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Genie Backup Manager Pro 9 Review

Small and medium sized businesses face the same problems as large and global concerns when it comes to protecting and managing data. Regular backups are required to make sure that you not only have archived copies, but that the information is secure. Unfortunately, many of the backup software packages sold are geared at companies so large that they are not only too expensive for smaller businesses, they come packed with a ton of features you will never use and use an interface that you need a science degree to figure out. Genie Backup Manager Pro 9 is the perfect middle of the road solution. It is affordable, geared towards smaller business and designed to be as intuitive to use as possible. What Genie Backup Manager Pro works on Genie Backup Manager Pro runs on the Windows 7 and Vista operating system. It allows you to back up your files and information to your hard drive or, to any other storage device you can connect to your computer. This is important especially for new and growing businesses, while you may not deal with the kinds of files that need a lot of space, being able to back up accounting, financial and communication information to a portable storage device will help you archive your records but not take up precious space in your office or one your computer. Features

Genie Backup Manager Prohas streamlined features to focus on what a small or medium size business needs most. The security is military grade and it is compliant with HIPPA and other regulatory compliances that detail safety and security of private data. It can be set to run automatic backups which are priceless in the event of a disaster whether the disaster be a power surge or a power hack. The Genie Backup Manager Procan even be set to notify you by email of the status backup and you can view your files via Windows Explorer. One of the key features included that is not common to the low and mid-range backup software packages is that the Genie allows you to manually force a backup. This means you are not restricted by a set schedule and for whatever reason can open the program and take control of it. This can be essential if you need to initiate an emergency backup. The Puzzle There is a puzzling feature that has been added to the software that while it has not caused any direct problems has given rise to a bit of a concern. That is the new emphasis on social media access and integration as well as the promotion of third party plugins for expansion. Depending on how secure your data needs to be, this may seem to invite unnecessary risk. The good news is that these are all options and not automatic settings for the program. If the idea of anyone thinking it would be okay to install a plugin makes you nervous, simply disable that option under the administrator controls. Download Genie Backup Manager Pro 9 free trial and Full Version From Avangate 1.

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Genie Backup Manager Pro 9 Review  
Genie Backup Manager Pro 9 Review  

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