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DVDFab Blu-ray Copy Review

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Review on DVDFab Blu-ray Copy Save your Blu-ray movie onto DVD disc retaining BD-Video format Hello, readers! It’s been good to communicate here. Today I’d like to recommend one app for backup Blu-ray movies. It is called DVDFab Blu-ray Copy, also, a Blu-ray Burnerand Blu-ray Cloner. Let’s take an overview of this powerful full-featured Blu-ray backup tool.

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is capable of: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Copy Blu-ray disc to HDDas Blu-ray movie folder or ISO image file Burn Blu-ray disc to blank BD-50/BD-25 disc Burn Blu-ray movie folder or ISO image file from HDD to blank BD-50/BD-25 disc Burn main movie title from Blu-ray disc to blank BD-50/BD-25/DVD-9/DVD-5 disc Burn Blu-ray disc to AVCHD disc Make 1:1 identical clone of Blu-ray 3D disc Convert Blu-ray 3D to normal 2D and burn to blank disc

Features Of DVDFab Blu-ray Copy in detail: 1. Four copy modes available and more on the way DVDFab Blu-ray Copyoffers Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone and Write Data. Full Disc copies all the contents on the original disc, movie itself, trailers, extras, menus,etc.; Main Movie copies only the main title itself, or one specific title(user optional); Clone produces a perfect 1:1 duplicate of the original; Write Data burns data’s in a Blu-ray ISO file to blank disc. More copy features are being developed and sooner or later will be released. 2. Burn Blu-ray’s to multiple blank discs Full Disc supports output to BD-50 disc without quality loss and, BD-25 disc with some percentage of quality trade-off; Main Movie supports to output to BD 50, BD 25 1080p/i, BD 9 1080p/i, BD 5 1080p/i, BD 9 720p, and BD 5 720p. Plainly, output to

BD-9 and BD-5 is the spotlight. Reason? By saying BD-9 and BD-5, it actually refers to blank DVD 9 and DVD 5 discs, which are far more affordable, comparing with the expensive blank Blu-ray’s. The thumb-up of this goes to the fact that the output is still in Blu-ray format, instead of DVD format. Furthermore, it also supports to burn Bluray’s to AVCHD disc. 3. Support Blu-ray 3D movies Full Disc and Clone modes are available to copy Blu-ray 3D movies not only as Bluray 3D movies, but also can copy as regular 2D Blu-ray’s or even convert them to SBS 3D Blu-ray’s. 4. Homebrew Lightning-Recoding shortens the time consumption Besides the output quality, another factor really concerns people most is the speed. To reduce the process time in a pragmatic way, DVDFab’s homebrew tech LightningRecoding is born to greatly shorten the time consumption when it comes to compression, by reusing the original information of the source video to decrease the calculating work during compression, thus increase the converting speed to a very large extent — approximately 40% at maximum. 5. Reasonable pricing DVDFab Blu-ray Copysells only $ 60 for one year subscription and $ 105.6 for lifetime, which is a very much mid-level pricing, comparing with similar products from market, and it offers 30-day free evaluation period for anyone to test it before throw any money on it.

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DVDFab Blu-ray Copy Reviews  

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy Reviews on Blu Ray, Blu-ray Burner, Blu-ray Cloner, Blu-ray Copy, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy, DVDFab B...

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy Reviews  

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy Reviews on Blu Ray, Blu-ray Burner, Blu-ray Cloner, Blu-ray Copy, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy, DVDFab B...