {pages|posts}. After spinning the words we can have following different versions: 1. 2. 3. 4.


Bulk Bulk Bulk Bulk

Spinner Spinner Spinner Spinner

generates bulk pages. creates bulk posts. creates bulk pages. generates bulk posts.

Now you can see in the above example that words in each sentence are different but logically they have the same meaning. This is a great technique to improve SEO potential of your wordpress blog. Imagine if you have a large content of an article and you want to publish it on different pages of your blog to get high ranking without facing duplicate content penalties from Google! WP Bulk Spinner helps you to achieve this. You can create hundreds of wordpress pages at once by selecting

your spun content. Each page will have different wordings based on the spinning logic used in the spun content. WP Bulk Spinner not only allows you to publish bulk pages and posts but it also allows you to publish child pages with spun content. Moreover WP Bulk Spinner allows you to use short codes. You can use this short code in any page/post editor and provide spun content id as a parameter. You can get unlimited upgrades for lifetime with no monthly or annual charges.

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WP Bulk Spinner Review  

WP Bulk Spinner generates bulk pages. WP Bulk Spinner creates bulk posts. WP Bulk Spinner creates bulk pages. WP Bulk Spinner ge...

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