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Review for Sothink Video Encoder Engine

Sothink Video Encoder Engine (Windows Version) Review One year ago, I decided to build a YouTube like video sharing site and I bought a server-side video encodingapplication, which called Sothink Video Encoder Engine, to help me. Following the script tutorial and SDK documents involved, I successfully added video uploading, encoding, and publishing functions onto my site. Over this year, my video site always ran well and I thought this server-side video converterI chose was great. Now Sothink Video Encoder Engine (Windows Version)happened to release a version when I plan to upgrade my video site viewable on iPhone and iPad. It satisfied what I want, again. The new version of Video Encoder Enginenot only adds MP4 and H.264/AVC HD to its output formats list, but also offers several profile options

for directly encoding videos to iPad/iPhone/iPod. That makes iPad/iPhone/iPod users can view the videos downloaded from the video sharing site built by Sothink Video Encoder Engine. As for viewing the videos online via Apple iOS, Video Encoder Engine adds HTML 5 video tag support to realize it.

More about Sothink Video Encoder Engine (Windows Version) 3.2

Sothink Video Encoder Engine(the latest Windows version is 3.2) is highly effective server-side video converting software and video sharing solution. It can automatically convert any format of video to FLV, F4V, MP4, H.264/AVC HD video with HTML 5 supported. The server-side video encodermakes all videos play successfully on any PC, Apple iOS devices like iPad/iPhone/iPod and other mobiles. Help you easily create YouTube-clone sites, delivery quality video content and run business for great profit.

Combined with full source of demo sites, code script, manuals and SDK, this video sharing solution releases you from the most different and crucial script part and make everyone can start a YouTube-like video sharing sites! The video sharing script of Sothinkoffers free trial version for 30 days. Once you download the zip file, you may get: Video Encoder Engine; demos of video sites written in ASP/ASP.NET/PHP; full source codes of the ASP/ASP.NET/PHP script in demos; User manual for how to set up a video sharing site. I have already recommended this server-side video encoder engineto forum friends who would like to build E-learning center, or any other video sharing sites. No matter you are willing to start an expert video sharing site or extend the existed site with video community, I guess that the video sharing script from Video Encoder Enginecan offer the most effective solution to make your site building easier and better. More Reviews here:

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Sothink Video Encoder Engine Review  
Sothink Video Encoder Engine Review  

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