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Review Of ParaSwing Swing Trading Robot Happy to give you a good news. The Swing Trading Robotwhich works in most market conditions. We all know that you can make “more” money by swing tradingthan by any other method. But then, why are there no swing trading robotsthat can bring home the money! Swing tradingis attractive is because of the large gains which are possible in nice trending markets. Some of the worlds greatest traders swing trade using long term trends and trade the larger time frames manually. It will certainly be easy to make an EA which will be based on D1 time frame making about 4-6 trades a year and quite easily tripling your account – You can get large profits, what is needed is a deep StopLoss + deeper pockets and a strong heart. EAs are typically meant for short term action and profits. Swing tradingthe smaller time frames like H1 or even H4 is a real challenge. Identifying real trends is only part of the problem – the real problem is the ranging price action and false break outs. The market is in a range or non trend pattern for almost 70% of the time – enough to generate wrong signals which will wipe out all gains made during the great trends. Scalping EAs which thrive during nontrending choppy periods will blow out accounts when the trend is good. It is a catch 22 situation for most traders. ParaSwing EAhas been developed with the aim swing trading the market in multiple time frames. The EA works on 15 minute chart, but actually the developers have used

a unique combination of W1, H1 and M15 time frames which enable them to swing trade all the time – irrespective of the market condition. Will this be the holy grail? No – ofcourse not. But we have run our tests over several years of EURUSD and we can confidently say that this EA stands the test of time. Tests have been conducted with really good quality single broker M1 data and also using DukasCopy tick data with real ECN spreads and fixed spreads. Live tests are being conducted on a variety of brokers MT4 – the EA is expected to perform similarly on all brokers since the indicators used are reasonably less affected by interbroker differences. The ParaSwing EAhas been priced at US$ 99 – No, its not just another one of the sub-100 dollar EAs. The team has come up with the good idea to keep the cost low – license is for one real and one demo account. This enables you to get started right from day one along with the review sites – and this at a very low cost + a risk free 60 day money back guarantee. No questions asked! Now, why would you wait for the EA to move up the review site leader board to buy it? You can see the equity curve going up on your own account – a demo atleast to start off with! Nothing beats hands-on experience. Save time and stop watching the graph on other accounts – SEE IT HAPPEN ON YOUR OWN ACCOUNT! Just US$ 99 – Risk Free 60 Day Refund Period. Visit the ParaSwing website now and order your copy now! Read ParaSwing EA Review Here:

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