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PhoneTrans Pro Review – How to Copy iPhone Music Back to Computer

Is it lucky to see iPod dwelled on iPhone? Not likely! Provided that one day your computer hard drive get crashed (in fact this will happen to thousands of users, daily), the most severe thing you got to handle with is all you music will loss. So how can you recreate a decent iTunes library that still listing all songs you purchased from iTunes store, ripped from CDs, or downloaded from the Internet? Go find a tool that can help you out. PhoneTrans Pro is the ultimate solution to transfer iPhone, iPad, iPod touch music and movies to/from computer, iTunes library or between iOS devices. Far beyond an ordinary iPhone transfer, PhoneTrans Pro allows you to perfectly gear iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to computer or iTunes library, even over Wi-Fi.

How to Export Music from iPhone (iPad, iPod touch) to Computer? Step 1:Connect your iPhone(iPad, iPod touch) with computer. PhoneTrans Pro can support unlimited devices at once.

Connect your Device to Continue

Step 2:After plugging in your iPhone (iPad, iPod touch), you will find it on the left side Media Classification Buttons. Click Music tab to access the songs list window.

Click Music to Continue Step 3:Pick up the songs you want to Export. PhoneTrans Pro Filterfeature can help you locate particular songs from the library. You can type in Artists, Albums, Genres, etc. and PhoneTrans Pro will display music based on your selection.

Find Songs Quickly Step 4:Click Export and set the destination for your music; click OK to start transferring music from iPhone (iPad, iPod touch) to computer. Tip: 1. Make sure the target output folder has enough vacant space. 2. Regularly PhoneTrans Pro will transfer over 7000 songs in only about 25 minutes, but the transferring speed also depends on USB cable, computer hard disk format, as well as other external factors.

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PhoneTrans Pro Review  

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PhoneTrans Pro Review  

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