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Leawo PowerPoint to Video Converter Review To benefit more end users and satisfy their different requests for conversion between PowerPoint and video, there are two versions of Leawo PowerPoint to Video Converte rsavailable, i.e. the P ro Editionand the F ree Edition.

(Free Edition) –

(Pro Edition)

Just as other flagship products of Leawo, which all keep abreast of the times, the two PowerPoint to Video Converters are perfectly compatible with the Win 7 OS and newly-released M ic rosoft PowerPoint 2010.

The Screenshot of Leawo PPT to Video Converter F ree Edition

The Screenshot of LeawoPPT to Video Converter P ro Edition

In addition, both of them support all the PowerPoint input formats (*.ppt, *.pot, *.pptx, *.pps, etc.). You can insert the audio file(s) you like during its speedy conversion progress with all the narrations, animations, transitions, pictures of the original PowerPoint documents reserved perfectly. Multi-lingual UI can be easily to switch freely and most of the common languages across the world are covered. Output setting can be trimmed to adapt to different screen sizes according to customized personal settings. In a sense, the Free Edition can fulfill the basic PowerPoint-to-video conversionrequirements, while the P ro Edition, however, has several incomparable advantages by comparison to the F ree Edition: 1. Process in bulk. You can perform conversion progresses for up to 12 PowerPoint files every time. 2. Unlimited output video sizes. The upper limit of the Free Edition is 640*480, while there is no limit on the Pro Edition. 3. If your target video formats are *.asf, *.wmv, *.3gp, and *3g2, the Free Edition can achieve your purpose very well. If it is beyond that range, you can also turn to the Pro Edition which supports a total of 23 output video formats, such as *.flv, *.mp4, *.mov, *.avi, *.vob plus the four output video formats the Free Edition supports. In other words, the PowerPoint videos converted by the Pro Edition will be fit for many more portable devices and video sharing websites, just like YouTube. 4. Retain the original music and video clips. The Pro Edition can flawlessly save all the audio files and video clips to the target output videos.

To obtain the best and most professional conversion effects, and have broader applications in various devices and websites, I sincerely recommend you to choose the Pro Edition. Note: Watermark cannot be removed in the trial edition. Tag/Keywords: PowerPoint to video, ppt to video, PowerPoint converter, free PowerPoint to video converter, free converter, free software More review here: http:/ /

Download Leawo PP T to Video Converter F ree Edition Softwa re F ree T r ial He re: Download Leawo PP T to Video Converter P ro Edition Softwa re Full Version He re: P review Leawo site to review:

Leawo PowerPoint to Video Converter Review  

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