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Data Rescue 3 Review – DIY Data Recovery Software for Mac

Review Of Data Rescue 3: DIY Data Recovery Software for Mac Let’s face it. Sooner or later you’re going to lose computer files. Data loss happens and there’s no way around it. Even though Macs are extremely reliable, they are operated by humans and, therefore, are subject to human error. Sometimes files will get deleted by accident, usually late at night. Of course, I’ve never done that, but I’ve heard that it happens. Files can disappear other ways as well. Operating system file or directory corruption, virus and malware attacks and other events can cause your files to take a hike. If the drive won’t mount, the files cannot be accessed.

DIY Data Recovery Software As long as a drive is not mortally wounded by physical damage, the missing files might be retrieved through a Do-It-Yourself software recovery program. One of the best programs I’ve used is Data Rescue 3, a product

from the recovery experts at Prosoft Engineering. This is not the first incarnation of the program; however, there are many features in this version that were not available in previous ones. Additionally, as Prosoft continues to improve the product, an automatic update feature keeps your software on the cutting edge.

Intelligent Recovery As you are well aware, there are new file formats being created on a continual basis. Most programs need to be upgraded to enable their recovery. Updates can be sporadic and formats in existence before the update or upgrade will be missed. Picture formats are especially troublesome because developers seem to create a variation on a theme with every new program version. Data Rescue 3solves this problem with its FileIQ feature. Now, the software already has an impressive array of file types included. If it’s in an HFS catalog, it can be found. However, for file formats that are not native to the program there is another solution: FileIQ. This powerful feature allows the user to instruct the program to analyze known good files. Data Rescue 3will then detect the file patterns and retrieve the missing files.

The Power of 64-bit Processing Data Rescue 3now runs as a 64-bit application on Mac OS 10.6 and above as long as the computer has a compatible processor. 64-bit technology makes more efficient use of memory, is much quicker and agile, and can be more secure than the old 32-bit programming in older programs. The results are impressive, with faster scanning and recovery times.

Data Rescue 3 Finds Deleted Files Fast Remember how I said that I never accidentally deleted files? Well, I will confess that it’s not an entirely accurate statement. Fortunately, Data Rescue 3can recover those files quickly. The Deleted File Scan looks at only the free space of a volume. Because it doesn’t have to search the entire drive, the results come back more quickly. Deleted files have been stripped of all reference data, such as directory structure, the date of creation and original filename. What Data Rescue 3does is to rebuild the file based on file patterns, give it a generic name and place it with like formats. This scan clocks in at about three minutes, much faster than the deep scan.

No Boot? No Worries! If your drive or volume won’t mount or will only partially operate, Data Rescue 3still has you covered. It ships with an emergency boot disk that operates the computer without the installed operating system. Once the program boots up, you can commence recovery operations. Recovered files are saved to a secondary or external drive for safekeeping. At least these folks understand what many don’t: Recovery always comes before repair. However, the program also installs as an application to run when drive issues are not a major problem. The application will not only recover hard drive data, but data on flash media such as digital camera cards and USB keysas well.

Selective Recovery Option Once the drive is scanned and all the missing files are identified, it is time to recover. There may be times, especially in the deleted file scan, that you don’t need to retrieve every file. Data Rescue 3will not force you to retrieve them all. You select only the files you want to recover when viewing the scan results.

What About a Formatted Drive or Card? When you format a drive, the files aren’t actually deleted; it’s the reference data for the file that is removed. Additionally, the file catalog for the drive is permanently deleted. However, unless the space on which the file exists is overwritten, it might still be possible to recover the file. No one can absolutely guarantee 100 percent results; even so, Data Rescue 3has the best chance of a successful recovery. This is due, in part, to its extensive file format library and the FileIQ feature. In these situations, Data Rescue 3implements a deep scan. The deep scan may take several hours to complete. It often takes up to three minutes for each gigabyte of drive space. Errors on the drive, such as bad blocks, may slow down the scan in those areas. First, the program scans to determine the directory structures on the drives or volumes. Then it scans the drive, file patterns in tow, to detect the over 150 file formats in its arsenal. Again, the files are reconstructed based on their patterns and give a generic filename. They are organized by type and placed together the Reconstructed File folder. From experience, this can take a while, so prepare for a long night.

But that’s what it takes in these instances.

Drive Cloning Finally, in cases where severe drive damage is probably, Data Rescue 3can do a one-pass scan of the old drive and copy the data bit for bit to a new one. Files are then recovered from the new drive since it is still in good operating shape. Once again, Prosoft protects your data first and foremost.

Bottom Line At $99 is Data Rescue 3worth it? How valuable is your data? Remember that with this software, you are not getting just a simple recovery program. You are getting a whole toolbox of data recovery tools to ensure success.

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Data Rescue 3 Review  
Data Rescue 3 Review  

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