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Elmedia Player Review

(Click Here to Visit Elmedia Player screenshot) Download Link: Elmedia Playeris a free and easy to use player by Eltima Software. Elmedia Playercan play the video files saved on your computer or online ones through its built-in web browser. Elmedia Playersupports multiple video formats playback – FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV– so you won’t experience any need to install a separate player for each video you want to watch. It features a convenient media library in iTunes style that allows creating usual playlists along with smart playlists with individual parameters. And not only can you create, but also manage and delete playlists. Smart playlists can be created by specifying special parameters up to your tastes, then Elmedia Playerwill organize files matching your criteria automatically. You can get even more out of this app with its PRO version. Elmedia PlayerPRO’s main benefit is its online video downloaderfeature. You can very easily download

the video you saw online and liked (including the RTMP streaming videos). You can save your favorite TV shows, news and other streaming videos right to your hard drive! Simply enter the URL of the website with the video into Elmedia Player, choose the file you need and click “Download”. When downloadingSWF animation, you have the possibility to preview all the external resources your file may be using. After looking into them you can either download initial SWF file, or SWF file with all its external resources, or just the external file you liked. That’s how easy it is and costs fair $19.95 with other great options included. Elmedia Player PROcan make a screenshot of a favorite movie moment with just one click of a button or convert the whole movie into the series of images; it offers the fullscreen mode, above all apps mode, and can convert Projector EXE files to SWF.

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Elmedia Player Review  
Elmedia Player Review  

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